Tips on How to Become a Successful Model in Nigeria

If you’re slender, tall and in one word, svelte, chances are people have been nudging you to pick up a career in modelling. Modelling is one profitable aspect of fashion. Just as it is lucrative, it is as well competitive. If you’re fortunate to be groomed by any of the top modelling agencies in Nigeria, the peak will definitely be your starting point. However, there are tips you need to follow to ensure you’re on the right track on how to become a successful model.

Categories of Modelling

Before deciding to ecome a model, you need to know the different categories of modeling and first decide on the area you want to focus on. The following are some of the categories of models:

Runway Models

run way models strutting on the catwalk at Lagos Fashion Week 2019

These are models who struts on catwalks showcasing latest collections of fashion designers. They usually attend different fashion weeks and shows both locally and internationally. Most female runway models are at least 5’9 while men are mostly between 5’11 and 6’2.

Commercial Models

black male model advertising a product

These ones can be of any height, age or size because they are needed for different purposes. They can do everything that isn’t particularly associated with fashion. These include adverts for products and services in food, travel, houseware, fitness, tech, etc. A celebrity or influencer can be a commercial model for a product. A perfect example is Mercy Eke being the model for Get Fit‘s television commercial.

Plus-size Models

Vivian Adaeze - Nigerian plus-size model

The body type of these models differ from a “conventional” model. That is they aren’t slender but are larger in size. They focus on fashion accessories, clothes, cosmetics and other items that concern plus-sized individuals. These days, they are becoming a vital part of the fashion industry as many designers now make garments that cater for all sizes.

Video Vixens

Nigerian video vixen on set - How to Become a Successful Model in Nigeria

These are females who appear in music videos. They can be of any size, height or complexion so long as they are in line with the story the music is telling.

Underwear Model

ebony underwear model in pant and bra sitting on the floor

They are mostly used to advertise lingerie and other underwear. For women, large breasts but small hips are required while the men must have broad shoulders and slim waists.

How to Become a Successful Model in Nigeria

1. Get Educated about the Industry

You can’t venture into something without getting educated about it. Read fashion magazines and blogs as often as you can. Learn from people who are already into modelling and fashion such as designers, influencers and even scouting agencies. Follow up local and international fashion events so you can be kept abreast with the latest developments in the industry. All these will help you hone your skills and discover how the industry works. This is a good tip on how to become a successful model anywhere in the world.

2. Find a Good Modelling Agency

A good agency acts as a parent to their models. They train, groom and ensure you don’t get exploited while chasing your dreams. There are many model scouting agencies available but while searching be sure to protect yourself from the bad eggs out there. They may want to scam you of your money or exploit you. A good modelling agency won’t ask for your money upfront. They will care about you, your needs and do their best in bringing out the star in you.

You should as well research on the agency you choose to work with just to be certain you’re on the right path. Check their social media pages and website for their posts and reviews. Check out their application process. Be certain they accept models with your statistics so you don’t waste your time. Know the brands they work with and the campaigns they have ongoing. This will ease your application process.

3. Challenges are Part of the Game

Modelling can be exciting but there are challenges too, you know. You don’t expect to get to the top just like that. Some agencies may deem you not tall enough or something else that implies they don’t want you. You shouldn’t beat yourself over it. Rejection, disappointment and even failure are part of the game. So brace up and promise yourself that amid the storm, you wouldn’t turn back on this path you’ve chosen. Remember that once upon a time, our supermodels were once told no.

Furthermore, the industry is highly competitive and that makes it challenging. You’ll have to deny yourself some things to stay fit for your career. You may be asked to cut your hair or change its colour against your wish but do you have a choice? Of course not! So get up and move on if you choose not to quit.

4. Hold on to Your Values

There are many tales of promiscuity as a prerequisite for becoming a successful model. This has caused the industry to be seen in a bad light. While bad agencies encourage sexual harassment before passing a job to their talents, a good agency would never do that but would rather give jobs based on merit. Hence, you should never compromise your values in the course of chasing your career. You don’t have to smoke, take drugs or engage in transactional sex before you get to the top. Know your values and hold on to it.

5. Develop Your Skills

Practise walking like a model. Practise posing like a model. You can’t just work into an agency and expect them to accept you when you have no value to offer them. Of course, they would definitely train you but you still have to do a tad homework and develop yourself.

Also, you have to be prepared to be professional in all your doings. Never be late for a casting call and return emails and missed calls from prospects promptly. Know about time management yourself before letting your agency train you on that.

6. Build Your Social Media Presence

If you’re an aspiring model, chances are you have a few following on social media. It’s up to you to build it to the level you want. Upload pictures of yourself carrying out your modeling duties as this can as well serve as an online portfolio for you. When there are no jobs, you can collaborate with photographers to create looks capable of breaking the Internet. This will help you stay active on social media and have growing followers.

To get started on modelling, you have to get yourself a good headshot as this is what most agencies ask for. You don’t have to wear makeup, fancy hairstyles or dress too much. A natural photo void of retouching is enough to sell you to an agency. And when you get in, stay committed to your career. Maintain your diet, fitness and skincare routine. Never for once take them for granted. Be prepared to go far away from your loved ones for photoshoots and fashion shows because modelling involves all of that. Follow these tips on how to become a successful model in Nigeria

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