Heineken Lagos Fashion Week 2019 Kicks Off with Fashion Business Series Dinner, ‘The Gathering’

The Heineken Lagos Fashion Week 2019 kicked off last night with The Gathering, a fashion business series dinner where great fashion minds dined and discussed Creative Sustainability, Fashion and Identity, and Owning our Culture.

The Gathering, in collaboration with Essence House, featured a fireside chat with the CEO of Essence Ventures, Richelieu Dennis; sustainability advocate, Bandana Tewari; fashion designer, Selly Raby Kane and visionary, Hirofumi Kurino.

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It was a grand and colorful event as designers from across the continent, industry insiders, fashion enthusiasts, and supporters of the Lagos Fashion Week brand assembled to transcend the superficial aspects of the business of fashion and understand its intricacies.

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Here are some of the moments during The Gathering and the looks that graced the occasion:

Photo credit: Lagos Fashion Week

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