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Top Model, Eniola Abioro Returns Home

20-year-old Nigerian model, Eniola Abioro,  the first Nigerian model to ever grace the runway for Prada, returned home for the holidays after a very successful year working across some of the major fashion capitals of the world.

Prior to her being discovered in July 2017 by Bolajo Fawehinmi, founder of Few Models Management, she was a kindergarten teacher in a nursery school. Aside Prada, she has walked for Calvin Klein, Miu Miu, Versace, Off-White, Tommy Hilfiger, etc.

Eniola Abioro was received joyously by her family members with smiles and laughter on their faces. As excited as ever, she took to Instagram to share moments of her homecoming.

Here’s what Eniola Abioro said while captioning the heartwarming posts she shared on Instagram:

“Posting a video and pictures that makes me speechless, my family is one to bless the name of Jehovah for, through thick and thin, plus erhm yes I went to the village to spend the new year with my extended families. There was no network service so even if you had tried to wish me a happy new year I wouldn’t have gotten it. Thank you to everyone who made my 2018, family, friends, my Agency @fewmodels and @nextmodels, work partners turn family @Ethanjamesgreen, @mr_carlos_nazario, @frau.juliawagner every one I ever worked with engraved in my heart, thank you so much, let’s make magic in 2019! #Happynewyear PS: that’s my mum I just couldn’t resist placing my head there I miss laying down on her laps and asking to suck breast cause I hated growing up 😂 okay let me stop here!🦋😊😊”

Photo credits : Superbe, @eniolaabioro.

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