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Victoria B. Willie

Writing has always been a part of me. From writing stories as a young child to studying Communication Arts in the university, it has always been more than a medium of expression to me. And then one day, I found myself toeing the path of an entrepreneur and becoming a fashion enthusiast. This made me develop an interest in content marketing and copywriting. That aside, when I'm not writing copy or SEO content, I'm designing statement pieces for my fashion brand, Ria Kosher, crushing on Lucious Lyon, and writing wild stories that always come with a twist.

How to Dress With Style

When you see your favourite style influencers pull off killer looks, I know the first thing that hits your mind after admiring their outfits is how they manage to dress stylishly with so much ease. That’s because they have mastered…

Types of Headwear for Women

Types of Headwear for Women

Women’s fashion accessories are so numerous. From shoes to bags, jewelry and hats, everything for women are of different types. Hats for women as well as other headwear have become so commonplace that every day, ladies put these headpieces even…

The 5-Step Wardrobe Detox Guide

How to carry out wardrobe detox

They say a lady never has anything to wear anytime she’s got an occasion because her wardrobe is full of clothes, shoes and many other things that take her time to sail through before finding the perfect outfit. This is…

Top Fashion Brands in Nigeria

Top Fashion Brands in Nigeria

We most definitely are used to mentioning and recognising foreign designer labels when the words ‘fashion brand’ come to mind, forgetting that there are many Nigerian fashion brands making and doing exploits every passing day. Lagos Fashion Week and other…

How to Wear Sneakers with Suits

how to wear sneakers with suit

Some years back pairing suits with sneakers was considered absurd and a total fashion blunder. It was a fashion rule that was not to be broken; attributed to persons perceived to lack style and good dress sense. Well, times have… Protection Status