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57 Cute Hairstyles for Little Girls

Your daughter has a kiddies party to attend. You’ve got her a nice ready-made dress and a nice pair of shoes to complement. But something else is missing. Her hair isn’t yet in shape and for that to happen, you have to pick the best hairstyles for little girls for her.

Almost every parent has been in that situation. And if your daughter has a precocious sense of style, know for sure that she’ll throw tantrums if you don’t ensure she looks good.

Like adults, these kids love good things.

In fact, in a few years’ time, your little girl will be a full-grown woman. And if your dream for her is to be not only successful but also chic, you have to start now to lay the best foundation for her. 

little girl posing for pictures

Apart from giving her the best home training, hygiene, and clothes, you also need to ensure she wears the best hairstyles for little girls. 

You want her to stand out among her peers. You want people to look at her and marvel at the wonder her parents procreated. That’s the dream of every parent. And to help you achieve that without stress, we’ve curated the cutest hairstyles for little girls.

Once your daughter rocks any of them, she’ll look like a child ready to bag a hair endorsement. It’s no hype. You’ll see for yourself. But first, let’s dive in.

Beautiful Hairstyles for Little Girls

pretty girl child with nice hairstyle

Go through this catalog. You’ll definitely find the perfect coiffure for your little girl here. You can either use a hair extension such as attachments, Brazilian wool, baby wool, etc.,  or stick with her natural hair. Whichever way, these styles will always look great on your daughter.

Here they are:

1. Butterfly Braids

girl wearing butterfly braids with facemask

Don’t think this style suits adult women alone. It also suits younger women. So, don’t hesitate to try it on your little girl. 

little girl with butterfly braids

To achieve it, your child’s hairstylist will have to pull a part of her extension as they braid her hair. This will result in small curves around each braid.

girl wearing butterfly briads

2. Cornrow Braids

smiling child rocking stylish cornrows

These hairstyles for little girls will never go out of style. The beautiful thing about cornrows is they are versatile as you can manipulate them into zigzag, two French braids, two-step, didi, shuku, patewo,  and other cornrow hairstyles

little girl wearing cornrows with beads

You can also add a side part, center part, or maneuver the hair into a heart shape if you want.

side view of cornrows on a kid

There’s enough room for your baby girl to look beautiful with these hairstyles for little girls.

3. Ponytail

smiling dancing child wearing ponytail

When I was a child, we used to call this packing gel when I was a child. I remember how my mom would take a pack of this extension we called telephone wire to the hairstylist. Then she would style my hair into an updo, make it lie flat with black gel, and attach the extension to it.

a child wearing ponytail

The style has evolved though. You can use any extension to achieve it ranging from attachment to straight weaves and Afro weaves. In addition, if your daughter’s forehead is well pronounced, this style will promote it.

girl wearing ponytail

4. Afro Puff

baby rocking afro puffs

Go for this hairdo if your daughter is a naturalista. It’s simple to achieve and remains one of the best hairstyles for flaunting the density and length of your child’s hair.

smiling child with 2 afro puffs
child wearing afro puffs

5. Box Braids

smiling girl wearing box braids

Box braids are lovely coiffures. To prevent this style from inconveniencing your child, don’t make them long. They can stop right at her shoulders if she says she wants them long.

back view of box braids with beads

You can also make your daughter’s box braids thin, curly,  or chunky. It all depends on your choice.

smiling little girl wearing box braids

6. Twists 

back view of twists hairstyle for kids with accessories

Twists are one of the attachment hairstyles that’ll suit your daughter. Like box braids, you can make them thin or chunky. They are easy to achieve. Plus you don’t have to worry about going through stress to loosen them. 

girl child wearing twist hairstyle

Once you take your child to the salon to do this hairdo, they’ll be done in no time. 

back view of big twists

7. Buns

baby rocking buns

This is the go-to hairstyle when you don’t have the time to take your child to the salon. Just use a scrunchie, rubber band, or any hair accessory to pack her hair into two or more buns.

back view of a child wearing 2 buns hairstyle

She’ll look cute.

baby wearing buns hairstyle

8. Stitch Braids

girl wearing stitch braids and closing eyes in the sun

Wanna make your daughter’s cornrows unique? Go for stitch braids. This style uses the feed-in technique. Although it takes time to manipulate, stitch braids are super cool. And the space between the sectioned lines will add more details to your baby girl’s hair.

close up shot a child rocking stitch braids
side headshot of a girl child rocking stitch braids

9. Thread Hairstyle

mixed pictures of thread hairstyles

If you want your child’s hair to grow fast, how about you stretch with thread hairstyles.

little girl with thread hairstyle

This hairstyle for little girls boosts hair growth, causes little or no damage, and remains the best natural way to straighten your child’s hair.

close up view of thread hairstyle on a child

10. Cornrows and Twists

side view of a girl with cornrow and twists

Cornrows and twists are great natural hairstyles. They help to diversify your girl’s cornrows as it features twists at the ends. You don’t need a hair extension to achieve it. Her natural hair is enough.

side view of a girl wearing cornrows and twists
back view of cornrow and twists hairstyle

11. Ghana Weaving

fair girl child wearing Ghana weavings

You can also choose to adorn your child’s hair with Ghana braids. Just make sure the hairstylist doesn’t pick her edges so she doesn’t have a receding hairline at a young age.

mixed picture showing a kid wearing Ghana braids
a child wearing Ghana weaving looking down

12. Bantu Knots

child wearing bantu knots

Want your daughter to look like an African princess? Go for these hairstyles for your girl. 

close up back view of bantu knots

Bantu knots are beautiful to install. They are the perfect hairdo for an afrocentric fashion outfit.

girl wearing bantu knots

Handy Tips to Remember When Choosing Hairstyles for Little Girls

little girl with nice braids

When picking the best hairdo for your daughter, never sacrifice the health of her hair for style. Therefore, only go for protective hairstyles to prevent her hair from pulling. And if her braids are too tight, use the tips on how to release tight braids.  

girl with beautiful hairstyle

Moreso, to add more details, style her baby hair with edge control.  And don’t forget to adorn her hair with accessories for a more beautiful look.

Need to see more hairstyles for little girls? Scroll down to feast your eyes.

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