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Wadada Clothings drops The Silk Collection Just in Time for the Yuletide

Nigerian fashion brand, Wadada Clothing, puts fabulousity into shirts as the brand drops their first silk shirt collection just in time for Christmas.

The unisex collection which was created to make you look and feel your very best when worn formally or informally combines the latest trends with a combination of different silk fabrics to make a piece, lovely patterns and a variety of unique and alluring patched designs which ensures that there is something for everyone.

The ready-to-wear pieces come in different designs with classic collars, shirt dresses, buttoned-down shirts which help to easily convert your look from casual to smart, and so much more.

The extra comfy Silk Collection is available for purchase online or at Wadada Clothing store in Lagos. The pieces will make you look super smart and have you standing out from the crowd and super stylish if worn during the day or for a night out with friends.


Designs: @wadadaclothing
Photography: @infosbm
Models: @sirisibor @angxlica_p @scottielenoir @loony_aries
Makeup: @utmost_look
Publicist: @moafricapr

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