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Men’s Urban Clothing—How to Rock Streetwear Like a Stylish Man

When you’re neither wearing a suit nor native wear, what’s that outfit you wear almost every day as a man? It’s none other than men’s urban clothing which covers your jeans, tees, and every piece of clothing that gives you a casual outfit.

man wearing men’s urban clothing with sunglasses

As Lara Djandji, Harvey Nichols Menswear buyer, told Fashion Beans:

“Streetwear is so many people’s go-to each day because dress codes have become so much more relaxed. The amount of customers looking for tailoring has decreased as more and more people are wearing jeans with a jacket to work, and those who previously wore jeans are now more inclined to shop for a tracksuit.”

This makes men’s urban clothing more crucial than ever. So, if you’re looking to update your wardrobe to include urban pieces for men, you’ve come to the right place.

man wearing yellow hoodie and ripped jean shorts with sunglasses

No, we don’t sell these clothes. But this article will give you a list of handy streetwear pieces to start with. Also, you’ll see how to pull them off and create a timeless, stylish look.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

10 Must-have Men’s Urban Clothing that’ll Never Go out of Style

Karim Benzema rocking men’s urban clothing

Urban clothes are relaxed and comfortable. They’re what you wear when it’s time to travel or have fun at the mall, beach, cinema, or any random party. Though they’re perfect for casual settings, you can also rock them to work if your workplace supports a smart casual outfit. And you can pair them with some formal office wear pieces to create a business casual look.

man wearing men’s urban clothing with bucket hat and sunglasses

Furthermore, they’re also functional as they not only enhance your looks but also serve you when the weather is either warm or cold. Here are some of them:

1. Jeans

man wearing jeans with turtleneck and jacket

Show me a casual wardrobe without a pair of jeans and I’ll show you a fish swimming on dry land.

Jeans are not only a must-have. You just can’t do without them as they are versatile enough to create different outfits. Whether you plan to rock them with tees or you wanna pair them with a dress shirt or even a blazer, you need a good pair of jeans in your life.

man in facemask wearing jeans and t-shirt

It’ll serve you for as long as you want. 

2. T-shirts

man wearing brown t-shirt

 T-shirts are a major component of streetwear outfits. They come in different types, too, ranging from plain to logo tees to graphic, cropped, striped, Henley, baggy, or fitted tees.

man wearing stripped t-shirt

Furthermore, they go with any pair of bottoms whether jeans, chinos, shorts, or joggers. We have a guide that details how to style jeans and T-shirts. You may want to read it.

3. Polo Shirt

man wearing white polo shirt with shorts and sunglasses

A polo shirt is a combination of a button-up dress shirt and a casual T-shirt. See it as a tee with buttons, plackets, and a collar. These features make them different from and less casual than regular tees.

man wearing polo shirt with grey pants

And yeah, you can rock them with any pair of trousers too.

4. Jackets

man wearing white jacket over a turtleneck and black jeans

You need a jacket in your wardrobe. It could be a denim jacket, bomber jacket, leather jacket, or even a puffer jacket. 

man wearing black leather jacket with black pants

Anyone you want is fine and perfect to layer your outfit and keep you warm when the weather is cold.

5. Hoodies & Sweatshirts

man wearing black Nike hoodie

Speaking of warmth, hoodies and sweatshirts also come in handy here. 

man wearing grey sweatshirt

These men’s urban clothes are thick and suitable for cold climates. The best part is they’re also stylish and fit for when you just wanna get on the go.

6. Cargo Pants

man wearing brown cargo pants with matching teddy hoodie

The looseness of cargo pants makes them a versatile pair of trousers for every urban man.

man with bucket hat wearing t-shirt and cargo pants

It’ll look great with any kind of top you pair it with. It’s also functional as the multiple pockets of these pants can hold your valuables without any going missing.

7. Shorts

man wearing jean cargo shorts

Who says men can’t flaunt their fine legs? Absolutely no one.

man wearing camo cargo shorts

From denim shorts to cargo shorts, adire shorts, camo shorts, and what have you, any kind of men’s shorts will look great on you. 

