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How to keep your 360 waves Fresh All Day

Who doesn’t want stylish and fresh hair? Here you are about to know how to keep your 360 waves fresh all day long.

First of all, you have to select the best wave brush.

Want to know how to maintain your 360 waves so that you do no walk around with patches of hair sticking up and looking a mess?

Read on.

 It is more like showing love to your waves. To know how to keep your 360 waves fresh all day, firstly, you need a brush. And the type of brush you are using does not matter that much. Even then, the best brushes are like Royalty By Brush King Medium Hard, Black Ice Magic Wave Soft Brush, Torino Pro Wave Brush Medium Hard in Red, Pure Soft Wave Brush, and so on.

How to keep your 360 waves Fresh All Day

How to use 360 waves

Man brushing his 360 waves hair

You need to know the use of a hard brush, medium, and a soft brush. When it comes to the hard brush, you can use it to get down to the root, especially wolfing.

You can precisely brush using a medium one. After that, brush your hair with the soft brush towards the way down that makes a difference. The soft brush can do the plastic bag method. It is totally up to you which brush you are going to use, yet it is good to have various brushes to brush according to your need.

Keep with You When Going Outside

Keep your brush in a plastic bag when you are going outside.

Now, as you have your brush, so use it. Brush your hair. And when your hair looks the way you like it, it is time to go outside. Before leaving your house, make sure some things like brush, do-rag, and plastic bag.

If you have the book bag, then it is perfect, but if you do not have a book bag, you might have had a plastic bag. Now, why you need these things? Suppose you are walking down the streets, and out of nowhere, you hear thunder.

Now you know it is going to rain. So what would you do? Are you just going to let it rain on your hair and ruin your waves? No. You will throw your do-rag on so that you can keep your hair compressed and laid down. If you do not keep any durag or a wave cap while it is raining, it is game over.

No Need To Worry When You Have Wave Brush

man brushing his hair to have 360 waves

Why do you need a brush? Okay, let us think of another scenario. Let us say you are going on a long car ride, and you get tired, and you fall asleep. Boom! Your hair is messed up. But you should not need to be anxious as you have the wave brush. You can use that brush to fix your 360 waves.

Now maybe you think that why you need to have a plastic bag! Put a hand inside that plastic bag and rub throughout tour 360 waves with your plum just like you are brushing. If you want to be one of the most elite wavers walking around with new hair all day and every day of the week, you need to get some clippers for yourself.

Getting your clippers takes you to the next level for real. Perhaps you are afraid to cut your hair on your own, which is normal, but with your clippers, you can keep your hairlines fresh every day. For this, all you need is just regular clippers and a trimmer.

That is how to keep your 360 waves fresh all day and the whole week and the year. Your locks are always going to look fresh as long as you want them to keep fresh.

How To Make 360 Wave Look While Wolfing

man with 360 waves hair

What your 360 waves look like while wolfing is a thing to worry about. And it is a question that people often ask how to make the 360 waves look useful while wolfing because your waves do not look as good as it seems when getting a fresh cut.

If you want to maximize your waves’ silkiness and visibility while wolfing, then what you need to do is you need to constant brushwork along in the process. Meaning from the time you get your fresh cut, you need to brush every single day.

If you do not keep that consistent brushwork throughout the weeks as you grow and see in the wolfing stages, your waves will not look that good at the wolfing stage. It is simply because you have new growth.

So if you want your waves to be more visible while you are wolfing, then make sure you are putting a lot of effort while you are transitioning from the fresh-cut stage to the wolfing stage. It is that simple. Keeping your hair laid down is another essential part of it.

So make sure you sleep with your do-rag on every night. If you do not sleep with that do-rag on, maybe you do all the brushwork. However, you have hair growing all different ways while you are sleeping.

And it affects the way the waves look during the wave session.  Make sure you are doing the brushwork, and then make sure you keep your hair lying down when you sleep.

That will help you maximize the visibility and silkiness overall your 360 waves when you are wolfing. And you will be able to wolf longer and be able to bear it because it will not look that bad.

Happy Ending!

It is imperative to keep your line up crisp and clean while wolfing. You want to make sure while wolfing everything is clean. You don’t wish for anybody to identify the wolfing.

It is how potent it is going to be. Your hair will be so long and clean that people would be like, “damn! I do not even know that he is wolfing.” That is how you wanted to be.

While you are wolfing, you will have the baby hair that will come out and curl up. You can go to the barber and tell them to cut the edges. Or you can do it by yourself. That’s how it looks sharper. You can do it once a couple of weeks.

Thus you can make your lines sharp and clean while wolfing and look fresh. This is how to keep your 360 waves fresh all day.


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