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34 Pretty Nail Designs to Rock This New Year

The bells have stopped jingling. Resolutions are now rolling. It’s time for that fresh start you promised to give yourself this 2024. Besides, what’s a new year without new goals, new actions, and new looks? Speaking of new looks, if wearing pretty nails isn’t among your manicure goals for the year, you’re wrong. 

teal green nails

As you take on your goals for the year, look at your hands. Is that how you plan to carry your nails all year? You need to give your fingers that gorgeous makeover and it all starts by adorning them with beautiful nail designs.

In essence, your manicure is one thing that completes and adds more flair to your outfits. It lets you express your individuality and project your unique style through different elements. Our trendy collection of pretty nails will not only give you a stunning look but also make you feel like a celebrity on a red carpet. From solid colors to ombre, let’s explore them together.

Gorgeous Nail Designs to Elevate Your Outfits this 2024

green and nude pretty nails with wavy design

Your fingernails are a blank canvas waiting to be painted into a masterpiece. If you’re not sure where to start, show any of these inspos to your nail tech and let them recreate it for you. They’ll help you exude more style while retaining comfort.

Ombre Pretty Nails

pink, blue, and purple ombre nails

Imagine looking at your nails and seeing two colors blend into each other. That’s what the ombre effect does. This color gradient will never go out of style. Whether pink ombre nails or any color that catches your fancy, this design is timeless. 

Floral Prints

light blue floral print nails

Speaking of timeless designs, the flowery manicure is one of them. So long as the earth will always be filled with vegetation and flowers, you can bank on floral prints to always give you a mani to die for.

Animal Prints

animal print nails

Think cow prints, leopard prints, Zebra prints, or any animal print that gives your nails a fashion-forward makeover while taking a mental trip to the zoo. They’re worth the hype too.

Solid-Colored Pretty Nails

royal blue matte manicure

From black to pink, purple, blue, white, etc., solid-colored nails are endless. A pro tip when choosing this is to go with your favorite colors or any color in the season. They can be bold or subtle colors, matte or glossy, depending on the one that suits your style.

Geometric Nails

pretty geometric nails

This design incorporates color and sharp lines to create bold shapes and irregular patterns on your nails. They’re a unique way to rock pretty nails.

French Mani

French pretty nails with lace fabric around the hands

French tip nails never fail to come in handy. Moreover, they’re perfect for you if you’re a minimalist. So while your main nails are nude, the tips flash white. Thankfully, this nail design has evolved to incorporate other colors around the tips so you don’t restrict yourself to white.

Marble Pretty Nails

purple marble nails

This nail art technique involves dropping nail polish into a cup of water to create a beautiful swirl of color that will become marble-like patterns on your nails.

Neutral Pretty Nails

ringed hand rocking neutral pretty nails

If you’re looking to switch from bright-colored nails to subtle ones, wear neutral nails. Nude nails aren’t boring at all. They’re chic, timeless, and versatile enough to be paired with just any outfit. And since they look almost natural, they give the illusion of long fingers while elevating your style.

Nail Designs by Length

a chart showing nails length

From short nails to medium and Card B-like long nails, there’s so much to explore. A pro tip is to work with a length you’re super comfy with so you don’t regret why you wore them in the first place.

Pretty Nails by Shapes

a chart showing pretty nails shapes

Confused about the perfect shape for your mani? Relax, you have enough to choose from. For instance, you can go for tapered square nails, coffin nails, stiletto, ovals, etc. In addition, you can even get creative and ask your nail tech to combine two shapes as one, like squared ovals. Again, your options are limitless.

Color Combos

a lady's hands wearing rings and a nice mani while showing her greenish-blue strappy heels

Feel free to combine two or more colors. It can be different hues of a particular color or unrelated colors. Pink and white are a classic example. They’re a soothing nail color combo that’s pleasant to stare at.

How to Give Your Nails a Pretty Look

black and green wavy manicure

An easy way to get pretty nails is to go for a professional manicure. It keeps your nails looking their absolute best all year round, especially when a pro nail tech handles them. But if you’re looking for DIY tips you can use to keep your natural nails healthy and strong, do these:

  • Remove your nail polish when it’s old.
  • Trim, file, and buff your nails.
  • Clean your cuticles. 
  • Hydrate your nails well.
  • Don’t use your nails as tools so they don’t break or become chipped.
  • Use acetone-free nail polish remover to avoid damaging your nails.
  • Protect your nails from harsh chemicals.
  • Give your nails a break from time to time.

We went into detail in our article on how to care for your fingernails. Read it so your nails stay strong and healthy. But if you’d rather do it later, here are more pretty nails ideas to inspire you:

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