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Denola Grey: The Style Icon Who Makes Fashion Artsy

Nigerian style influencers are keeping up with their art, showing us how best to express our style with the most basic outfits. They command admiration via their pictures and evoke this effortlessly chic style that’d make you drool and wonder how they do it. One of such influencers is Denola Grey, the style icon who makes fashion artsy.

Denola Grey with white hair

How does one person evoke style and class so effortlessly and tune it up with an artsy feel? You may wonder. So genteel and suave, Denola Adepetun, popularly known as Denola Grey, is an actor, a media personality, a freelance writer and a fashion consultant. He is loved by men and women alike as his style has a way of endearing him to people. At the young age of 18, Denola began his career in fashion and ever since then he’s indubitably proven to be a style icon.

Denola in an all purple home wear

Denola hails from Ondo state. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Media Business from Baylor University majoring on Analysis of Media and Fashion Market. He has worked in a number of organisations. In 2008, he interned at CMC then progressed to Fruition Image Consulting in 2010. In 2012, he moved to PRC where he assisted in organising New York Fashion Week and launching parties for ACNE magazine while in 2013 he was an intern at Walter Baker, supervising their social media activities.

Denola in an all white suit

He began his website, www.denolagrey.com in 2014 and also wrote fashion articles for BellaNaija. That same year, he got his first TV offer with EbonyLife TV and attended red carpet events that gave him more exposure. He has also starred in movies alongside A-list actors while keeping up with his fashion career.

Denola Grey in his AMVCA suit

Denola Grey is known for his love for suits as he has an impeccable way of styling them uniquely. A remarkable example is the suit he wore to grace AMVCA 2020. Denola drew inspiration from a Bostonian museum piece and created this look whilst collaborating with Mazelle Studios. He is a steady promoter of African fashion and remains one of the fashion influencers in Nigeria who has made a mark in the art of style influencing.

surprised Denola Grey

Below are some pictures to give you a glimpse of how Denola makes fashion artsy with his style. You’d be sure to grab one or two hacks by feeding your eyes.

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