Jurio Luti Debut Men’s Suit Collection

Few days after dropping its first collection featuring kaftan designs, Nigerian based fashion label Jurio Luti has released an all-new suit collection called Brazen.

Jurio-Luti suits are made using first-rate fabrics capable of ensuring a unique style and fit. Ranging from jacquard, embroidered silk, damask fabric or bold colored suit with a razor-sharp outline; all the pieces glitters and light up the collection.

Modeled by Nollywood actor Okey Uzoeshi and music star Swazzi, every lust-worthy suit in the collection is different in terms of fabrics and techniques, but integrated through modern tailoring and silhouettes.

Concentrating on neat, sleek cuts and classic colours, the aesthetic of this collection is subtle yet sophisticated.

For gentlemen seeking a slim-cut suit with a well-fitted waist and a thin lapelled jacket, Jurio Luti offers a collection of comfortable men’s suits bursting with timeless colours and beguiling designs perfect for every occasion.


Designer: @jurio_luti

Photography: @kingmartins_

Muses: @okeyuzoeshi @officialswazzi

Shoes: @eyez_ng

Publicist: @moafricapr

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