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27 Broccoli Haircut Styles for Stylish Men

Let’s play a riddle, shall we? I am something, I double as a vegetable and a hairstyle. What am I? You guessed right. It’s broccoli. But today, we won’t be talking about it as a vegetable. (We’re not even a food blog to start with). We’ll be looking at the broccoli haircut.

a guy wearing broccoli haircut with a fade

Celebrities and influencers began rocking this hairdo in 2015, but it became popular among Gen Zs in 2021. Now, thanks to social media like TikTok, the coiffure has gained mainstream acceptance. If you, like others, want to wear a broccoli cut, you’ve come to the right place.

a guy wearing bird's nest with a face mask

In this piece, I’ll show you all you need to know about this haircut, including some style inspiration for your next look.

What’s the Broccoli Haircut About?

a man showing his curly zoomer haircut

Otherwise known as bird’s nest or zoomer perm, this haircut is for men and women with wavy, spiky, or curly hair. It involves rocking the curls but shaving the sides of your hair into a fade while the top is long and messy, hence the name broccoli

Furthermore, the hair is usually shorter at the back while the front is long enough to reach over your eyebrows. This makes it perfect for making a fashion statement.

beautiful bird's nest hairstyle with we-carved parting behind

You may think broccoli is for only those with curly hair. That’s not true. You don’t have to have naturally curly hair to achieve this look. You can transform your hair into curls or rock a straight, spiky broccoli haircut.

How to Achieve Broccoli Haircut

a guy wearing straight zoomer perm

To get this look, you’ll have to cut your hair short in the back and sides. After getting the fades, let the top of your hair be longer than the back. And once you’ve cut your hair, use a pomade or hair wax to style it into a quiff as big or small as you like, depending on your taste.

a cute guy rocking curly broccoli hairdo

Types of Broccoli Haircut for Stylish Men

a cute guy flaunting his wavy broccoli

The beautiful thing about this male hairstyle is that you can customize it to suit your personal style and you don’t have to do too much to achieve it.

Say you want a bigger quiff or a colored cut, all you need is hairstyling products and you’ll get your dream hairstyle that turns head. Here are the best ones you can go for:

Curly Broccoli

a guy's side profile showing his hairstyle

This is the most common bird’s next style. 

a guy rocking curly zoomer perm

And like every curly hairstyle, this one enhances your looks and draws attention to your hair.


a cute guy wearing studs and showing his hair

If you don’t want heavy or bouncy curls but want to add deets to your hair, go for waves.

full wavy bird's nest haircut

They’re a relaxed form of curls that’ll still enhance your looks.

Spiky Broccoli Haircut

An asian guy rocking spiky broccoli haircut

Having straight hair doesn’t mean you can’t rock the Broccoli cut. In fact, straight hair gives you room to make the ends of your hair sharp and spiky. 

Justin Bieber rocking bird's nest hairstyle

And that’s another appealing detail on its own.


colored zoomer haircut

How about you dye your hair to your preferred mild or bold color? 

blonde broccoli haircut

It’s a great way to stand out and make a loud statement with your haircut.


cute medium-length bird's nest hairstyle

The length of this style is often long enough to touch your eyebrow. 

a young guy in medium-length bird's nest hairstyle

It’s a great option if your hair isn’t so short.

Short Broccoli Haircut

a man with beards showing his hairstyle

This style is shorter than the above and the length barely touches your forehead.

a man rocking short bird's nest hairstyle

Many more broccoli haircut styles exist. If the ones above don’t satisfy your taste, feast your eyes on some more:

a bespectacled guy rocking broccoli haircut
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