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5 Beauty Benefits of Honey and How to Spot Fake Honey

Mother Nature loves us so much that she has provided all our needs; beauty and skin included. One of the great gifts from Mother Nature is honey. One interesting fact to note about honey is that if properly preserved, it can stay for a thousand years without going bad; honey does not spoil. This post will highlight the beauty benefits of honey.

This sweet brown substance has amazing benefits that will blow you off your feet and I’m here to educate you on them. If I were to list all the benefits, we’d exhaust the entire day and we’d still not be done.

Honey comes from bees. Yeah! Yeah! We already know all that. Let’s jump right into the beauty benefits of honey

Beauty Benefits of Honey

1. As a Facial Scrub

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Raw honey contains some moisturizing effects that hydrate and soften the skin. The scrubbing process leads to the removal of dead skin cells giving room for a clear and radiant skin which is one of the beauty benefits of honey. Honey also serves as a great exfoliant when used as a scrub.

What to do

Apply the raw honey on a clean face for 20 minutes before bath time. You can add turmeric powder to the honey to get a faster result. Try it and let your skin thank you.

2. As Hair Conditioner

beauty benefits of honey
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Honey contains enzymes that help lock in moisture in the hair leaving each strand soft and shiny. Honey also prevents the hair from drying out because of its moisture-locking effect.

What to do

Make a banana and honey paste. It has to be a very ripe banana(s). It could be a finger or more depending on your hair type. Add olive or coconut oil to the paste and apply directly into the scalp and hair. Cover the hair with a shower cap and wait for about 30 minutes before washing off with lukewarm water.

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3. As a Scar Fader

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Have you ever had a burn? Has hot water or hot oil accidentally poured on you before? If yes, I’m sure you must have heard people recommending honey for the burns. I’m not a doctor, I cannot explain how it works but honey helps with burns and also helps fade out scars.

What to do

Gently massage the raw honey on the affected skin for about five minutes and rinse off afterwards. Do not expect a sudden result; these natural skincare results take time but they are certain.

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4. As a Lip Balm

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Are you suffering from dry and chapped lips and you’ve tried everything to solve it but they are all to no avail? Have you tried honey? Honey would help exfoliate the dead cells off your lips and leave it looking moisturized.

What to do

Apply the honey directly to the lips and leave it on for a few minutes before washing it off. Do it until you start seeing results.

5. As Acne Spot Removal

beauty benefits of honey
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Did you know that honey contains some antibacterial properties that help in combating those acne-causing bacteria? Now you know! Applying honey regularly on the face helps keep the skin properly hydrated and therefore controls excessive production of oil.

What to do

Massage the honey into the affected part and wash off after 20 minutes.

How to Didfferentiate Original Honey From Fake

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While we’re praying not to get fake body lotions and makeup, we are now praying not to get fake honey as well. The world has turned into something else; people are adulterating natural product such as honey. Some adulterations are almost so perfect that you’d be convinced it is the original. I once was a victim and I know just how it feels when you get something you never bargained for.

For people like me who have been unfortunate in the quest for original honey, here are ways you can test original honey:

Water Test

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Original honey is not supposed to dissolve inside the water. If you pour honey into a bowl of water and it dissolves, then it’s most likely fake.

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Bread Test

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Spread the honey on a slice of bread and wait for 10 minutes. If the bread becomes moist or soft, it means the honey is fake and has been adulterated with water, but if the bread becomes harder, it is pure honey.

Paper Test

honey paper test

Just like the bread test, if you pour honey on a piece of paper and it becomes moist, then it is fake. The original honey would stay still on the paper without turning moist.

Fire Test

If you light a match and the honey starts burning easily, then it’s a pure bee wax, but if it refuses to burn, the best guess is that it has been diluted with water and other substances.

Hand Test

beauty benefits of honey
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Get a small amount on your hand and rub against two fingers. If it gets sticky, it’s fake, but if it gets oily in the process of rubbing it, it’s the original.

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