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Two-Block Haircut: 31 Stunning Ideas for Men

It is no news that K-pop idols and Asian actors make the hearts of our women flutter with their looks, dress sense, and style. Besides their alluring aura, one other detail responsible for their hot and handsome demeanor is their hairstyles, such as the two-block haircut.

K-pop styles love this look. And it always complements their ensemble, creating a dapper look.

Picture of a guy wearing the two block haircut

As Korean pop culture transcends borders,  Hair professionals are beginning to pay attention to the haircut, cementing its status as a stylish staple in the industry.
This guide shows you how to rock this haircut, exploring its origin and styling hacks to serve you looks for days.

What is a Two-Block Haircut?

Picture of a Korean posing for photos with his two-block haircut

The iconic hairstyle involves cutting the sides and back of the head short while the top section is left longer. This shows contrast which makes a flattering and stylish haircut.

However, these cuts are gaining popularity mainly because of their versatility. The haircut’s style possibilities are endless. For instance, you can rock it as a polished look or a messy style.

The Allure of the Two-Block Haircut

Picture of a guy showing his hair with the iconic haircut

The two-block haircut gained prominence in South Korea, particularly among K-pop idols and celebrities. 

As the Korean entertainment industry grew in global influence, the two-block haircut quickly spread beyond the country’s borders, becoming a sought-after style for men of all ages and backgrounds. Furthermore, its versatility also makes it popular.

For example, you can adapt it to suit different hair types, face shapes, and personal preferences. The cut also works wonders on any hair texture, whether thin, thick, straight, wavy, or curly hair. Whether your face is oval, round, or square, you only need a skilled hairstylist to assess these factors and create a two-block cut that suits you perfectly. 

Maintaining Your Two-Block Haircut

Picture of a guy wearing the iconic hairstyle

To keep your two-block haircut looking its best, visit your barber or stylist regularly for trims, typically every four to six weeks. This will help maintain the sharp contrast between the short sides and back and the longer top section.

Furthermore, between visits, use various styling products, such as pomades, waxes, and clays, to experiment with different looks and keep your hair looking fresh.

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10 Two-Block Haircut Ideas For You 

Picture of a guy looking stylish with his two-block haircut

Looking to visit the salon anytime from now? Check out these style ideas we’ve curated to inspire you: 

Two Block Bowl Cut

Side view of a guy wearing the Two Block Bowl Cut

The two-block bowl is the perfect style if you want that youthful feel. Ask your stylist for a fade to make your haircut stand out. 

Middle Parted Two -Block Haircut

Picture of the KPOP Haircut with Middle Part

The middle-parted variation of this haircut gives it a sophisticated feel. If you love your hair complementing your ensemble for that dapper look, this style is perfect. 

Choppy Layered Two Block Haircut

Picture of a guy wearing the Choppy Layered Two Block Haircut

Spice up your haircut by adding layers for more volume and movement. It gives your look a playful feel while maintaining a stylish persona.

90s Two Block Hairstyle

Back view of an Asian  wearing the hairdo

When we say that beauty is cyclical, it’s no joke. So don’t be surprised people rocked this iconic haircut in the ’90s. After all, the ’90s was one of the greatest eras in the hair industry. So, if you want something different for your two-block, try channeling the 90s. We’re sure you’d love your look. 

Curly Two Block Hair

Picture of a guy wearing his Curly Hair  with Two Block Cut Idea

Having curly hair and going for the two-block haircut is a style statement. With the shorter sides and curls for the top section, you ooze a great dose of that sexy, boyish vibe. 

Slicked Two Block Haircut

Picture of a  man with  Clean Middle Parting and Slicked Sides

If you’re a fan of badass Italian movies, you should be familiar with this look. It’s timeless, elegant, and classic—a throwback to the ’80s. Go for this look if you want an aura of sophistication. 

Shaved Side and Back with a Bun

Picture of a man wearing Skin Fade and Man Bun Hairstyle

Although this is not your regular two-block hairstyle, you can tweak it as long as the sides and back are entirely shaved while the top section is longer. Then tie it into a man bun for that effortless finish.

Two Block Cut with Curly Fringe

Picture of a man wearing High Fade with  Two Block Haircut with curly fringe

The curly fringe is one of the variations of the two-block haircut. Wear it if your hair is curly, and embrace your curls for that flattering effect. 

Two Block with Long Bangs

Picture of a man wearing the Two Block with Long Bangs

The bangs flatter your facial features, draw attention to your eyes, and give you that youthful glow. 

Messy Two-Block Haircut

Picture of a man wearing the Messy Two Block Hairstyle for Men

Rock this undone and messy style for a tousled effect. Then, elevate the look with a good hair product that adds volume and movement to your hair. 

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Embrace K-Pop Culture with the Two-block Haircut

Picture of a man wearing the iconic haircut

The two-block haircut is a trendy, versatile, and stylish for men seeking a modern, eye-catching look. It originated in South Korea and has become a global phenomenon due to its adaptability to various hair types and face shapes. 

You’ll enjoy the sharp, contemporary look of the two-block haircut by working with a skilled barber or stylist and maintaining the style with regular trims and the right styling products. Here are more inspos to help you showcase your style with this haircut:

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