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9 Chic 2024 Fashion Trends You Should Start Wearing

It’s a new year and already, fashionistas like you and I are gearing up to hop on the major 2024 fashion trends. The mere thought of what this year has in store for us is beyond exciting. Coming on the heels of last year’s fashion trends that saw major hairstyles from the ‘80s and ‘90s make a comeback, we can tell that 2024 is going to be a big year for fashion. This was obvious in how top designers gave us a fill during the 2023 fashion weeks.

Picture of a lady rocking a faux fur and accessorizing with shades

Our little advice? Stay ahead of the style curve by getting familiar with all the key looks that will be taking over 2024. You can start by taking your time to read this post and get ready to slay the rest of the year. But before we dive right in, let’s take a look at some of the major trends that ruled 2023.

A Recap of 2023 Major Fashion Trends 

Picture of a lady rocking a leather jacket with cool boots and some shades

Every year is the year of fashion but 2023 was the year of comfort and high fashion. Here’s a look at some of the trends from the previous year that swept our feet:

Boho-Inspired Y2K Denim Maxi Skirt

Picture showing ag a lady rocking the Y2K denim maxi skirt

Last year, we saw a resurgence of the Y2K denim maxi skirt. It took over the streets as everyone from models like Bella Hadid to TikTok/Instagram influencers showed us how to style them as aesthetic outfits. It’s safe to say the denim maxi skirt ruled 2023.

Baggy Pants

Picture of a girl rocking a white cargo pants and cool shades

You’ll agree with me that cargo pants and parachute pants were all the rage last year. These pants were not shapeless or low-rise like the ones in the Y2K era. They were tailored silhouettes with interesting pocket placements, designed with elevated fabrics like silk and organza, and colors that go beyond khaki and olive.


Picture showing a lady in a gorgeous mini crochet gown

A friend of mine said no trend was more ubiquitous than crochet and, sincerely, I agree. The crochet trend was one of those major trends I adored. It spurred so much creativity, from bags to hoodies to mini glam, this trend was everywhere. 

The Color Red 

Picture of a lady rocking the gorgeous red gown

If we should talk about colors that dominated last year, the red hue is topping that list. At some point, I almost screamed, “What’s with the red, anyone?” The best part of it all is how designers never failed to create magic with the color. 

Barbie Pink

Picture showing a lady rocking the barbie pink dress

Remember the iconic Barbie movie and how it inspired a lot of gorgeous pink looks? This is one trend that ruled 2023. Indeed, Pantone made no mistake in picking the Viva Magenta as the color of the year 2023. From movie premieres to nail aesthetics, this color sure had its fill on the trend table.

2024 Fashion Trends You Shouldn’t Miss Out On  

2024 Fashion trends: Picture of  a lady rocking a white shirt and cargo pants

From the recap, you can tell  2023 was indeed a good year for fashion. And 2024 will build on that momentum. To prove that, here’s a look at some of the trends we hope will dominate this year: 

Denim Maxi Skirts

2024 fashion trends: Picture of a lady taking a selfie while rocking a white tee and the denim maxi skirt

Let’s start with those trends that dominated last year. Now if you ask, do I expect the denim maxi skirt to continue holding its crown as one of the major trends of 2024? Yes, please. No one will ever give up a look that ensures comfort while helping you slay. Moreover, there’s something unique about this particular outfit. Besides rocking them with any look, these skirts help you look decent while still showing off your beautiful silhouette. So, the trend is here to stay. 

Voluminous Clothes as 2024 Fashion Trends

2024 fashion trends: Picture showing chioma good hair slaying in a classy abaya

Fashion enthusiasts have realized comfort should not prevail over style and vice versa. Hence, the love for free-flowing chic pieces. So, expect to see baggy pants, full skirts, and the classy abaya for that rich and chic Aunty look.

Quiet Luxury

2024 fashion trends: Picture showing a lady in white turtle neck and pant trousers

Remember the quote that says, “Less is more?” It’s the perfect description of this major 2024 fashion trend. We have luxury designers like Schiaparelli, Max Mara, and Bottega Veneta to thank for raising the bar with quiet luxury. And with celebrities like Beyonce and Rihanna jumping on them, expect to see more people embracing more neutral tones and well-tailored pieces without branded names or logos on them. In other words, just looking classy without being loud about it.

Side Part on Hair

Picture showing a guy rocking a side part hair with a fade underneath

The side part hairstyle is a timeless look that has continued to reign supreme. Get ready to see more of them this year. The best part is this look isn’t exclusive to ladies as more men will rock some neat side part lines with a perfect fade underneath this year. It’s all about going with the flow.

Millennial Pink

2024 fashion trends: Picture showing Rihanna slaying in the millenial pink

Some call it bubble gum pink, while others call it millennial pink. We saw a handful of models strut the runway in this color. And Tiktokers are embracing this look while putting their unique spin on them. Don’t be surprised when it’s all over your face in 2024.

Drop-Waist Dresses as 2024 Fashion Trends

Gorgeous photo showing a lady rocking a white drop waist dress

Drop-waist dresses are beautiful. They’re one of the major 2024 fashion trends that are set to dominate the year. In case you aren’t familiar with them, picture a dress that hugs your curves down to about your hips before flaring out with gathers or pleats around the waist. Get ready to embrace them as they do a great job flattering your silhouette and accentuating your curves.

Preppy Style as 2024 Fashion Trends

2024 fashion trends: Picture of a lady rocking the preppy style

Another fashion trend, we believe will dominate this year is the preppy style. This unique look has evolved from what it used to be to become one of the highly sought-after girly looks we can’t get enough of. Get ready to embrace them this year.

Athleisure Prominence as 2024 Fashion Trends

Picture showing a lady rocking a crop top and cool skinny pants as one of the major 2024 fashion trends

Comfort reigns supreme and stylish, versatile athleisurewear gives that comfort. They allow the ease and flexibility busy modern lifestyles demand. Expect to see emerging brands put out fashion-forward performance fabrics in on-trend colors and cuts suited for everywhere, from the gym to happy hour. Furthermore, luxe loungewear also fits right into the new Athluxury movement.

Y2K Nostalgia Resurgence

2024 fashion trends; Picture of models rocking the low rise jeans

Like it or not, Y2K nostalgia and its ubiquitous trends have stuck around. The revival focuses on cargo pants, cowl neck tanks, baguette handbags, and other iconic pieces from the early 2000s. To cap it all,  Gen Zs keep putting a new spin by mixing early 200s fashion with other trends like the homemade craftcore aesthetic.

Hop on the 2024 Fashion Trends Train ASAP

Picture showing the biebers rocking cool outfits

The 2024 fashion trends promise you a timeless style and personal flair. If you’re not sure how to incorporate them, be on the lookout for our how-to articles. In addition, stalk your favorite influencers, and be sure to create a mood board of looks that tickle your style buds. The goal is to create forward-thinking outfits and ooze effortless sophistication. What better way to do so than to get proactive and adapt 2024 fashion trends into your wardrobe?

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