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How to Pull off Bucket Hats Outfits with Style

If there’s one thing I love about fashion, it’s the fact that what goes out must surely come back. In other words, trends never leave the scene entirely. They’re always recycled to return better than their earlier emergence. It’s the same for bucket hats.

pretty lady wearing bucket hat with tank top and pants

This accessory seems to top the list of pop culture fashion. From the runway down to the street and even on social media, celebrities, style influencers, and random individuals pull off bucket hat outfits.

man wearing bucket hat with T-shirt and pants

If you haven’t tried out this accessory, you should already.

lady wearing green bucket hat with dark green dress and sneakers

Besides shielding you from the harsh rays of the sun as any hat does, this hat also adds more dose of style to your outfits.

man wearing bucket hat with vest on a T-shirt and chinos

This guide will show you how to accessorize any type of outfit with a bucket hat. You’ll also learn more about the accessory and see how to rock it like you just came off the catwalk.

Let’s dive in.

A Peek into the Bucket Hat Accessory

lady wearing bucket hat with yellow dress and pink handbag

This headwear is also known as fisherman hat, session cap, or Irish country hat. Its names come from its shape which features a soft top that can be folded and a wide, downward-sloping brim.

lady wearing green bucket hat with top and tight shorts

The accessory was first conceived in the 1900s as a lightweight, portable form of protection for farmers and fishermen who worked outdoors. These hats could easily be folded into a pocket. And their main purpose was to serve as protection from the rain.

As written on Studio Courtenay’s blog:

“The downward sloping brim meant rain ran straight down and away from their face. It was then repurposed during the Vietnam war as a means of protecting soldiers’ necks from burning in the sun, and made of a lightweight cotton to help keep their heads cool.”

old fisherman wearing bucket hat

Afterward, these hats became a part of mainstream fashion from the 60s to the 90s. And celebrities weren’t left out in its adaptation.

For instance, rappers like Big Bank Hank of Sugar Hill Gang wore one during a performance of “Rapper’s Delight” on the TV show Soap Factory in 1979. This resulted in a new movement for the bucket hat. 

LL Cool J rocking red bucket hat

As Andrea Cheng, Writer at CR Fashionbook, noted:

“It promptly launched a phenomenon, spurring others to embrace the hat, including Run-DMC in 1984 (the group’s headwear collection was so extensive, they were never seen without a bucket, a fedora, or a panama hat perched atop their heads), LL Cool J in 1985 (like who could ever forget his red Kangol bucket hat), and Jay-Z in 2000.”

Andrea Cheng

Bucket hats weren’t just a major part of ’90s hip-hop fashion. Today, this hat still hasn’t left the scene. While designers are adding it to their collections, celebrities like Rihanna, Cardi B, etc., are taking them off the runway, further solidifying the trend.

We’ve also seen variations from the regular cotton fisherman hats to include Adire, faux fur, leather, transparent PVC, plastic, crocheted, and jeans hats.

Rihanna wearing pink fur bucket hat on a matching dress

While the headwear is often worn with streetwear outfits, it also looks good with other wears as you’ll soon find out.

man wearing black bucket hat with T-shirt

How to Wear a Bucket Hat

rapper wearing bucket hat on stage

Just got this headwear or you’re planning to? Here are the best ways to style it:

1. Wear a Dress

lady wearing bucket hat taking mirror selfie in  a hot dress

If you love to wear dresses of any type, this option is for you. You can go for a floral print dress, a mini dress, midi dress, or maxi dress. You can as well make it bodycon or flared if you want. 

lady wearing bucket hat with a flowery dress

The good thing is bucket hats suit every type of casual dress regardless of its fittings.

2. Pull off a Monochromatic Ensemble

man wearing dark green bucket hat with matching outfit

Whether it’s an all-white ensemble or an all-black ensemble, it’ll look great when you add a fisherman hat to your look.

lady striking a pose in blue bucket hat with a matching outfit

This ensemble can be anything from suits to co-ords, tracksuit, etc.

3. Go Streetwear

lady wearing bucket hat with white Tee and blue jeans

This is the go-to outfit for this accessory. 

Whether you wanna rock a pair of jeans and tee or sweatpants, joggers, cargo pants, jacket, tracksuits, etc., you’ll always look great with a fisherman hat.

man wearing white bucket hat with streetwear outfit

4. Make it Afro-urban

man wearing black bucket hat with Afro-urban outfit

Afro-urban fashion is a blend of Afrocentric fashion and streetwear. It involves fusing African fabrics such as Ankara, kente, Adire, etc., with ready-made street style.

Afro-urban pieces paired with a bucket hat are a super stylish combo you shouldn’t miss out on.

man rocking ankara bucket hat

On the other hand, If you don’t wanna pair your jean or cotton bucket hat with an afro-urban ensemble, why not wear an afro-urban hat instead?

This could be any fisherman hat made with African textiles. Or better still go for Adire bucket hats. The tie-dye design is unique and topping trends. 

5. Try a Reversible Bucket Hat

reversible bucket hat

This is a two-in-one option. Instead of buying one more fisherman hat, invest in a reversible one.

lady wearing reversible bucket hat

It’ll come in handy when you wanna switch up your look without repeating the same hat.

6. Layer Your Outfit

lady wearing brown bucket hat with sweater and mini skirt

This hat also looks great with a blazer, jean jacket, coat, sweater, or any outerwear you wanna use to layer your outfit.

man wearing bucket hat with a jacket

Feel free to try it out this bucket hat outfit idea the next time you’re dressing up.

7. Wear a Miniskirt or Shorts

man wearing bucket hat with shorts and sneakers

Don’t just flaunt your fine thighs with your mini skirt or shorts. Grab on a session cap too.

lady wearing knitted bucket hat with matching bra and mini skirt

It helps to accentuate your look and give you more stares of admiration.

8. Still Accessorize

I know your bucket hat is an accessory. But wearing it doesn’t mean you should forgo other add-ons.

man wearing bucket hat with sunglasses

So, wear your wristwatch, earrings, necklace, bracelet, etc. If you wanna add a pair of socks to your sneakers, go ahead. And if you prefer to rock it with a pair of formal shoes for men and women, there’s no problem at all.

lady wearing bucket hat

Bucket hats are no discriminator of persons. They suit everybody.

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