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6 Amazing Beauty Benefits of Palm Kernel Oil

When God created the world, He also made the plants, herbs, fruits and every other multipurpose natural product for man’s usage. One of these multipurpose natural products is palm fruit. Besides its consumption purposes and the role it plays in palm oil production, this fruit also produces something else — palm kernel. If you don’t want to eat the nuts, the beauty benefits of palm kernel oil should motivate you to still invest in it.

Perhaps you must have heard how powerful this palm kernel oil is. But don’t you think it’s about time you tried it out for yourself?

I currently am. In fact, let me share with you a quick story.

I’ve been on low cut for some time now. My hair also hasn’t been making any much progress because it has a very slow growth phase. But last week, my hair stylist gave me good news.

It’s the news every lady loves to hear about her hair.

And when I heard it, my face beamed. There’s so much joy in knowing that your hair is growing, you know.

I’ve been using the natural hair growth tips ever since I became deliberate about my hair growth. And I recently added palm kernel oil to my haircare routine.

I think you should try it too.

But if you’re still thinking twice, let the beauty benefits of palm kernel oil outlined in this post spur you to do so.

What is Palm Kernel Oil?

Palm kernel oil is the oil gotten from palm kernel — that black or brown nut found in palm fruits. Traditionally, this oil is extracted by heating palm kernels up until the oil comes out in the pot. The result is usually dark brown-coloured oil.

palm kennel oil in bottles

Beauty Benefits of Palm Kernel Oil

lady showing her hair growth from using palm kennel oil

Have you wondered why African parents apply palm kernel oil on baby’s hair and skin? It’s because of these beauty benefits:

1. Boosts Hair Growth

One beauty benefit of palm kernel oil is the effect it has on hair. Constant application on the hair makes your hair thicker, stronger and longer. It also boosts your hair sheen. Furthermore, you can also use it to condition your hair.

2. Soothes Your Scalp

If you use this oil for your hot oil treatment, it will help to soothe your scalp. You can as well use it when you massage your scalp. This is necessary for hair growth.

3. It Prevents Wrinkles

One of the beauty benefits of palm kernel oil is the antioxidant properties it contains. This makes it capable of preventing lines and wrinkles that make you look aged.

4. Moisturises Your Skin

This oil also serves as a good emollient and moisturiser. Regular usage will make your skin soft and smooth. 

Moreover, if your skin is dry, feel free to give it a shot. It will soften your skin as you desire.

5. It Helps to Restore Your Edges

Did you wear an African braid hairstyle that made you lose your edges? You can get it back through regular usage of palm kernel oil. 

Just apply the oil around the affected area and massage so the oil penetrates your scalp.

6. Protects Your Skin

Another beauty benefit of palm kernel oil is that it offers protection for your skin. For instance, it can help to prevent the UV rays of the sun from giving you sunburn. It also fights itchiness.

And it’s a wrap. You should get started on using this natural oil. Or don’t you want to experience these beauty benefits of palm kernel oil?

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