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41 Gorgeous Black Nails Every Woman Should Wear ASAP

Black is one color that oozes class and luxury And like every neutral color, black goes with anything. So, whether you choose to wear this color as clothes, shoes, accessories, or black nails, it’ll be a hit. 

Speaking of nails, your manicure is an excellent way to exude all the positive vibes the color black represents. The best part is it goes with any color of outfit you choose to rock whether it’s an all-black ensemble or not. Meaning you don’t have to worry about your nails clashing with your dress and whatnot. This nail art suits every outfit and occasion. Furthermore, it’s versatile too.

A hand wearing black nails with knuckle rings

As you’ll see in this post, this nail art comes in different styles. Keep reading to get inspired for your next nail appointment.

The Beauty of Black Manicure Art

black fake nails with red bottoms

These nail styles are endless. And they come with perks too. For instance, if you love to grow your natural nails long, you can wear black nail polish without attaching fake nails. In addition, they’re perfect for any season whether as bright summer nails, winter, autumn, or spring. 

Glossy black nails with oily  fingers

These nails are also edgy and fun. They give you room to try out different options that revolve around the color black. So you don’t have to limit yourself to just one version of these nails. In fact, it’s why this article is here to inspire you.

Stunning Black Nails You Should Try

black nails with beads on heavily ringed fingers

Would you like to elevate your fingernails with nails that pop you out? Try any of these black nails so you exude class, luxury, and style with ease:

Black Matte Nails

Black matte nails with glossy lines on it

As the name implies, these dark-colored nails don’t have any shine or gloss.

beautiful black nails with matte finish

They’re lacklustre yet cute, usually having a smooth even surface free from highlights. 

Black French Nails

a hand wearing French nails with black tips

This is a combo of pale pink, nude, or sheer polish with a solid black tip.

Black french nails with glitter

They’re a shift from the regular French manicure which uses white tips instead.

Black Nails with a Pop of Color

black nails with gold and nude

If you don’t want to wear your nails plain black, add a pop of color to them by smearing them with patches of gold, white, pink, or a bold color that catches your fancy.

black nails with purple lines on them

You’ll look exceptional especially if you go for something like cow print nails.

Black Nails with Celestial Bodies

black nails with celestial bodies on it

Imagine wearing the sun, moon, or stars, on your fingers. What a delight it’ll be to behold.

black nails with clouds and stars on it

You can paint them in silver, gold, white, or any color that accentuates the beauty of these bodies.

Black Glossy Nails

glossy black nails with jewel on one finger

If you love your nails shiny when you flaunt them, go for glossy black nails.

glossy black nails with silver knuckle rings

They add sheen to the color black, making it more appealing.

Glittery Nails

A mixture of glossy and black nails with glitter

Similar to the one above, you can also add gemstones and other forms of glitter to your nails.

Black nails with gold glitter

They add more accents to your nails, even if it’s matte.

Stiletto Nails

glossy stiletto black nails

These ones have pointed tips.

short black stiletto nails

They’re bold and daring and are sure to give that confident, edgy vibe when you pull them off.

Black Ballerina/Coffin Nails

beautiful black coffin/balerina nails

Ballerina nails have a square rather than a pointy tip. They’re called ballerina or coffin nails because the shape resembles a ballerina’s slippers.

But while some people think ballerina and coffin nails are the same, other nail enthusiasts believe they’re not. The difference usually given between them is that while the tips of coffin nails have flat and sharp edges, while ballerina nails have soft and subtly curved edges.

glittery black coffin/balerina nails with rings

Hear it from Kim Caddel, Writer at BeautyStack:

“Coffin-shaped nails have straight-edged sides leading up to their blunt tips, while ballerina nails are similar, they have more rounded sides leading up to the tips.”

Will Black Nail Art Ever Go Out of Style?

beautiful black nails with rings

The answer to that question is NO! This nail art is timeless. From one generation to the next, it’ll never go out of style. What we can expect are different alterations that’ll elevate it to suit contemporary trends as we have now.

black nails with white splashes on them

So, go ahead and jump on this trend if you haven’t. You can start by polishing your toenails black and progressing to your fingers or vice versa as you deem fit. The important thing is you wear these nails and share photos. Who knows, we just might add them to our next piece as more inspiration like the ones below:

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