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Navy Blue Suit: How to Style for a Classic Look

Imagine this: You have a deal to close at a meeting with the creme de la creme of your industry. So, you scan your wardrobe for the perfect piece to help you radiate power and confidence. Your eyes fall on the navy blue suit in your wardrobe. As you reach for it, the one-million-dollar question crosses your mind:

How do you style this sophisticated garment to harness its full potential?

thre-piece navy blue suit

In this guide, we show you how to do this effortlessly. From choosing a fitting shirt and tie to going flexible with your jacket, you’ll find all you need to don a navy suit and confidently make a debonair statement. Let’s dive in.

The Sartorial Elegance in Navy Blue Suits

a fine man wearing a nice navy suit

A navy blue suit is an expression of fine tailoring for the refined man who loves to set himself apart. It’s a timeless classic that has become a staple menswear for formal and business occasions. Like grey and black, these suits exude a minimalist sartorial elegance that every classic man appreciates. Its muted hue gives you a blend of black and blue in one ensemble. 

Furthermore, there’s no limit to what you can achieve in and with a navy-colored suit. Its versatility thrives when you experiment with different shirt and tie combinations. And you can always dress it up or down depending on your desired look. 

These suits are your go-to companion for work, business events, evening outings, weddings, and even casual occasions. In addition, they can be plain, pinstriped, plaid, checkered, etc.

Indeed, this garment takes the top spot as a workwear staple that enhances your style, elevates your poise, and portrays you as a charming man who’s got his life under control.

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How to Style the Navy Blue Suit

a guy with curly hair wearing a navy blue suit with a tee and a pair of sneakers

When styling this color of suit, one major area of concern is color coordination. Choosing the right combination of a tie, shirt, and pair of shoes with your navy blue suit is as crucial as wearing a tailored-to-fit suit. But like every outfit, it’s an exciting adventure that once you crack, you’ll be grateful you did.

If you’d love to impress onlookers when you don this ensemble or take off your suit jacket, follow these tips to nail your navy blue suit outfit:

Wear a Light Blue Shirt

a man wearing a light blue shirt with his navy blue suit

Your navy blue shirt paired with a light blue shirt is an analogous color match you don’t want to miss out on. This combo keeps things safe while allowing you to explore the beauty of two cool hues simultaneously.

Wear a White Shirt

a man rocking his navy suit with a white shirt and the vest without the suit jacket

They say you can never go wrong with black. And that’s true. But let’s rephrase it: you can never go wrong with black and white. So, pair your suit with a crisp, white shirt. It adds a detailed contrast that soothes and suits.

Try Pastel Pink

man wearing navy blue suit with pink shirt

Don a light pink shirt underneath your suit jacket. It brings a modern twist that elevates your style game while giving you a refined look. This is an inviting option as it blends the enchanting allure of pink with the striking coolness of blue. You can also match your pink shirt with your tie for a more coordinated look.

Go Bold with Your Shirt

a man rocking his navy suit with a red shirt and the vest without the suit jacket

If you’d like an edgy statement, wear a bold-colored shirt with your navy suit. Colors such as green, yellow, and deep burgundy are flattering options.

Wearing bold colors is an unconventional way to rock formal wear. So, go for this when you want to stand out or explore colors beyond the usual muted tones. They’re perfect for relaxed business settings. But ensure the shade you wear doesn’t clash with your navy suit.

Wear a Patterned Shirt

a man wearing his suit with a striped shirt while walking beside a lady

Are you bored of solid-colored shirts? Spice things up with patterns, then. Think plaid, gingham, stripes, florals, or checks. Choose patterns whose colors complement your navy suit to get that posh look that keeps heads

Experiment with More Neutrals

a guy wearing a suit with black kicks

If you’d rather keep your styling game subtle, explore more neutral colors besides white. Hues like beige, grey, black, ivory, etc., do the magic, giving you a refined flair at a glance. 

Dress Down Your Navy Blue Suit with a Tee

a guy rocking his suit in a casual way

Pair your navy blue suit with a polo or t-shirt for a more casual and laid-back look. Then, complete the look with a clean pair of white sneakers. This outfit is suitable for casual events where you want to don a suit without its complete formal vibe. The navy blue suit adds a touch of sophistication to an otherwise casual fit. Rock it with or without the jacket.

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Go Tieless

a guy rocking his suit without a tie

Skip your tie and rock your navy blue suit with just a shirt. For more accents, unbutton the first two buttons of your shirt to give a sneak peek of your charming neck. You’ll still look put-together and sharp.

Ties for Navy Blue Suits

a guy rocking his navy blue suit with a white shirt and pink tie

You need a tie to complete that business-inspired look. If you’re just starting out, pair your suit with solid-colored ties. Colors like red, burgundy, pink, navy blue, green, etc., contrast with white shirts well. 

But if you’d rather keep your tie busy, experiment with patterned ties in flowery, polka-dot, striped, paisley, or plaid prints. 

Accessorizing Your Navy Blue Suit

a handsome man accessorizing his navy blue suit

Any pair of dress shoes gives a great suit outfit. So think Oxford, Derby, loafers, brogues, Chelsea boots, etc., for a smart, professional look. But if you want an edgy, laidback vibe, pair your suit with sneakers.

Furthermore, wear a belt to cinch your waist and keep your suit pants in place. The general rule of thumb is to match your shoes with your belt. But you can give it a twist by not following the norm.

In other words, instead of sticking to matching the leather color of your shoes with the leather color of your belt, some experts recommend you mix it up, but with caution. For example, wear light brown with dark brown or black shoes and a dark brown belt.

In the words of Andrew Craig, Fashion Writer for Bespoke Post:

“It’s a good way to add a slight amount of visual contrast to your outfit, so long as the shades aren’t jarringly different.”

Andrew Craig

In addition, adorn the pocket of your suit jacket or shirt with pocket squares. For a charming contrast, let the fabric of your pocket filler be patterned or a solid yet contrasting color. And don’t forget to wear a wristwatch, bracelet, and other subtle accessories that magnify your look.

Embrace the Sophisticated Allure of a Navy Blue Suit

a guy rocking his suit and smiling

A navy blue suit is a versatile wardrobe staple. You can wear it in many different ways, with or without the jacket, depending on the occasion and the colors you choose to rock with it.

From dressing it up with a crisp white shirt to going tieless, your options are limitless. So, pick from the style tips above and create stunning outfits with your suit. It’s your sure ticket to savor some suave, sartorial brilliance.

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