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26 French Crop Style Inspos For the Sophisticated Man

Male hairstyles are more than you think. From burst fades to braids for men, here’s another we’re adding to your list— the French crop. This unique haircut is characterized by longer hair on top and faded sides. It’s a great way to make a statement with your hair as it keeps you looking peng 24/7. 

Side profile showing a guy rocking the french crop haircut

Thinking of getting one yourself? Great! Before you make an appointment with your barber, here’s everything you need to know about this hairstyle, including what it is, and the best French crop variations to rock for a suave look.

What is a French Crop?

Guy shows off  his stylish french crop cut

A French crop is a short hairstyle known for its signature textured fringe and short sides and back. It features slightly longer hair on top which is trimmed neat and cropped close to your head around the sides and back.

This haircut was first popularized by the Mods who wanted a low-maintenance, ‘no product’ hairstyle. What they meant was a style they could wear without worrying about pomades or waxes. It had to look sharp at all times and this desire birthed the French crop by creating a defined shape and profile through clippers rather than resorting to heavy styling products. Modern versions of this hairstyle introduce fade, to sharpen the look even more.

Who Should Wear a French Crop?

Side view of a guy rocking the unique haircut

The French crop is a versatile style that works for all face shapes. In other words, it suits everyone. However, since the reason for this style was to rely on minimal products, it looks best on men with strong hairlines and thick hair. It doesn’t matter if it is straight, wavy, or curly. The thickness gives the illusion of a more solid profile, while curls bring more texture and character to your overall look. 

Benefits of a French Crop Haircut

Side view of a guy rocking the haircut with a line for a more dramatic effect
  • It has a timeless and stylish look.
  • It is low-maintenance compared to longer hairstyles.
  • It works well with many face shapes.
  • It is easy to style and re-style as needed.
  • It allows you to customize your look by changing the fringe.
  • It looks neat and polished for professional settings.
  • It is ideal for accentuating masculine jawlines and features.

How Short Should the Sides Be?

Picture showing a guy with glasses and tats rocking the haircut

One of the keys to a stylish French crop is ensuring you perfectly create the contrast between the longer top and the closely trimmed sides and back. You can achieve this by cutting your side and back hairy short or even faded. Here’s a look at some popular options:

  • Short Back and Sides: Clipper your hair very short, around 1/4 inch.
  • High Fade: Fade out to skin at the temples and neck, blending longer at the crown.
  • Low Fade: Fade near the neckline but longer near the temples.
  • Skin Fade: Fade completely to the skin for maximum contrast.
  • Tapered Sides: Gradually taper from hairline to nape.

However, note that the degree of shortness on the back and sides depends entirely on your preference and desired look.

How Long Should the Top be?

Frontal view of the haircut

Just like the sides, the length of the top depends on your style goals too. Nonetheless a standard French crop features around two to four inches on top. But some modern variations go longer for a more dramatic fringe look.

Here’s a look at some of the popular crop top lengths:

  • Short Crop: two to three inches
  • Classic French Crop: three to four inches
  • Long Crop: four to six inches
  • Curly French Crop: three to five inches
  • Textured Crop: four to five inches

Please note that the top has to be long enough to make it easy to push your fringe forward and style to your desired textured look. And ensure you go with a length that suits your hair type.

French Crop Variations For You to Try

Picture showing a guy with a textured hair  rocking the french crop

There’s so much you can do with a simple French crop. Here is a collection of some of my favorites. Check them out and save the ones that resonate with your style. 

Classic French Crop 

Picture showing the classic french crop

Need the French crop in its purest and unadulterated form? Then the classic is for you. This look features tapered hair at the back and sides (not faded), and slightly longer blunt-cut hair on top that can either be straight or curly.

Bleached Crop Top

Picture of a guy rocking the bleached crop top

The good thing about this unique hairstyle is that it gives room for you to experiment however you deem fit. So, try your hands on the bleached crop top for a more dramatic yet sophisticated look. 

Textured Crop 

Picture of  a guy rocking the textured crop

The edges of this style should be sharp to attain more texture. Also, ensure the haircut on top is blunt-cut. The result? A gorgeous man who turns heads effortlessly.

Disconnected Crop

Picture showing a guy rocking the disconnected style of the haircut

This look was first popularized by Thomas Shelby in Peaky Blinders. For this variation, ask your barber to cut the sides way shorter than the top to create that edgy disconnected look.

French Crop +Mid Fade

Picture showing a guy rocking the  look with mid fade

 You’ll agree with me that a fade makes it better. So, opt for a mid fade. The medium length provides contrast against the longer crop top resulting in a stylish suave look.

Curly French Crop

Picture showing a guy rocking the curly french crop

If you’re blessed with lots of curly hair, you should try the French crop. The curls add character to your look and with the contrast of a fade, you will surely stand out.

High Fade French Crop

Picture showing a guy rocking the  hairstyle with a high fade

Fades come in different variations, and in this case, it’s all about choosing what works and what suits you the most. If you think the high fade will give the perfect contrast to your haircut, then, don’t hesitate to go for it.

Short French Crop

Full picture of a guy rocking the short hairstyle

This is a low-maintenance haircut that requires little to minimal styling. This look is a neat and dapper style for men leading busy lifestyles.

Blunt Fringe  With Texture

Picture showing a guy rocking the blunt fringe with texture

Want to create a dramatic crop top haircut? No other style comes to mind than the French crop with blunt fringe. Take it up a notch by rocking an undercut instead of a fade.

Caesar Cut 

Picture showing a guy rocking the caesar haircut

The Caesar cut is another variation of this popular hairstyle. It features a shorter and more blunt fringe. The upside to this look is it keeps your hair from falling all over your forehead which can be disturbing at times.

French Crop: A Versatile And Timeless Style For the Modern Man

Full picture of a guy rocking the french crop with a curly top

The versatile nature of this short hairstyle makes it the go-to haircut that adds more character to your personality. Apart from that, the haircut allows you to experiment with your hair on top, making it easy for you to unleash your inner fashionista.

Hop on it already. But if you need more photos to inspire and hasten your next visit to the salon, check out these below:

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