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Imaatu Debuts ‘Adire Tuntun’ Collection

Top fashion brand, Imaatu, has lifted the veil on their fall/winter collection titled Adire Tuntun.

The collection highlights the indigo-dyed pattern, Adire, which originated in Nigeria. It is the primary drive of the collection.

“Adire Tuntún” which simply means “New Adire” births a dazzling array of ready-to-wear pieces and evening gowns, with striking emerald and shadowy patterns.

The collection pays homage to the African culture and accentuates cross-cultural fashion.

To illustrate this, the designer gave each piece beautiful Nigerian names such as Amaka, Nkem, Arewa, Ijeoma, Enitan and more.


Designer: @imaatufashion
Photography: @stefan_gergely
Model: @sp_sara.p
Makeup: @martin.dangev
PR: @moafricapr

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