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Contemporary Fashion: Is Craze Creativity Itself?

Using words like ‘these days’ makes it seem like I was born in a century I don’t belong to. Anyways, I am unapologetically old-fashioned and sometimes don’t feel the need to follow contemporary fashion trends these days. Yes! I said it again.

In the past, we have seen clothing move from baggy trousers, flare skirts, loose-fitting shirts, slim-fit jeans, mini skirts, crop tops, bikini, etc., to Afro-urban fashion and all sorts of designs that have characterized our fashion sense as we evolve.

As humans, one thing we should never let take us by surprise is the ever-changing manner in which people choose to wear their clothes. Before I dress for an occasion, I have these many thoughts in my head, not to be overdramatic with my choice of colours. But sometimes, I say to myself “Yeah, dammit! Craze is creativity itself.”

Perhaps, there is no law that says you shouldn’t flex your silks or fabrics the way you want. There are basically just minor dress codes here and there that are sometimes imposed on us to spell class for functions. And while some argue that there are standing rules guiding how to dress, the good news is that many of these fashion rules have been broken and will continue to be broken by fashionistas all over the world.

In all these, I simply ask myself this: Did mankind metamorphose through that stages just to be bored with one sense of dressing? Impossible! Imagine wearing leaves all your days and one day, someone introduces you to varieties of clothes? In fact, there is no fuss stressing that in the coming years, we should expect more bizarre styles which will be worn in nook and crannies where such clothings were customarily forbidden to be worn.

Dem go talk and talk,  but sadly, these clothes will be considered beautiful and fashionable because in a way, craze has become creativity in contemporary fashion.

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