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8 Proven Beauty Benefits of Water

If you’re Aproko Doctor’s follower on Twitter, then you must be used to his constant tweets about drinking water regularly. Apart from boosting your health, the beauty benefits of water are enough to make you heed Aproko Doctor’s advice every day of your life.

As colorless and tasteless as it is, water remains one of the most powerful liquids in the world that offers many benefits to your overall health. It not only helps with circulation and digestion but also enhances your beauty.

Just as you can’t start a car without fuel, your body needs water to stay alive and look good.

And if you’re contemplating adding another product to your skincare routine, ensure it’s a glass of water. It does so much for your skin.

You’ll learn about the beauty benefits of water in this article. Keep reading as we dive in.

How Does Drinking Enough Water Enhance Your Beauty?

Much of your body is 60% water while your blood is 90% water.  Although this changes with age, sex, and your level of hydration, it doesn’t change the fact that you need water to stay hydrated always.

Since your skin is the largest organ of your body, it reaps the most when you stay hydrated.

And because your body loses large quantities of water every day, you need to rehydrate as often as you can. That’s why experts advise you to drink at least eight glasses of water every day.

It works from inside out to keep your body youthful. In essence, water rejuvenates your skin by:

1. Flushing Out Toxins

In your body are harmful toxins. And if you don’t flush them out, they’ll ruin your body system.

Your best bet? Drink water.

Water flushes out the toxins that can weaken your body system. It does this through urine and feces. It improves your overall health and keeps you hale and sound.

2. Improving Your Skin Tone

When these toxins are out, it’ll reflect outside. That’s when you’ll get the clear, glowing skin people spend thousands to get.

What’s more? This study reveals that drinking at least two cups of water increases blood flow to the skin, thus giving it an even tone.

3. Healing Sunburn

When you get a tan from excessive exposure to the sun, drinking enough water quickens the healing process.

You only have to combine with the remedies for sunburn and watch how your face heals faster.

4. Maintaining Your pH Balance

Water also helps to maintain the pH balance of your skin. 

Take in water and also wash your face with clean water after using skincare products. It’ll keep your skin at the neutral pH value of 7 which is the exact pH value of pure water. 

5. Preventing Pimples

Drinking water regularly is also one of the ways to prevent acne. 

The more you drink water, the more you get rid of bacteria that clog your pores and trigger pimples.

6. Boosting Your Skin’s Elasticity

Pinch your skin. Did it bounce back?

If it did, kudos! You’ve been drinking enough water and your skin is elastic. If it didn’t, well, you know the solution to that.

Drink water to stay hydrated and boost your skin’s elasticity. It also prevents skin sagging and premature aging.

7. Reducing Puffiness

When your eyes or skin look puffy, it’s because your body is trying to retain moisture to keep you from getting dehydrated.

Drinking enough water reduces puffiness as your body will see no need to reserve water when it has enough to go around.

8. Moisturizing Your Skin

Water leaves your skin moisturized. 

Besides drinking it, wash your face and body with clean water always.

It’ll cleanse your body, unclog your pores, get rid of buildups, and give you glowing skin.

No matter the skin products you use, if you don’t take your doctor’s advice and drink enough water every day, you won’t see much improvement.

These beauty benefits of water are here to motivate you to adopt water into your regimen. It’ll keep your body in shape and give you a look you’re proud of.

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