Imaatu Collaborates With American Singer Truth Hurts in High-end Fashion Shooting

Fashion label, Imaatu has teamed up with American R&B singer, songwriter and actress, Truth Hurts in glamorous high-end fashion shoots.

The singer who starred in the shoot is one of the most unique voices in R&B, from her hit single “addictive” to the stunning mind-blowing tune of her recent work.

Imaatu selected ready-to-wear pieces and gowns to create a Black Girl Magic scenery in the middle of Stadtpark, the biggest park in Vienna since 1862.

The motto of this strong music and fashion collaboration is women supporting women in the industry because when women support each other, incredible things happen!

Photo Credits:

 Outfit: @Imaatufashion

Muse: @truthhurtsworld

Photo: @stefan_gergely

Makeup: Sandy Charles

Hair: @bel_hairextensions

BTS pics: @jelimail

PA: @julesbaumgartner   

Publicist: @moafricapr

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