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6 Eye Makeup Mistakes That Ruin Your Beauty

Eyes are the most noticeable feature on our face, and eye makeup is supposed to enhance our look. But, what if it does the opposite? Matter of concern, right? Neither can you go without eye makeup nor would you want to break your look. What do you now? Just recognize eye makeup mistakes that prevent you from looking flawless and change the game.

Makeup is a magnificent gift accessible to all women that boost their confidence anytime they want to. But, makeup is also an art that does wonders when it is done right. Therefore, we’re here to get you acquitted with 6 eye makeup mistakes you need to stop doing for attaining a gorgeous look.

So, let’s go to find out.

Eye Makeup Mistakes That Keep From You Looking Flawless

There you go! Go through these surprisingly tiny makeup mistakes that impact massively on your look.

1. Lining Your Waterline

lady applying makeup to her water line

The desire of attaining bigger & beautiful eyes makes most ladies use dark kajal on their water line. Hoping to look beautiful! But, it actually produces adverse results. First, it makes your eyes smaller, and second, it causes you to have dark circles & dull eyes. So, if you want to make your eyes look beautiful & bigger, make sure you do it right by learning the correct way of applying kajal on your eyes. And, using soft smudge-proof kohl that stays longer and doesn’t cause irritation & darkness around the eyes.

2. Using Extra Dark Eyeliner 

close up shot of eye with thick eyeliner

Bold eyes are the first choice when it comes to nail the look at parties. Well, it really does make you stand out only if you do it right. For creating bold eyes if you’re covering your eyes with a dark thick layer of eyeliner. It’s the worst eye makeup mistake you can possibly make.

First, most eyeliners are formulated with harmful chemicals & intensive pigmentation and you can see that dark pigment on your eyelids even some days later. Well, don’t worry. I’m asking you to stop using eyeliner. But, for keeping your eyes beautiful, at least look for the best drugstore eyeliner in the market, and apply a thin line across your eyelids, and create wings or cat eyes neatly.

3. Neglecting Eye Primer 

close up shot of brush applying eye primer on the eye

What difference does it make? Absolutely nothing! If this is what you think about eye primer. You are mistaken! It actually impacts the appearance of your eye makeup. 

First, eye primer provides you a super smooth canvas to apply eye makeup, second prolong your makeup, third become a great sweat & water-resistant, and at last, keep your skin around the eyes moist & healthy. 

So, now you know how useful an eye primer really is. So, avoid making this eye makeup mistake that makes you look older & keeps you from looking beautiful.

4. Not knowing Your Eye Shape

close up shot of a lady's eyes' shape

Do you choose your eye makeup look randomly or do you actually go for what looks best according to your eye shape? Fret not! If you don’t know what your eye shape is. 

Go in front of a mirror, keep an eye shape finder handy, look closely at your eye shape, and see in the eye shape finder what eye shape matches your eyes. Boom! Here it is, you can easily find your eye shape.

Once you discover your eye shape, always go for the eye makeup look that is actually advisable for your kind of eye shape. So, avoid doing these no-brainer eye makeup mistakes that prevent you from looking flawless.

5. Not Blending The Eye Shadow Well

close up shot of a brush applying silver eyeshadow on eye

Does your eye makeup go flaky & cakey after a few hours? This kind of eye make crash instantly makes you look older and unappealing.  But, you can stop this from happening the next time.

How? Just have a little more patience and blend your eye makeup really well before moving onto the next one. This is the key we forget to follow, and end up making eye makeup mistakes that make us look older.

Despite that, make sure you use the right makeup brush to spread makeup evenly on your eyelids. And, here are ready to enjoy the flawless looking eyes at your important events.

6. Using The Wrong Concealer 

lady using eye concealer

In order to hide our imperfections, we often tend to make more. Not using the right concealer can aggravate the issue than solving it. Sometimes concealers dry out the skin around the eyes or meltdown due to excessive heat. 

Both conditions rob stunning looks and make us feel why did we even choose to use a concealer. Well! Using a concealer is not a problem but using the wrong one is.

Before you buy concealer for yourself, keep your skin type & problems in mind. If your skin is dry look for concealer formulated with a moisturizing creamy formula. If your skin emits excessive oil, hunt for a water-based concealer with high staying power. Plus, if you have fallen into the trap of aging, look for concealers that keep your skin moisturized, hide dark circles, and flawlessly hide wrinkles and fine lines without setting down into it.

Conclusion: The key to how to make your eye makeup smooth lies in recognizing & stopping 6 eye makeup mistakes that keep you from looking flawless. 

I hope this article helped you to find out what you have been doing wrong trying to look better and get you acquainted with how you need to do things right to have a stunning look. If you have found the article useful, share it with your girl squad & make them stop making eye makeup mistakes that don’t let them nail their look.

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