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38 Tapered Square Nails to Transform Your Nail Game

Hey, fellow nail aficionado! Ready to dive into the chic world of tapered square nails? Now buckle your style belts because you’re in for a ride! Nail art has become an amazing canvas for self-expression. And if you’re anything like me, always on the lookout for the next stunning trend, then hold on tight. We’re about to explore the enchanting realm of tapered square nails.

Close up picture of lady showing her gorgeous hands

These nails are where sophistication meets a bit of edge. They’re causing quite the sensation now. From their cool origins to the endless ways you can rock them, let’s unravel why these square nails are appealing for any lady who adores class with a dash of sass. 

So, whether you’re a nail art pro or just looking to spice up your style, get ready, because in this article, tapered square nails are about to steal the spotlight —and your heart, too! 

What are Tapered Square Nails?

Close up view of the tapared square nails with a ring

As the name implies, these nails are a type of nail shape that has squared tips and tapered sides. They are ideal for bold nail art designs or detailed embellishments because you can wear them longer than other nail shapes.

Close up view of the tapered square nails

Tapered square nails are square nails with slightly thinner or narrower sides that nonetheless keep a square shape. Unlike regular squared nails that maintain their own straight edge all the way to the tip, these nails are curved slightly inward. 

Origin of Tapered Square Nails

Lady shows off her gorgeous pink nails

The origin of the tapered square nails can be traced back to the 1970s when fashion-forward individuals looking to break away from conventional nail shapes first embraced them.  However, it wasn’t until the 2010s that this shape truly exploded onto the scene, largely driven by social media and the influence of celebrities like Kylie Jenner. 

As a result, they’ve become a symbol of modern sophistication, capturing the essence of elegance and an edgy style.

Are Tapered Square Nails the Same as Coffin Nails?

Close up view of black and nude tapered square nails

Despite how many people mistake them for each other, coffin nails and tapered square nails aren’t same. For one, coffin nails are even more tapered, forming a slight V shape while keeping a flat point. 

Full picture of the gorgeous pink and white tips

Coffin nails taper to a very narrow tip with sharp corners whereas tapered square nails have more width at the tips.

10 Stylish Tapered Square Nails to Try

Stylish glittery nails with accessories

Now that you’ve gotten acquainted with this gorgeous nail shape, feast your eyes on the different styles we’ve curated for you:

Yellow Flowers Tapered Square Nails

Full view of the yellow flowered tapered nails

These lovely handpainted flowers on the narrower squared nails make them ideal for spring. 

Another view of the yellow flowered tapered nails

Additionally, the nail art looks delicate and tender— thanks to the yellow and pink color scheme. You can choose to rock this cute nail design by pairing it with chic flowery dresses to go with the theme

Ombre French Tips

Full view of the ombre french tips

These blush-colored French tip nails are the perfect option if you enjoy ombre nails. 

Close view of the nude ombre nails

I particularly adore the pink ombre nails because of how the colors transition from light to dark.

Neon Waves

Lady shows off her neon waves nails

These neon wavy nails will brighten your day. Neon nails are quite popular for that burst of gorgeous colors on any nail shape.

Another version of the neon wave nails

Imagine how this gorgeous design will look on your thinner square nails, chic right? And if you place the pattern on cute French nails, you’ll get a dashing look.

Glitter Thinner Square Nails

Close up  view of a lady rocking the glitter nails

These glitter-covered nails are perfect for anyone looking for a unique and exciting nail design. 

Lady  shows off her  glitter nails

You can add flowers to yours to give it some extra beauty. 

Nude Thinner Square Nails

Full picture of the nude thinner nails

These nude tapered nails are absolutely gorgeous, little wonder ladies are hopping on the trend.

Close up view of the nude tapered nails

You can decide to add a cute gloss to your nude nails to further elevate the look.

Abstract Tips

Full picture showing a gorgeous abstract tips

It’s always fascinating to sport abstract nails, and this is no exception. To find your perfect look, experiment with several color schemes and style it like French nails

Another picture of the abstract tips

 Rock the hues on the tips and see how they’ll transform your nail appearance.

Sage Green Nails

Lady shows off her sage green nails

The popularity of sage green nails has increased significantly. These green gel nails are a fantastic source of inspiration if you wish to participate in this trend. 

Close  up picture of a lady rocking a beautiful sage green nails

Also, you can decide to spice things up by including cute swirls or glitter on yours to enhance your nail game.

Cute Natural Nails

Close view of the natural tapered square nails

Who says you can’t rock tapered square nails like your natural nails?  These cute short nails give off that au naturale vibe you want, especially if you pair the nails in a simple pink shade. 

Another picture showing the natural nails

Trust me ladies love it when their acrylic nails look awesome and almost like their natural nails creating a subtle gorgeous effect.

3D Jelly Nails

Lady shows off her 3D tapered square nails

Jelly nails look translucent, as their name suggests. And this distinguishes them from other varieties of nails since you can see through them. 

Another picture of the 3D nails

Rock this look if you want to tap into that exclusive well of nail creativity.

Funky Retro Nails

Lady shows off her retro tapered square nails

Would you like to travel back to the past through your manicure? Then go for retro nails. 

Another picture of the funky retro nails

The hues are strong and vivid. With this manicure set, you’re sure to receive lots of compliments. 

The Versatile Nature of the Tapered Square Nails

Full picture showing a lady's matte nails

The versatility of this shape makes it suitable for various occasions, from everyday chic to red-carpet glamour. Whether you’re looking to make a bold statement or convey an understated elegance, tapered square nails can be adapted to match your personal style.

So, why not give your nails a touch of elegance and edge by embracing the beauty of these nails? If you’re ready to take the next step and schedule a visit with your nail technician, I bet you need more inspiring photos. Here they are below:

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