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How to Style Faux Fur Coats & Accessories

Besides cozying up under your duvet, winter is that time of the year to look hot when it’s cold by oozing style with your comfy layering. Faux fur coats are one of those comfortable wardrobe staples built for frigid climates. 

a lady rocing an orange faux fur coat

It’s a glam and ethical alternative to real animal pelt clothing. Like its real counterpart, faux fur is a statement outfit. So when you cop a coat or accessory made with this fabric, you should plan your outfit around it rather than the other way round. Otherwise, you’ll not only look overwhelmed but also tacky.

a lady donning deep fuschia pink faux fur coat with jands and a crop shirt

As usual, we’re here to help. Ahead, we’ve curated outfits that show ultra-chic ways to style faux-fur coats this season. We also share some guidelines to help you recreate the looks. From dark to light hues, zebra prints to leopard prints, there’s a faux-fur coat for you and a winter outfit idea to go with it.

How to Wear Faux Fur Coats Like a True Style Icon

Mariah Carey layering her sequin dress with one of the stylish white faux fur coat
a man and a woman rocking faux fur coat

Copping a fluffy jacket is one thing, knowing how to style it is another. It becomes more imperative if you have other furry items in your wardrobe. Now, here comes the million-dollar wardrobe question: how do you style these fluffy pieces to perfection?

a lady rocking one of the stylish white faux fur coats with red accessories

A hack that never fails to help is to draw from a bank of inspiration. And since we practice what we preach, here’s all you need to nail the faux-fur aesthetic:

Go for a Monochromatic Look

An all-green ensemble with fake animal pelt

Match your coat with other components of your outfit. Keeping everything in the same color is a safe way to wear colors without falling off. For instance, you can go all-white, all-black, all-pink, etc. Just ensure what you’re wearing underneath matches the color of your faux fur coat.

Pair Your Faux Fur Coat with Casuals

a lady wearing a baby pink faux fur coat with leathernpants and thigh-high boots

Think jeans paired with crop tops, turtlenecks, tank tops, sweaters, etc. Casual outfits pair great with fluffy coats. Complement your look with a pair of sneakers or knee-high boots to keep you warm and stylish all through.

Short Things Go with Faux-Fur Coats

a lady donning a dark green fake animal coat with a black short dress and knee-high boots

Wear your coat with a pair of shorts or a cute short dress. Though this may not be the ideal winter outfit, it’s still a chic option. For more style effect, wear a pair of leggings or fishnet pantyhose underneath.

Balance with Casual Accessories

a lady donning a faux fur coat with jeans and jewelry

Enhance your look with simple accessories to complement your fur coat. This can be any type of hat, scarf, Mea culpa beanie, handbag, jewelry, and a nice pair of shoes. 

Dress Down or Dress up

A Lady wearing a long yellow fur jacket with yellow shoes

You can wear a faux-fur coat as part of a casual or formal wear ensemble. For a casual look, consider pairing it with a denim maxi/mini skirt or bodycon dress and some open-toe stilettos or boots. And for a formal look, use it to layer your workwear pieces or a nice dinner dress.

Mix Textures

a lady wearing animal print fut with leather pants

Don’t just wear faux fur. Combine it with other complementary fabrics such as denim, leather, wool, cotton, knitwear, etc These different textures add more depth and interest to your outfit. 

Mix and Match Faux Fur but Keep it Minimal

Ashanti wearing a animal pelt matching jacket and hat

Do you have other fluffy items in your wardrobe? Pair them with your coat. But try not to go overboard lest your outfit should become too furry with every element competing for attention.

Suit Things Up

a Caucasian lady layering her suit with a furry jacket

Wear your fuzzy coat atop your suit. It’s an edgy way to elevate your suit and create a bold fashion statement without trying.

Wear Faux Fur Trims

Rihanna in a tie-dye coat with faux fur trims

Instead of wearing a coat made fully with this fabric, keep things minimal yet chic by donning one adorned with fake fur trims. It’s an excellent way to start with the fuzzy trend.

Let the Faux-Fur Coat Speak for Itself

a fuchsia pink faux fur coat

Tone down the rest of your outfit and let your coat be the hero piece. For example, you can wear a simple tee and a pair of jeans or a little black dress so your coat shines.

Use it as Double Layering

Rihanna in an Electric-Purple Fur Coat and Matching Sneakers

Depending on how cold it is, wear your coat atop another outerwear, say a leather jacket, bomber jacket, cardigan, blazer, etc. Double layering is a chic way to add more accents to your look.

Try Your Coats in Different Lengths

a lady wearing a monochromatic ensemble featuring a mini skirt with a slit, top, and a cropped faux fur coat all in a light shade of blue

If you don’t want to rock this coat as long sleeves, go for sleeveless or short sleeves. The same applies to the hems. You can have it as bomber jackets, waist-length coats, knee-length, ankle-length, etc. Try them in different lengths and you’ll still achieve that chic look.

Wear Other Fluffy Stuff

a girl in an all-pink outfit featuring baby pink cargo pants and a faux fur bag and hat

Coats aren’t the only faux-fur product you’ll find in stores. From bags to shoes, earrings, hair accessories, etc., you can rock this fabric in the tiniest of ways and still make a style statement. Some may not be completely made with fur but combined with other textures. So, keep an open mind as this is one of the easiest ways to rock the fake animal pelt trend.

Go Bold All Roud

a lady wearng neon green pants and shoes, pink furry jacket and a purple sweater

Keep other components of your outfit in bold colors.

Rock Your Faux-Fur Coats with the Right Shoes

 lady in a purle dress layered with a purple fluffy jacket and knee-high boots

For a classic casual look, don a pair of sneakers with your fur outfit. Or take it a step higher by rocking knee or thigh-high boots. You can also wear some stilettos, pumps, or platforms. Your footwear choice all depends on the look you want to achieve. So, consider this when choosing the right shoes for your fit.

Embrace Ethical Fashion with Faux-Fur Coats

an all-pink ensemble featuring a furry coat, panty hose, shoes, and a bag

The faux fur coat should be the high spot of your winter wardrobe. But this doesn’t mean other pieces of your outfit can’t shine, too. For example, you can pair your coat with a pair of shoes or a handbag in a contrasting bold color. This works if you’re on the daring side of fashion.

al-green outfit fearuting a furry coat

But if you love to play things calmly while exuding style, plan the rest of your outfit around your faux fur piece, whether it’s a coat or an accessory. For example, ensure everything else you’ll be wearing tallies with the color and style of your fake fur piece. In addition, consider the overall look you want to achieve. Do you want to look casual or formal enough for work, a wedding, or a red carpet event? Making your faux fur piece the centerpiece of your look and dressing around it is how you style it to perfection.

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