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Low Maintenance Short Haircuts: 35 Effortless Styles for Ladies

When it comes to hairstyles, sometimes, less is more. Low maintenance short haircuts are one of such minimalistic yet bold looks. They’ve long been favored for their simplicity, versatility, and easy maintenance. And with our busy modern lifestyles, finding a hairstyle that requires minimal upkeep while still looking stylish is a game changer. 

Side profile of  a gorgeous lady rocking a low Maintenance Short Haircut

These chic practical hairstyles allow you to spend less time on your hair and more time on the things that matter most to you. So if you’re looking for short haircut styles to show your hairstylist, you’ll find them in this post as we explore the world of short styles together.

What is the Most Low-Maintenance Short Haircut?

Frontal view of a lady rocking a low maintenance short haircuts

Short haircuts like pixie cuts and others with long layers are some of the low-maintenance styles that don’t require you to visit the salon very often. While you’ll still need to see your stylist every few months to keep your cut looking its best, you can stay longer between appointments.

Why Should You Consider Low Maintenance Short Haircuts?

Gorgeous Zendaya rocks the low maintenance short haircut

One of the good things about opting for low-maintenance short haircuts is the reduced time and effort required for daily styling. Short hair means less brushing, less washing, and less heat styling.

So if you find yourself rushing in the mornings or juggling multiple responsibilities, this can be a real lifesaver. With low maintenance short haircuts, you’ll achieve a put-together look effortlessly.

If you doubt, hear it from Celebrity Hairstylist, Benjamin Mohapi of Benjamin Salon:

”Short haircuts with softer edges and more basic shapes are going to last you longer and take less maintenance.”

Benjamin Salon

So there you have it. But if you’re still having cold feet about taking that big chop, get ready to be inspired.

Low Maintenance Short Haircuts: 10 Hair Inspos to Try

Zoe Kravitz shows of her unique short haircuts

Wear any of these short haircuts and you’ll be glad you did: 

Bob Cut with Fringe

Frontal view of a lady rocking the bob haircuts with glasses

This hairstyle is the perfect look if you’re aiming to look young and sexy.

Full view of a lady rocking the low maintenance short haircuts

Hairstyles with bangs highlight your cheekbones and cover unwanted forehead lines. This is an edgy low-maintenance haircut for women. 

Pixie Low-Maintenance Short Haircuts

Gorgeous black lady rocks the pixie hairstyle

Pixie cuts are a classic example of low-maintenance short haircuts. With their short length and textured layers, this style requires minimal styling.

Frontal view of a lady rocking the blonde haircuts

A quick tousle with a nice hairspray or a dab of styling wax is all you need to create a messy pixie. They are not only time-saving but also exude confidence and a touch of playfulness. 

Shag Low-Maintenance Short Haircuts

The shag hairstyle is the perfect low maintenance short haircuts to try for the season

For those who desire a bit more length, a shag haircut is a fantastic option. This look adds volume and texture while maintaining a short length. 

Elderly woman rocks the stunning shag hairstyle

This style works well for both straight and wavy hair and the tousled look it creates is effortlessly chic. For added definition, use a texturizing spray or sea salt spray. 

Curly Bob with Short Bangs

For a low maintenance short haircut, the curly bob with bangs is the perfect fit for the season

If you’ve got curly hair, taking the big chop removes some of the weight and bulk from your locks. Just in case you didn’t know, the bob haircut is one of the universally flattering options.

Low Maintenance Short Haircuts: Another version of the curly bob paired with statement  accessories

So it doesn’t matter your face shape, this hairstyle has a way of highlighting your feminine features.  

Extra Short Crop

Low Maintenance Short Haircuts: The short  crop style is the perfect fit for the season

This hairstyle is the perfect fit if you’re looking for a really low haircut. For a startling effect, pair this look with vivid hair color.

Rihanna rocks the blonde short crop hairstyle

But before you take the big chop ask your stylist what color will best suit your face and enhance your overall appearance.

Classic Low Maintenance Buzz

Classic buzz cuts are the perfect style for a low maintenance short haircut

The buzz cut is one bold hairstyle that exudes confidence. And if you’re looking for a statement hairstyle, this one right here ticks all the boxes. 

This look is the perfect fit for a low-maintenance style

The only downside of this look is that the back hairlines tend to grow out quickly, so you’ll need to visit the salon often to keep them in shape.

Short Wolf Cut

Side profile of a lady rocking the wolfcuts hairstyle

The wolf cut is one of the hottest hair trends that has come to stay

Frontal view of a lady rocking the wolfcut hairstyle

The heavy layers create movement, give texture, and thin your strands toward the end, keeping the top full and thick. For a chic finish, pair it with a fringe. 

Faux Hawk

Full view of a gorgeous  lady rocking the faux hawk style

When trying out low-maintenance short haircuts, make sure you never skip this look, if you’re looking for an edgy yet stunning addition to your style

Low Maintenance Short Haircuts: Try out this look and enhance your overall appearance .

For this faux hawk style, the hair is made to stand up with a ton of hairspray and a dash of pomade.


Low Maintenance Short Haircuts:  Side profile of a lady rocking the side haircuts

The old undercut is one of the best looks for low-maintenance hair because it grows out so well. The reason this undercut is cool is, by the time you need to cut your hairline on the neck, the hair on the top of your head would have already grown.

Frontal view of a  lady rocking the undercut style

So go for the undercut. It’s easy to maintain and looks great growing out.

French Bob

The french bob is one gorgeous look you can try if  you're aiming for hairstyle that is low maintenance

This look is a variation of the short bob and one of the gorgeous low maintenance styles you can rock any time. 

Low maintenance short haircuts:   Spice up your look by dying your hair to enhance your overall appearance

This cheek-bone grazing style works great on naturally straight hair. Throw in some texturizing cream to battle frizz and your hair is ready for the day. 

Rock Your Low Maintenance Short Haircuts Effortlessly 

Side profile of a lady rocking the blonde buzz cuts

This coiffure is the go-to choice for people seeking a stylish yet effortless look. Since these haircuts require minimal styling, you’ll save time and energy and reduce the amount you would have spent on booking hair appointments. Furthermore, these types help you express your personal style and enjoy the freedom of a simplified hair care routine.

Need more low-maintenance short haircut ideas to help you take that plunge? Scroll down and feast your eyes with the best inspiration you’ll find in the beauty industry.

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