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Purple Nails: 36 Ideas to Step Up Your Mani Game

Show me a color that oozes royalty better than purple and I’ll show you a flying lion. As a lover of this color and all its shades, I aver no other tone comes close. And when you choose to rock purple nails, rest assured you’ll embrace elegance in the most understated yet bold way.

pretty purple nails combined with nude

From lilac to wine, lavender, amethyst, violet, etc., purple is one rich hue that symbolizes royalty and luxury. Depending on the shade you choose, it can transform your nails into an epitome of power and class without trying hard.

different shades of purple nails

Elevate your mani game this season by adorning your fingernails with the color of kings. It’ll leave people admiring your nails and gassing you up with sweet compliments. Want that for yourself? Great. We combed the Internet and curated the best purple nail ideas to serve as inspiration for your next manicure. Read on to see them.

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What do Purple Nails Symbolize?

swirly purple nail ideas

Purple nail polish is a classy nail design. The color is elegant, regal, and charming. What do you expect from a hue that used to be exclusive to royalty?  In fact, the British Royal Family and other European monarchy still use it as a ceremonial color on special occasions.

Besides symbolizing status, ambition, and authority in different cultures, the color purple is also known to spur imaginative and creative thinking. It is a statement of wealth, luxury, and power. True fashionistas know this. It’s why some designers never fail to incorporate a touch of purple when creating iconic looks.

In addition, during domestic violence protests, many women paint their nails purple to support the victims. Case in point? For their 2017 campaign, Safe Horizon urged people to paint their ring finger purple in solidarity with the fight against domestic violence. Famous individuals jumped on the trend and that was how #PutTheNailinIt campaign went viral.

Gone are the days when only monarchs donned purple; the world has evolved. Now, you and I can rock this color as clothes or even in the tiniest forms like a manicure.

Lovely Purple Nails for Your Next Manicure

glassy looking purple nails

Purple nails are suitable for any occasion. It’s one eye-catching color that stands out against any other hue on your fingers and toes. Furthermore, it helps to add a pop of color to your outfit while giving your hands and feet extra. 

There are endless possibilities when choosing this color for your nails. The best part is you don’t have to work with one shade alone. You can go for any hue and mix or match tones. Here are the best nail designs in this color:

Purple Ballerina Nails

pastel purple coffin nails

Otherwise known as coffin nails, these nails are stiletto nails with a square tip. They are usually filed on both sides so that the nail tapers and flattens at the tip to look like a coffin or a ballerina’s slippers. Furthermore, coffin nails can be long or short, and in any shade of purple you want.

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Purple French Nails

purple french nails

This works in two ways: you either do the classic French mani by wearing purple nails and white tips or you wear any color of nails whether white, black, green, blue, yellow, etc., and step it up with purple tips.

Purple Square Nails

purple square nails

As the name implies, these nails have square tips. In addition, they’re perfect for formal occasions or if you’re a lover of conservative fashion.

Purple Stiletto Nails

magenta stiletto manicure

Purple is a bold color, but imagine combining this nail hue with a statement nail shape. How edgy will you look? The pointiness of the stiletto shape gives you enough room to make a statement with your fingers. Make it long like Cardi B does or short for a touch of minimalism—the choice is yours.

Vibrant Purple Nails

bright purple mani

If you want your hands to pop especially when wearing neutral-colored clothes, go for bright purple nails. Neon purple adds a touch of brightness and vibrancy to your looks.

Glossy Nails

glossy purple mani

If you love your purple nails looking shiny and wet, make them glossy. They’re lustrous with enough sheen to keep you going.


glittery purple nails embellished with crystals and gemstones

Adding gemstones, glitters, and crystals to your purple manicure is a great way to add more accents. So when you get stuck on what design to pull off, never forget this.


matte lilac manicure

Matte nail polish gives your manicure that dry yet classy look. Go for this option if you want a break from glossy nails.

Cow Print Nails in Purple

cow nails in purple and nude

The black and white patches you see on cows make great manicures. And if you’d like to try it out, twist yours: instead of using black, use purple and combine it with white.

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Daisy Nails in Purple

Daisy mani in lilac

Floral nails are so evergreen that they’ll never go out of style. So long as nature and all its flowery elements continue to exist, you’ll always be on track with daisy nails.

Purple in Different Shades

a finger rocking different shades of purple nails

You can also rock two or three tones of purple on your fingers. For instance, you can use a darker tone as the base color and a lighter shade as the tips or combine the hues as you like. It works, too.

Purple Mixed with Other Colors

purple nails combined with teal green

Nobody said this color works in isolation. So, don’t be reluctant to combine your purple nails with other neutral, muted, pastel, or bold colors. You’ll love your look.

Purple manicures are quintessential in the world of style. Besides adding that touch of creative elegance and royalty to your hands, they help you make an effortless style statement that elevates your outfits. In addition, they’re perfect for any occasion so you need not worry about your mani being inappropriate or not.

All you need do is find a nail design that suits you. But if all the inspos we’ve shown you aren’t enough, choose from the ones below and book an appointment with your nail technician.

glittery light amethyst manicure
coffin-shaped magenta manicure

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