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35 Attractive Southside Fade Haircuts for the Man of Style

Dearest reader, when you look in the mirror, what’s the next thing you notice after your face? If I’m not wrong, it’s your hair. And when you wear a nice haircut, you’d notice you won’t only be looking at your reflection but also admiring your face. Male hairstyles like the Southside fade are great at leaving you admiring yourself for hours.

a guy with perced ear wearing a southsie fade

They transform you into a studmuffin, complementing and flattering your facial features. It becomes more appealing when other men compliment you and women give you more than two glances. Little wonder haircuts like this boost your self-confidence.

Enough of the mouth-watering perks of wearing this haircut. How about I tell you more about it and show you cute Southside fades that’ll enhance your masculine features?

What is a Southside Fade Haircut?

a man wearing southside fade with the Nike logo design

The Southside fade is one of the various versions of the high fade. It’s a fade haircut that is short on the bottom but becomes thicker on the top of the head. It involves cutting all the hair around the head till you get to the temples. The style features a disconnected high skin fade on the sides and the back and about a 3mm fade at the front area and hairline.

Furthermore, the haircut gets its name from where it was founded— the Southside of Houston, Texas. It’s one of the shortest haircuts out there, close to a buzz cut but this time with fades. 

a cute guy wearing a stud and a southside fade

To achieve this style, your hairstylist will modify your frontal region through blends and then trim other sections to the skin level to give that tight well-defined cut. 

What Kind of Hair Works Best for the Southside Fade?

southside fade with a diagonal parting

Any kind of hair works for this hairstyle whether Afro-textured, Asian, Caucasian, thick, thin, or curly. But the prerequisite for achieving it is cutting most of your hair. In addition, the look also suits people experiencing the first stages of hair loss. So, if you’re in this category, instead of going bald, opt for a Southside fade haircut.

What is the Difference Between a Southside Fade & a Skin Fade?

a guy in a salon with a barber working on his hair

At first glance, you may think both haircuts at the same. But if you look closely, you’ll see the differences. For one, the southside fade has thick hair at the top of the head and toward the hairline while the back and sides are faded. 

a guy wearing a skin fade

A guy wearing a skin fade

On the other hand, the skin fade often starts lower down on the head and gradually tapers to the back and sides for a more blended finish. 

How to Achieve the Southside Fade Haircut

white and black photo of a white man wearing southside fade haircut

While there are many Youtube videos showing you tutorials on how to get this look, my advice for you remains: only a skilled barber can give you something you’d love.

So unless you’re a hairstylist looking to learn how to get this look for your clients, save yourself the DIY stress and visit the salon. It’ll cost you money, quite alright, but you’ll love the results. But if you insist on learning how it’s done, this video below will help you:

Stunning Southside Fade Haircuts to Enhance Your Manly Appeal

a black guy wearing a southside fade with well-carved brows

If you want a haircut that complements your outfit, is suitable for almost every occasion, and keeps the attention on your cute face, pick from any of these and show your barber:

Southside Fade with Parting

Southside Fade with Parting

Instead of simply cutting your hair into this high fade, why not spice things up by adding a part to it? 

a guy wearing a southside fade with half-moon parting

It can be a straight line, zig-zag, half-circle, heart, or anything you deem fit.

Southside Fade with Beards

a bespectacled guy wearing fade with beards

Combine this fade with a nice goatee, mustache, or full beard, and watch how you command respect with your look.

southside haircut with a goatee beard

Any style of beard for men works with this haircut. Just ensure it’s well-trimmed and groomed.

Southside Fade Crew Cut

southside crew cut

A crew cut is a haircut trimmed so close to the head in such a way that the hair is shaved at the back and sides and left longer at the front and top.

a guy wearing southside crew cut

It’s similar to the Southside fade and when you combine both you’ll look dashing.

Southside Fade With Waves

wavy southside fades

You can also add waves to your hair. They help create a standout wavy pattern around your head. It can be 360 waves or a little around the top of your head. It will definitely enhance your haircut.

cute guy rocking 360 waves

Do this by keeping the hair on top of your head longer, so the waves show. You’ll probably need a bodyguard to keep ‘em ladies away.

Southside Haircut With Braids

a guy wearing nose ring with southside fade cornrows

Instead of cutting your whole hair short, why not wear cornrows or braids while you shave the back into a fade? It could be Viking braids or any style of braids for men.

a cute guy wearing a braided haircut

You just have to keep the hair at the top longer and combine it with hair extensions to achieve the braids. This is one look that’ll take our southside fade to a whole new level.

Southside Haircut With a Head Tattoo

a man wearing a haircut with a head tattoo

Wearing a tattoo on your head is a daring move. For one, the head is an obvious body part; everyone will see it.

a man wearing a southside fade with a head tattoo

And if that’s your goal, the best way to achieve it is by combining your tat with a minimalist haircut like the Southside fade. You can go for a grim reaper tattoo or anyone that suits your goal.

Southside With Shaped Hairline

a guy with a shaped-up haircut and a heart design

A shape-up adds more accents to your hairline. It complements your haircut, giving people something extra to stare at when they look at you.

a guy with a shaped-up haircut smiling

Most haircuts these days feature a shaped-up hairline. Go for it and look extra cool.

There you have it! Southside fade haircuts are minimalist styles you don’t wanna miss out on. Whether you choose to rock it with a suit, native wear, or a classic pair of jeans and a tee, you’ll look suave. You only need a good barber who understands the assignment so he does justice to your hair. But  if you haven’t found the right fade haircut for you, feast your eyes on more inspo below:

a cute guy wearing a pair of sunglasses with a clean haircut and singlet
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