How to Wear a Durag Plus 5 Amazing Benefits

Durag seems to be the fad of the season and if you’ve been wondering how to wear a durag, don’t leave this post just yet. It’s for you.

What is a Durag?

man in orange durag (back view)

This fashion item is a cap worn to speed up the development of waves, dreadlocks and braids in the hair. It is otherwise knowns as a wave cap, du-rag or do-rag. It also helps to maintain your hairstyle and protect your hair pattern from shifting while you sleep.

If you’ve always admired durags and would love to wear one, stay glued to your screen and keep reading. This way you’ll see the juicy features of this fashion item that’ll get you gingered up to know how to wear a durag.

History of Durags

Nelly and some other rappers wearing durag

Originally, this wave cap was worn by black American slaves and labourers in the 19th century. It was an easy way to identify slaves and paupers.

However, this notion changed in the early years of the 20th century. During the Harlem Renaissance and Great Depression in the 1930s, people wore durags to maintain their hairstyles. And that was how the head tie began to gain popularity.

This wave cap became a fashion statement among black Americans after the Black Power Movement in the late 1960s. In the early years of the 21st century, hip-hop rappers such as Nelly, 50 Cent, Cam’Ron, Ja Rule, etc., athletes and all kinds of men regardless of their ages, wore a do-rag. Some wore the durags just like that while others wore it underneath a cap.

However, there have been attempts to ban wearing this item due to the negative stigma it had. One of such attempts was in 2001 when the National Football League restricted its players from wearing bandanas or durags underneath their helmets

This hasn’t stopped the durag from gaining worldwide acceptance though. All thanks to the music artistes and other celebrities who are owning black culture and representing it to the peak. For instance, Rihanna has shown us countless times that durags as headwears aren’t only stylish but are also a perfect item to complete a look. In 2020, she rewrote the rules as the cover of British Vogue Magazine’s May 2020 issue. This is contrary to, and creates a shift from, the usual high fashion looks that is common on magazine covers.

Rihanna rocking a black durag on the cover of Vogue

Another public figure whose love for this head tie would inspire you to grab one is Ex-BBNaija housemate, Prince. All through his days in the house, Prince never failed to let the viewers know how much he loved wave caps. He had them of different colours and wore them every day such that it became his signature piece. And now that the show is over, he’s still doling out hot durag looks you may want to try out.

What Does a Durag Symbolise?

man rocking a long flowing durag to the Grammys Awards

Among the wrong notions this wave cap has is thuggery/gangsterism. This is as a result of black Americans being portrayed in a negative light to be more of gangsters than decent humans. However, this criminal and crude labelling of durags is losing its essence as the durag has been embraced to be one of the artistic representations of black culture.

Durags are now seen as a symbol of diaspora and divinity in art, music, and fashion. In the words of Allure, “it is a marker of identity and existence, and a tribute to a black tradition that should no longer be ridiculed but revered”.

It is also a symbol of self-expression and identity. Since it is a representation of the black tribe, wearing one gives you a chance to reclaim the pride of the coloured race.

5 Amazing Benefits of a Durag You Never Knew

a runway model rocking a durag

This head tie isn’t just a fashion item for style purposes alone. It offers benefits to your hair. These benefits include:

1. Improves Hair Texture

Just as a satin bonnet helps you retain moisture in your hair, wave caps can also do that. Whenever you apply oil or cream on your hair, wearing a du-rag will help you prolong the presence of moisture in your hair. This will help to improve your hair texture and give you healthy and shiny hair in the long run.

2. Helps to Maintain Waves

If you love to see your hair look wavy and cute, knowing how to wear a durag is a good choice. A wave cap will save you the stress of brushing your hair all the time to retain the waves. That’s why it’s also called a wave cap. Since durags usually sit tight on your head, they ensure your hair remains laid on your head instead of growing outward.

Also, when you sleep, you have nothing to worry about as your wavy hairstyle is safe underneath this head tie.

3. Protects Your Hairstyle

When you know how to wear a durag and you wear the head tie often, you’ll discover that your braids won’t get rough quickly. Because the wave cap will help maintain it. It is a good choice to protect your hairstyle and prevent stray hairs from coming out of your braids or twists so fast.

Also, when you’re commuting and you don’t want rain or the wind to tousle your hair, wear this fashion item to protect your hairstyle. And when you arrive your destination, you can take it off and flaunt your hair.

4. Protects Your Hair From Being Over-exposed to the Sun

When you stay too long in the sun, your hair gets dull quickly. Wearing a do-rag can help you prevent your hair from looking dull even if you spend long hours in the sun. But make sure the wave cap you wear to protect your hair from sun damage is a bright-coloured one. Dark colours absorb heat and they do little or nothing in protecting your hair from sun damage.

5. Keeps Your Hair Straight

Using this head tie to tie down your hair ensures your hair remains straight and in good shape for long.

How to Wear a Durag

young teenagers wearing colorfukl durags

To know how to wear a durag, you have to first learn how to tie it. Tying a durag can be achieved with these easy steps:

1. Pick Your Durag

First, you have to pick a wave cap. You can choose any colour or style you like. You can as well go for one made with stretchy fabrics as this makes it more breathable when tied to your hair.

2. Place it on Your Head

Place the head tie on your head and ensure the centre seam is on the same line with the centre of your head. Make sure the front edge stays between your hairline and your eyebrows. That is, your hairline should be covered. But if you have sideburns, there’s no problem if they stick out.

3. Tie at the Back of Your Head

Take the ties in your hands; one in each hand. Then pull both ties backwards so they create an “X” look at the back of your head. Take note while doing this so the ties should rest behind your ears and not on them.

4. Cross Ties in Front of Your Head

To make sure the ties stay crossed at the back, wrap them again around the centre of your forehead. Be careful not to pull too tight so you don’t get a headache.

5. Tie Into a Knot

Lock the ties into a knot as though you are tying your shoelace. When you do this, make sure the knot sits at the base of your skull.

6. Pull Down the Flap

After wrapping into a knot, you’ll notice that the flap drapes down your neck beneath the ties. To tighten the durag and make it sit well on your head, pull down the flap as if you’re trying to make it reach your back. Do this gently lest you should ruin what you have already tied.

7. If You Don’t Want it Down, Pull it Up

If you don’t want the flap to hang down your neck, then tuck it up underneath the ties, if the flap is long enough, tie it into a knot and tuck it into the ties. Doing this will result in a bump where you tucked the knot.

Tying a durag is quite simple but if you’d like a visual tutorial, watch this video below.

Also, you should note that the way you tie a wave cap for everyday use is quite different from the way you’d tie it to sleep. To learn how to wear a durag for sleeping purpose, the video below will guide you through.

How to Style a Durag

Man wearing black Balenciaga durag

This head tie can be paired with shirts, tees, sweaters, sweatshirts or what have you. It is a great accessory to elevate your casual outfits. And you can go bold with your formal outfits by pairing this accessory with your suits. It is the perfect add-on to give you an iconic look.

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