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Lagos Fashion Week Announces Woven Threads V: Exploring the Power of Community in Fashion

Lagos Fashion Week will present the fifth edition of Woven Threads from April 12th to April 14th, 2024. This season’s showcase, themed “Commune”, goes beyond the runway, shining a light on the individuals and communities contributing to the artistry.

Sustainability is often viewed through the pillars of economic, environmental, and social development, with culture taking a back seat. This season “Commune” takes an exploratory dive into the work of creatives on the scene through the African cultural lens of Community, the starting point of our creative process.

At the heart of Woven Threads is celebrating the ingenuity and resilience of African fashion designers while emphasizing the importance of sustainability and waste reduction in the industry. The exhibition brings together various designers, experts, and stakeholders to discuss and showcase the best practices in African fashion design. Participating designers include Green Access 2023 Cohort – Ajanée, By.Wuzzy, Dust of the Earth, Bornstarng, E.S.O by Liman, This Is Us, Kilentar, Lohije, Y’wandeLag, Eki Kere, and more.

Woven Threads V will feature:

  1. Physical Presentations: Inspired by the successful AW18 showcase, designers will unveil their collections in an intimate, salon-style setting. Following each presentation, a ‘see now, buy now’ client-designer reception allows immediate purchase or order opportunities.
  2. The Woven Threads Installation: This interactive installation will offer a deeper understanding of the “Commune” theme, highlighting the collaborative process and celebrating the unsung heroes of fashion.
  3. Digital Presentations: Extending the reach beyond the physical event, Woven Threads V will
    also feature digital presentations, ensuring wider accessibility and audience engagement.

In the lead-up to Woven Threads V, Lagos Fashion Week will proudly support the State of Fashion’s 2024 Bienalle’s Nairobi activation curated by Sunny Dolat and scheduled for April 3rd to April 15th. It will feature enlightening panel discussions and the premiere of a fashion film, offering attendees a unique insight into Sunny Dolat’s visual storytelling experience.

For more information and updates on Woven Threads V, please visit Lagos Fashion Week’s official website or follow on social media @ lagosfashionweekofficial.

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