8. Joggers/Sweatpants

man wearing sweat shirt and sweat pants

These casual outfits aren’t only activewear. They also come in handy when you need the perfect loungewear to look relaxed and comfortable anytime any day.

man earing brown sweat pants with white sneakers

Though both clothes are similar, they aren’t the same. One difference is that while joggers are typically fitted, fashionable, multipurpose, and lightweight, sweatpants, on the other hand, are looser and more relaxed. 

In addition, joggers keep you cool while sweatpants provide warmth.

9. Tracksuits

man wearing blue tracksuit outfit

Tracksuits are street-inspired two-pieces that make dressing up easier. 

man wearing tracksuit outfit

You can don it as an ensemble or pair the pants with a tee or singlet to hit the gym and the jacket with a jeans and T-shirt outfit.

Accessories that Suit Men’s Urban Clothing

man wearing sunshades with men’s urban clothing


man wearing bucket hat with men’s urban clothing

Headwear always look great when paired with men’s urban clothing. You can go for a baseball cap, bucket hat, sun visor, beanie hat, or any type of headwear you like.

Pull them off with the streetwear outfits we mentioned earlier and you’ll be a delight to behold.


smiling man wearing white sneakers with men’s urban clothing

Show me an urban style outfit that doesn’t include a pair of sneakers. Go ahead. I’m waiting.

Sneakers are a staple for every wardrobe. Not only do they look great with streetwear, they’re also a perfect combo for Afrocentric outfits.

Furthermore, a good pair of sneakers can elevate your outfit and transform it from bland to edgy.


man wearing dark glasses with men’s urban clothing

You need to save your eyes from the harsh rays of the sun while enhancing your style. And that’s what a pair of sunglasses does. 

Get one for yourself and you’ll pull off a bold streetwear look.

Palm Slippers

man wearing palms slippers with men’s urban clothing

Palms are comfy handcrafted footwear with sturdy leather. They’re designed to be slipped on as the name implies. 

This footwear is an excellent match when pulling off urban fashion.


man rocking gold wristwatch with men’s urban clothing

A classic timepiece is great for telling the time. But that’s not all it does.

 It’s also that men’s accessory that adds accents to your wrist.

Cross-body Bags

man wearing cross-body bag with men’s urban clothing

Your pockets won’t always be enough. You need a bag to carry your valuables anytime you step out and a sling bag is the right one.

Just wear it across your body and you’ll be good to go.

How to Pull off Men’s Urban Clothing

man rocking men’s urban clothing

Groom Your Hair

man wearing cornrows

If your hair isn’t neat, no matter how superb you look, you won’t be a ten. So, go for a cool haircut or braid your hair into neat cornrows. It also works for men.

Start with Dark Tones and Neutrals

man wearing white shirt on black pants with white sneakers

A palette of dark tones exudes a laidback, serious vibe. Go for this if you love to blend in or turn up without calling attention to yourself.

But rocking dark tones or neutral colors doesn’t mean you’ll look boring. 

For instance, you can pull off an all-black ensemble and still turn heads. You can even pair your dark wash jeans with a white tee/shirt and sneakers. You’ll look even more stylish than someone who wore more colors. It all depends on your confidence and style.

Don’t be Scared to Wear More Colors

man wearing bright color men’s urban clothing

Inasmuch as monochromatic color palettes are chic, there’s no harm in adding more colors to your look.

You don’t have to do too much to achieve this. Simply wearing a bright-colored tee, jacket, or bold-colored sneakers will do the magic.

When in Doubt, Layer

man layering his men’s urban clothing with an over coat

Helps you restyle your clothes without looking like you actually repeat them. When doing this, don’t restrict yourself to only one type of outerwear. Feel free to layer with your sweater, cardigan, oversized coats, and even your button-up shirts.

Mix Proportions

man wearing matching men’s urban clothing

Don’t be afraid to mix textures and proportions. Pair that baggy shirt with a pair of fitted pants and vice versa. And if you don’t want that, feel free to go loose on loose or fitted on fitted.

There are no definite rules to pulling off men’s streetwear outfits. Just experiment and find what works for you and suits your style.

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