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9 Proven Tips on How to Make Your Makeup Last All Day

You loved your face after doing your makeup. Other guests loved it too immediately you got to the venue. That’s why some complimented you and asked to be your friend. All this happened in the space of an hour upon your arrival. But when you had spent two hours there and decided to take a selfie, the face you saw wasn’t the same you left home with. And for a second, you wished you knew how to make your makeup last long all day.

It was as though you didn’t even wear good makeup. Your foundation was sliding down your face and your mascara was leaving black droplets on your face. 

selfie of a pretty black lady wearing akeup

To cut the long story short, Your makeup didn’t look the way it did when you applied it. And you wondered if those guys who loved your makeup would still do so if they saw you again.

Does that scenario ring a bell? I bet it does. That’s why you’ve been searching for the best hacks on how to make your makeup last all day.

And that’s understandable because no woman loves to move about with smeared makeup for the rest of her day. Whether you do your makeup yourself or you hire a makeup artist, I’m sure you want value for your time and money.

And if that’s your reason for wanting to learn how to make your makeup last all day, read on to find the best hacks for that.

How to Make Your Makeup Last All Day

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Does your makeup always seem like a short-term relationship? Just 30 minutes on your face and Boom! It’s all messed up? 

Are you tired of retouching your makeup every minute when you should be focused on the event you attended?

Don’t worry. You’ve found the perfect solution to your problem. Just use these tips and your makeup will last all day long.

1. Prepare Your Face  

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If you wear makeup on a dirty face, it won’t sit all day. So, wash your face to get rid of sebum and other buildups that may clog your pores. Do this even if you had your bath hours ago. 

If you don’t wanna wash your face again, opt for baby wipes. They’ll help to prep your face.

Also, don’t just wash your face. Exfoliate regularly to get rid of dead skin cells. You can do this with a sugar scrub.

Afterward, moisturize with the perfect moisturizer for your skin type. It will help to balance the pH level of your skin and give you a smoother and brighter appearance.

2. Use a Good Primer on Your Eyes and Face

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 Priming your face before wearing your makeup is one hack that helps to keep your makeup in place all day. This cosmetic product not only locks in your skincare products but also smoothens your skin’s surface.

Apply your primer on your face to cover spots and blemishes you don’t want to show.  Also, prime your eyes to keep your eye shadow in place,  

For better results, go for a water-based or oil-free primer. It’s perfect for preventing your foundation from trickling down your face.

3. Only Use Water-Resistant Mascara

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Need a mascara that won’t slip off and smear your face if you get teary? Then use a water-resistant one. 

But don’t use them every day because these products have side effects.  Use them during special occasions when you need to keep your mascara in place all day.

4. Apply Powder eyeshadow

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Don’t use cream eyeshadow because they can easily slip off. Instead, use a powder eyeshadow over your primer. The color will stay for long.

5. Go for an Oil-free Foundation

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Another reason your makeup doesn’t last long is the oil-based products you use. 

Stop using them and go for an oil-free foundation. You can make it a matte one. It will help to trap bacteria and give your face room to breathe.

If your skin is dry, always moisturize before using these types of foundation to prevent a dryer look.

6. Seal in Foundation with a Translucent Powder

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After applying your foundation, seal it with a translucent/setting powder. It’s a clear face powder that helps to set or keep your foundation in place for as long as you have your makeup on. It also gives a matte appearance to your face even when you don’t add your brown powder.

Add a setting powder to your makeup collection if you want your makeup to last longer.

7. Wear a Lipstick Designed to Stay for Long

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There are long-wear lipsticks designed to sit for long on your lips even when you eat or drink. But before using them, moisturize your lips properly and use a lip liner too to keep your lipstick in shape all day. 

8. Blot Away Excess Oil

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If there’s much sebum on your face, blot them away with blotting paper. It helps to prevent your face from looking greasy while keeping your makeup in place all day long.

9. Keep Your Hands off Your Face

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How do you wear pretty makeup, touch your face, and expect it to stay put all day? That’s like walking in the rain without an umbrella thinking you won’t get drenched.

If you keep touching your face, you’ll reduce some makeup on your face and wind up smudging your face.

Above all, if you want your makeup to last longer on your face, dedicate quality time to it. Don’t do hasty makeup and expect it to take you all day. Also, be mindful of the products you use.

As Dominic Skinner, global senior artist at MAC, observed:

“It’s like making a cake. You need the right balance of all the ingredients. If your base is sliding either your moisturizer is too heavy, or, when it’s combined with your foundation it becomes too thick.”

Dominic Skinner
headshot of a smiling lady wearing makeup

So, ensure you balance all ingredients you use on your face and remember these tips when it’s time to wear makeup that lasts all day long.


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