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5 Fashion Rules Guiding The Harmattan Season


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“The yuletide came like the wind. In the twinkling of an eye, it was here and suddenly it’s gone,” Khloe said aloud to herself amid the incessant chatter of her children. Christmas was really beautiful, no doubt, but she would never forget the faux pas her nonchalance towards this season cost her a couple of years ago.

It was the day after Christmas. To her family, the celebration had barely begun hence she had been caught up in the moment that she had paid little or no attention to the Harmattan concomitant with Christmas. It wasn’t just the fanfare that excited her but the fact that she had a date with this very cute guy on Instagram who recently slid into her DM. Khloe gussied up and in no time found herself seated in Domino’s pizza with Mr Cute guy.

She had worn a sleeveless, short gown but immediately regretted her decision when Mr cute guy asked her if she hadn’t applied enough cream before leaving the house. At first, she didn’t understand the question but when she turned to observe her body, she realized her arms were looking white and so was her face. To worsen the case, her lips looked parched and had thin lines on them despite the fact that they were coated by a nude-coloured lipstick. As she stared into her cellphone which served as a mirror for the moment, she could only bite her lower lip to muffle the scream that almost erupted from her. She looked up from the phone and her gaze fell on Mr. Cute guy who had a soothing smirk on his lips and then she felt her tear ducts sting.

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So much for Harmattan!

Someone once said Harmattan is that price we pay or receive for the festive season and this is indubitably true. It is no new fact that people tend to look as white as ghosts this period and even dread the thought of bathing cold water. The dust, cold, heat can be as frustrating as ever. Its bipolar nature may be a bit deceptive and sickening to many but then, it’s that period where much attention should be given to our looks. I mean, in the wee hours of the morning, it’s darn cold but no sooner than the sun begins to radiate in the sky, it gets so hot that you may just want to take off your shirt. Well then, you may as well take off your shirt, or possibly a jacket,  if what you have inside is light enough for the heat and decent enough for the eyes to see.

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Just so you know, there are some rules guiding the Harmattan season and in order for you not to become a “Khloe”, you have no choice but to stick to the Harmattan rules.

Rule Number 1.

 It’s not a bad idea if you mix your body cream with olive oil or some other ointment so as to mitigate the parchedness the arid climate affords your skin. It is also advisable to move about with either Vaseline or a small amount of body cream and lip gloss as they can be easily applied when need be. Lip gloss always come in handy as they prevent the lips from breaking like Khloe’s.

Rule Number 2.

To best suit the bipolar nature of Harmattan, it’s preferable to always wear a jacket atop what is worn inside. When the afternoon heat comes, it wouldn’t cost a thing to take off the jacket and still feel as comfy as ever. A jacket with a front zipper makes it much easier to take off and since there might be dust, a deep-coloured jacket would be better. Avoid wearing white clothings if you don’t want the Harmattan to dye them brown for you. If you choose to rock sweatshirts, avoid wearing loose on loose. A fitted trouser or leggings complements loose tops better.

Rule Number 3.

To wade off dusts, scarves, caps or hats are needed. For warmth, you can make use of scarves during the day and when it gets hot as the day progresses, you can always tie the scarf around your neck to serve as a muffler. Hats also serve the same warmth purpose and they are of many types ranging from Fedora, baseball hats, bobble hat, bucket hat, baseball cap, fez cap, etc. Caps are usually unisex and add more spice to a casual outfit. It doubles as a covering for the head and a ‘slay booster’.

Rule Number 4.

The scarves and hats serve to cover the head, what about the eyes, hands and feet? Even if you apply enough cream, it doesn’t stop dust from harassing you, does it? Well, that is when socks, gloves and sunglasses come in. Sunglasses do not only protect the eyes from the scorching sun, they also wade off dusts from reaching the eyes and whenever your sunshades get too dusty from much work, you can always wipe it off with a handkerchief.

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I’ve seen a lot of people put on socks even while wearing pool sliders and it still looks stylish. Socks can be worn with slides, sneakers and shoes. A black stockings is usually befitting during Harmattan. For your hands, you could try gloves especially during early morning jogs.

Rule Number 5.

This one is for your insides. We’ve already discussed outward appearances but if little attention is paid to what goes on inside, the result will be unhealthy looks. Since harmattan comes with cold and many viruses are known to survive in cold and damp places, a lot of disease-causing viruses thrive during this period. Thus, your intake of fruits should skyrocket. Fruits boosts the immune system and help make the body look younger.

Luckily for Khloe, Mr Cute guy was also Mr. Nice Guy. In that awkward moment of hers, he brought out a tiny bottle containing a sweet-smelling body cream and gave her a lip gloss to apply on her lips. Not daring to look up at him, she smiled coyly and applied the items. She definitely would never forget that day as it doubled as the day harmattan embarrassed her and the day she met her husband.

So much for Harmattan!