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Wanna go red on Valentine’s Day? Here are 10 Outfits to Try Out

It’s the season of love again; the season when gifts, hugs and kisses fill the air. Last year, we showed you some stuff you could gift your lover on Valentine’s Day. This year is a bit different though. I’m pretty sure you’ve got your Valentine presents ready to gift your Val and you’ve probably booked a table for two. If you want to go red on Valentine’s day, I’ve curated about ten outfits to inspire you. You can rock them to work, hangouts or any gathering you intend to grace come February 14th.

Why Go Red on Valentine’s Day?

Ever wondered why the most popular colour of rose given on Valentine’s Day is red? Be it pepper red or burgundy, red has an attention-grabbing effect. It is an emotionally intense colour that grabs attention easily. Red yells love and passion. It is also a seductive colour especially when in the form of a lingerie. Little wonder red is the colour associated with Valentine’s day.

Ready to go red on Valentine’s Day? Let’s proceed to the outfit ideas then.

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10 Red Outfit Ideas for Valentine’s Day

1. Blazer and Pants

This fitted blazer and contrast waist pants isn’t a bad idea. You can rock this to any official setting and later hang out in a cosy restaurant with your date. If you feel too hot, you can take off the blazer and lighten up the look by appearing as the Valentine’s boss chick that you are in white and red.

2. Jeans and Red Top

If the first outfit seemed so much of a workwear to you, how about you try a pair of jeans and a red top, with or without sleeves.

3. Swing Skirt and Top

Two-piece outfits never cease to be cool. This long-sleeved top and belted swing skirt can be worn to anywhere on Valentine’s Day. If you also have church service to attend on that day, this is a very good option.

4. Gina Piece

Is it just me or does this piece seem so alluring to you too? This is absolutely gorgeous and perfect for the lady who loves to have fun. It can as well serve as the perfect tease, you know. Designed by Somo, this dress is everything lit.

5. Tuxedo

A tuxedo elevates a man’s status. Turning up in a tux as classy and elegant as this, only makes you the man every lady wants to be with.

6. Senator

Don’t feel like wearing a tux on Valentine’s Day? Want to go casual? Then you should opt for a senator. Senator presents you as the simple yet stylish man.

7. Red Sleeveless Jacket

This is another alternative to wearing a tux. Rocking this to a business meeting, church or a date makes you super duper cool.

8. Dinner Dress

Did I hear you say dinner gown? Yes! This piece is a head-turner. Got any dinner or red carpet event to grace on Val’s day, a dress like this wouldn’t be a bad idea.

9. Playsuit

Step out on Valentine’s Day in this burgundy sequin playsuit. The glitters on the sequin and the hotness of the playsuit as a whole will stop at nothing in stealing some attention to you.

10. Hot Dress

Sequin again! This red sequin dress with front slit is alluring. Do you want to keep your date afterwards as well as become the cynosure of all eyes on that day? Then wear this.

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I hope these ten outfits you can try out on Valentine’s Day served as a style inspiration for you. Valentine’s Day is a day to give and receive love. You too can show some love by the things you wear. So go ahead! Let’s make red the colour of the day.

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