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Rave Outfits: What to Wear to a Rave Party

Is there a rave party you plan to attend yet don’t know what to wear? Not to worry at all. You’ve come to the right place for rave outfits inspo.

smiling lady wearing rave outfit for a rave party

Like other social gatherings, rave parties have a dress code. And no, this doesn’t mean matching outfits with other attendees unless you and your friends agree to wear the same rave outfits. It means your outfit has to be in line with the theme of the occasion.

2 ladies at a rave party

To help you understand better, you’ll find the best rave outfits in this post. But first, let’s see what it means.

What is a Rave Party?

lady wearing neon rave outfit

These are underground parties that involve drugs, alcohol, dance, music, and sex. They begin from dusk (or after midnight) up until morning in a warehouse, club, or public or private venue. 

ladies at a daytime rave party

These parties originated in the UK and have spread to other countries in Europe and North America. What differentiates them from the usual party is the light displays, sound system, wild culture, and the distinct music which includes electric dance music, techno, hardcore, house, and alternative dance music.

Rave Outfits for Your Next Party

lady wearing rave outfit for a party

When rave first came about in the 80s, attendees wore baggy shirts and pants. Some also wore clothes with cartoon characters. Their accessories included childlike stuff, toy chains, lollipops, etc.

2 ladies wearing colorful swimsuits

Today, rave style clothing has evolved to include skimpy, sexy rave outfits such as booty shorts, tees, crop tops, tank tops, bikini tops, fishnets, mesh tops, bralettes, bodysuits, etc. The dominant theme is usually less is definitely more, featuring multicolored apparel made with holographic or sequin materials.

lady wearing revealing clothes at a rave party

Here are the best for your rave party:

1. Glow in the Dark

lady wearing a glow-in-the-dark outfit to a rave party

Imagine dancing in a dim-lit club and as the music blares from the speaker, you emit light. 

Fanciful, right? That’s what you get when you glow in the dark at a rave party.

2 ladies wearing glow-in-the-dark stickers or beads.

You can either wear an outfit that glows in the dark or a body painting.  If any of both aren’t available, opt for glow-in-the-dark stickers or beads.

Whichever one you go for will fulfill its purpose for you.

2. Mesh Tops

lady wearing mesh top and mini skirt

These tops are transparent enough to flaunt the mounds of flesh on your chest and your sexy belly. 

lady rocking red mesh top with black leather shorts

Wear it to that rave but don’t forget to pair it with a pair of…

3. Booty Shorts

lady wearing sequin top and shorts

Otherwise called hot pants or bum shorts, these shorts are hot. They flaunt a bit of your booty as the name implies. 

They’re popular outfits for cheerleaders, dancers, and rave party attendees.

lady wearing crop top and matching bum shorts

4. Fishnet Tights/ Pantyhose

lady wearing fish net tights

Don’t wanna flaunt your bare thighs? How about you give other guests something more to stare at by wearing a pair of fishnet pantyhose?

lady wearing fish nets tights under mini skirt

It adds more accent to your rave outfit.

5. Holo Wears

lady wearing holographic outfit for rave party

Holographic or reflective outfits are a perfect match for rave parties. One reason is that these parties use LED lights a lot.

lady wearing holographic bra top and mini skirt

So, wear this and you won’t feel be out of place.

6. Face Jewel

lady wearing face jewel for a rave party

Sure you’d wear jewelry around your neck, waist, wrist, or ankles. But for rave parties, don’t stop there.

lady with make up wearing face jewels

Add a face jewel to your accessory collection. If you wouldn’t want to pierce your face, use adhesive glue to keep the jewel to your face all night. 

7. Funky Makeup

lady wearing funky make up for a rave party

Wear the makeup you wouldn’t wear to a usual party to a rave event. It shouldn’t be too outlandish but it should be theatrical enough to suit the occasion.

lady at a rave party rocking funky makeup

8. Comfy Shoes

lady wearing comfy shoes for rave party

Save your stiletto heels for other events. Don’t wear them to a rave party. Remember, you’ll be on your feet from dusk to dawn. So, imagine how tired your legs would be if you spent time in heels all night.

lady wearing rave outfit with comfortable shoes

Instead, wear comfortable shoes. These could be boots, sneakers, sandals, etc.

9. Kandi Beads

Kandi Beads bangles

Wear these accessories to any rave party. They’re colorful and suit the vibrant theme of the occasion.

Kandi Beads necklace

10. Co-ords

lady wearing co-ord set for a rave party

Rave outfits are mostly coordinated sets. That is, a two-piece made of the same type and color of fabrics. They mostly come as a pair of shorts or a skirt with a top.

lady wearing bra top with matching mini skirt

Go for this  but make sure it’s skimpy enough to flaunt your thighs and midriff.

lady wearing revealing bikini outfit at a rave party

The general rule for rave outfits is to wear revealing clothing. Apart from the sex appeal you’ll ooze, such clothes keep you cool and offer free movement while dancing from dusk till dawn.

3 ladies rocking rave outfits at a rave party
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