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TikTok Fashion Trends 2022

It is no secret that TikTok is booming. Currently, it’s one of the most used social media platforms, and there is an explanation for this phenomenon. The Covid pandemic has taken a toll on our routine and daily activities, locking us down at home for God knows how much time. 

While we couldn’t do anything but obey the rules, our mental health was shaken. The lack of communication and socialization have negatively impacted us. But for TikTok, the scale of consequences could have been even worse. How so?

See, although on lockdowns and without hang-outs, we could still have fun and laugh thanks to TikTok. Now, TikTok is more than a platform for generating funny videos and stuff. It’s a real trendsetter. People with large audiences are trailblazers in the world of fashion. They record videos and use tiktok video editor online tools to roll out bangers. As a result, their content gets hundreds of millions of views, and clearly, such videos commit to the fashion industry. 

You may be curious about fashion trends circulating TikTok in 2022. We’ve put together a few stunning and awe-inspiring trends. So buckle up and read on to learn more!


screenshot of a lady wearing a short black dress with feather trims in a TikTok video

Let’s kick off the list with feathers. Why feathers, precisely? Well, feathers look gorgeous, for starters! Whether you put a feather trim on top or bottom of your clothes (provided it is an additional accessory), you will boost your look tenfold! Popular TikTokers have already upgraded their wardrobes with feather trims, and they couldn’t abstain from showing their clothes off! Indeed, feather trims improve an outfit tremendously. Moreover, they provide an unforgettable feeling, tactilely speaking. 

Feather is no regular fad; it appeared decades ago, and it sure will not disappear in a month or two. So if you’ve been ruminating about getting a feather trim, you should do that immediately and barge into the spring and summer with an extra layer of confidence. 


mobile screenshot of a lady layering black skirt over black pants in a TikTok video

Layering is different from feather trims that often go with monochrome, simple clothes. The concept of layering is clear: to emphasize an unorthodox, avant-garde approach toward outfit. Been thinking about putting in a skirt over pants? Easy. Corset over long-sleeve shirts? You got it! The brighter the components, the better. But of course, you can wear a one-color outfit and look fantastic.

More to the point, remember that although steezy, layering isn’t for everyone; if you prefer a refined, classic outfit, you would want to refrain from experimenting with layering. Unless?


mobile screenshot of a lady's legs rocking platform shoes in a TikTok video

Many people remember the 70s when platforms were a potent fashion trend. This year platforms are back! But this time, they touch upon different heels. Open-toed shoes, booties, clogs, and a wide range of other platform heels are now under the influence of those boots from the previous era. 

What’s more, platforms are much more than fashion. Besides sparking people’s attention, they are surprisingly comfortable. So we can assure you that they will be in the spotlight for more than a year. 

Opera Gloves

lady wearing opera gloves in TikTok video

There has always been something enigmatic about opera gloves. On the one hand, they look awesome. On the other hand, they’re vulnerable to an outfit; it’s easy to pick clothes unrelated to them. Undoubtedly, opera gloves are to stay on TikTok and the world of fashion. And no, they aren’t used in opera only. Just ensure your clothes are well-selected before putting in opera gloves!

Puffer Outfits

lady rocking puffer outfit in TikTok video

It’s been days since spring has come, but that doesn’t mean you should review your wardrobe and tailor it to the season. After all, it all depends on your place of residence: if you live in California, then, of course, you can give up the idea of wearing puffer jackets. But what if you live up north or plan to go someplace north? You can look stylish without diversifying your luggage and taking lots of clothes. A Puffer outfit is your go-to! 

Bags, vests, jackets, boots – these are just the tip of the iceberg of a puffer outfit. TikTok influencers have already managed to underscore the importance of puffer equipment. Not only is it voguish in 2022 onward, but it is also convenient, letting you stay toasty wherever you are.

Oversize Clothes

TikToker Alexandra rocking oversized lemon shirt

Oversized clothes are cool! If you want to look fashionable, putting in oversize clothes is the simplest way to achieve that goal. You don’t have to look for an outfit thoroughly; wearing bright oversize pullovers, shirts, and jeans will compensate for your unwillingness to spend hours finding suitable clothes. 

Although prevalent for years, TikTok has only increased the importance of king-size outfits. Using a bit of imagination will allow you to build an excellent costume consisting of oversize clothes.

Retro Sunnies

A lady handling a retro sunglass

Retro sunglasses are yet another trend from the 70s. What makes them viral today? Their original look, mostly. Take any sunglass, and you will see it’s one-of-a-kind. It’s form and shape – they have a soul! And that makes them so desired these days. Plus, their unique structure only augments other pieces of clothing. 

TikTok is filled with fashion videos, including retro sunnies, and that’s not for no reason. You can find plenty of content with retro sunglasses because it’s always pleasant to see unique and meaningful accessories!


screenshot of a lady wearing a knitted dress in a TikTok video

A traditional knitwear trend is still in play, but it will get more robust this year. See, fashion designers have gotten one thing: since knitwear is an ongoing trend, and people like it, it would be nice to boost the idea of knitwear and give it a new lease of life. As a result, we now start observing original knitwear appearing, having striking and aboriginal patterns, sayings, etc. 

That’s it? 

In no way is that it when it comes to TikTok fashion trends. Numerous other trends are slowly taking a stand, which is why it’s essential to keep tracking social media and its content. Nonetheless, the above are top-notch TikTok trends that will change the fashion industry in 2022. 

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