21 Stunning Valentine’s Day Outfits for Couples who Love to Slay Hard

If you’ve listened to Kizz Daniel’s 2023 single RTID, you must be familiar with this line: “Love is in the air. Wear face mask.” He wasn’t wrong. Love is actually in the air. And to cap it all, it’s February, the season of love. I can bet you and your lover plan to spend that day together. But if you’ll both be going out, then it’s best you wear Valentine’s day outfits for couples.

a couple wearing red robes as valentine's day outfits for couples

Perhaps, you’re wondering why. I mean, you can easily slip on anything from your wardrobe, right?

You’re not wrong. But you see, Valentine’s day is a special day. It’s a day to celebrate love and all it brings. And since you’ll be having fun outside with the love of your life, it’s best you both look your best especially if you plan to take photos for the gram too.

A couple wearing streetwear as valentine's day outfits for couples

Not to worry. You’ll find the best valentine outfits for couples in this post. Just stay with me as I give you a tour.

What to Wear on Val’s Day with the LOYL

Lori Harvey in a red-striped shirtand Michael Jordan rocking valetine's day outfits for couples

First, you need to understand this: Just because red and white are the colors of the day doesn’t mean other colors won’t work. 

If you don’t wanna rock red on valentine’s day, go for other colors such as white, pink, black, yellow, orange, purple, burgundy, etc. You can also try busy prints too. But to keep things in line with the season, let the color be in the same spectrum as red.

A lady wearing an orange dress standing beside a man in a dark blue suit

Besides, most people would probably be wearing red. So why not look different as you spend valentine’s day in public, staring into your lover’s eyes? If you agree with me, here are the outfits that’ll help you achieve that.

Matching Hoodies/Tees

For valentine's day couple outfits, this couple wear a black tee with queen and king inscribed on them with red ink

If you guys will be spending time at the park or going to the movies, you can both wear matching hoodies or t-shirts.

a couple wearing red hoodies as valentine's day outfit ideas

Again, it doesn’t have to be the color red. But if you want it red, that’s fine.

A Touch of Denim as Valentine’s Day Outfits for Couples

a couple wearing jeans, red tees, and red sneakers as valentine outfits for couples

While he wears jeans and a tee or maybe a shirt, she wears her pair of jeans with a befitting top for Valentine. It could be jeans trousers or denim shorts. Anyone you both want is fine.

a couple wearing jeans, red puffer jackets, and red sneakers as valentine outfits for couples

In addition, you can match your feet with the same sneakers or any pair of shoes you’re comfortable rocking.

The Same Ankara Fabric

a couple wearing ankara tops as valentine's day outfits for couples

Make your valentine’s day outfits for couples Afrocentric by rocking ankara styles for Valentine with your spouse.

A couple rocking ankara as valentine outfits for couples

But ensure your chosen fabric has a touch of red to keep things in line with the season.

Tux & a Dinner Dress

A man in a light brown suit and his lover in a nude dress

You can also take things the evening way by rocking a suit or tuxedo (for the man) and a beautiful evening dress (for the lady).

A man wearing a white suit holding a lady donning a backless white dress

You know how high school guys pull off prom outfits for men, don’t you? It comes in handy here. And thankfully, we have a catalog of inspiration for dinner dresses. Check it out if you have an evening occasion with your date,

If you both want it, let the suit and dress be red. Or better still, any color you deem fit.

He Goes Casual, She Goes Sexy

a man wearing a red shirt and his lady wearing a skimpy red two-piece

Picture this:

The man steps into the restaurant in a pair of pants, Oxford shoes or sneakers, and a shirt with his lady by his side. She’s clad in a red hot skimpy dress, or maybe a little black dress, with a seductive neckline.

a man sitting and carrying a beautiful lady wearing a red and white short dress on his lap

Looks beautiful, right? Now make it a reality with your val.

Red Accessories Instead

a lady wearing a burgundy dress with a man wearing a white suit and red accessories

Yup. This works as part of valentine’s day outfits for couples. If you don’t wanna blend into the crowd of red-adorned peeps, let your accessories be red instead.

a lady wearing a red dress with a man wearing a light brown suit and red accessories

For instance, as a woman, you can wear a white dress with red shoes or a red bag. And for men, a black suit with red pocket fillers would work. This way, you bring the red symbolism in a subtle yet powerful way.

Matching Outfits for Couples

a lady wearing a red dinner dress and a man wearing a red tux as valentine's day outfits for couples

Couples wear matching outfits for reasons like special occasions. And since Valentine’s day is a special occasion, why not match your outfit with your lover?

a couple wearing matching outfits (suit and dinner gown) as valentine outfits for couples

It could be activewear, streetwear, beach wear, dinner attire, native wear, afro-urban outfits, or any type of matching outfit for couples you both agree on. 

Valentine’s Day Outfits for Couples Go Beyond Clothes

a lady wearing a yellow dress holding a man in a black shirt

Yes, you read that right. It’s not enough to wear beautiful clothes or match them according to the season. You also need to groom your hair and enhance your beauty too. It’s all part of valentine outfits for couples.

a couple wearing purple suit and dinner dress as valentine's day outfits for couples

That’s where male hairstyles and cute female coiffures come in. Thankfully, we have so many guides dedicated to hairstyles. Check any of them out right away so you can find the perfect valentine hairstyles

a guy wearing a white shirt with beige pants and his lady wearing a brown spaghetti strap midi dress

And for your face, keep things simple. No point wearing heavy makeup when you aren’t having an editorial fashion shoot. But if you want anything heavy on your face, wear bold lipstick. Yes, I’m talking about the color red as your lipstick.

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