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Booty Shorts Outfits: How to Make a Statement with High Hemlines

When the temperature soars, people tend to show more skin to cope with the heat. Besides short sleeves, clothes with shorter hems are the best options when it’s hot. Booty shorts are one of them. Otherwise known as short shorts, bum shorts, micro shorts, or hot pants, these bottoms are perfect for summer. 

a lady wearing a pair of booty shorts with a blue baby tee

Just as micro miniskirts resurfaced in the early 2020s and are still a thing, these shorts have taken the spotlight. But even as more young women embrace them, they aren’t easy to pull off. Hence, we created this guide to show you everything about these shorts, including how to make a style statement by flaunting your lower body with them.

What’s Special About Booty Shorts?

a lady wearing denim booty shorts with green sneakers

Booty shorts are short shorts that flaunt a bit of your buttocks. They generally refer to two categories of clothing: tiny streetwear shorts made with various fabrics such as denim, spandex, etc., or an underwear style that resembles boyshorts but has a higher cut around the rear. 

These shorts are part of Y2K fashion revivals taking over the 2020s without any sign of becoming extinct soon. They originated in the 1930s as a form of swimwear for women. But in 1970, these bottoms earned the name Hotpants when Women’s Wear Daily used it to describe shorts made in luxury fabrics like velvet, fur, leather, and silk for fashion instead of activewear or beachwear.

lady flaunting her bum with shorts

And in the ‘90s, it got another name, the one that got you reading this piece—booty pants. With the rise of pop culture in the 2000s, these bum shorts became the favorite of female artistes like Britney Spears, Kelly Rowland, Beyonce, etc.

Today, they’re still a fad, displaying the butt in functional and fashionable ways. Little wonder it rocked Spring 2024 catwalks with shows from Chanel, Chloé, Tom Ford, and Gucci exploring the trend. 

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How to Pick the Right Booty Shorts

lady wearing grey booty shorts with matching top

When shopping for these shorts, consider the following:


A Fashionnova model wearing a denim booty shorts co-ords

Hotpants are made from various materials, such as leather, cotton, rayon, spandex, faux fur, denim, etc. Some of these fabrics are functional. 

For instance, if you plan to wear them for athletics, say running, exercising, or swimming, check for micro shorts made with moisture-wicking fabrics like spandex. They’re ideal for hot and sweaty conditions as they’re non-absorbent and move moisture to the fabric’s outer layer so it dries faster.

And if you want to accentuate your butt and legs, get scrunch bum shorts made from compressive materials. They flatter your figure, making your butt look cuter. You just have to be ready for the stares though.

But if you’re copping yours strictly for fashion, get any fabrics that catches your fancy. However, you also need to consider the weather conditions in your location to be sure they’re neither too heavy nor too lightweight for your comfort.


lady wearing bootyu shorts with ruffled hems

Your micro shorts should sit snugly around your body. They should hug your hips and buttocks without being tight or constricting.


a model wearing knitwear sweater

These shorts are quite revealing. So, only choose lengths you’re comfortable pulling off.


pretty model wearing a pair of mesh hotpants

Don’t just buy a pair because they look good. Ensure they’re high quality by shopping from top brands in the micro shorts space. If you can’t afford high-end designers, buy from thrift stores or fast fashion brands and wear them eco-consciously.

How to Style Booty Shorts

a lady dressed in hotpants and a crop top while sitting down on a chair

Whether you’re looking for the perfect rave outfit or simply want to hit the gym, swim, or spend time at the beach, bum shorts are your go-to for a casual look. But how do you style them to perfection? Here you go:

Coordinate Your Booty Shorts

a lady wearing a two-piece comprising a pair of hotpants and shorts

Some short shorts come as co-ords. This makes them easy to pull off as you only need to pair them with their accompanying top or rock them separately when you need a change of look.

Pair Your Booty Shorts with a Tee

a lady rocking bum shorts with a baby t-shirt

Hot pants are like any other pair of casual bottoms. Hence, they’ll look superb when paired with a T-shirt. This can be a cropped, large, or body-hugging tee. Whichever one you want is fine.

Wear it with Tank Tops or Sports Bra

lady wearing a pair of  striped booty shorts with a white tank top

Tank tops are the perfect breezy top for these shorts. Wear this for a comfy, chic look. And when it’s time to hit the gym, swap the tank top with a sports bra, showcasing your midriff alongside your legs and butt.

Pair with a Sweater or Sweatshirt

a lady pairing her booty shorts with an oversized sweater

Need something to keep you warm while your shorts bare your lower body? Wear a sweater or sweatshirt. They pair great with bum shorts, too.

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Layer Your Booty Shorts

a lady layering her hotpants with a leather jacket

Say you’re rocking your shorts with a bodysuit or tank top. Throw on a blazer, kimono, duster, cardigan, etc. These outerwear keep you cozy while adding more visual interest to your look.

Give it a Formal Twist

lady wearing white shirt tucked in denim booty shorts

Nobody said you can’t pair your shorts with a sleek, collared shirt. It’s an unconventional option that gives a smart, formal twist to your ultra-casual look.

Wear the Right Shoes

a lady rocking her booty shorts with thigh-high boots

Depending on your desired look, these shorts go with any pair of shoes. If you want a sporty look, wear sneakers. But if you want an uber-chic vibe, wear heels or thigh-high boots. And if you want a super comfy look, pair your shorts with flats, slides, or flip-flops.

Wear Stockings, Leggings, or Pantyhose Underneath Your Booty Shorts

lady wearing pantyhose under booty shorts

Wearing sheer, skin-colored, or fishnet stockings underneath your hotpants creates more visual interest while adding accents to your look. Try this option to give your shorts a refreshing look.

Hot Girls Love Booty Shorts

a lady smiling while dressed in booty shorts and a black crop tee

As years go by and trends evolve, fashion lovers embrace shorter hemlines, abandoning pants in lieu of tights. Whether you have a rave party to attend, need more comfy workout clothes, just want to swim, or get sunkissed at the beach, these shorts are what you need. They’re perfect for dancing, partying, moving, jumping, and stealing the show in an alluring manner. So, use the tips we’ve shared to style them properly and turn heads while you strut by.

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