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9 Jewelry Mistakes Men Make and How to Correct Them

A great way to stand out as a dandy man is to wear jewelry. These accessories aren’t for the female gender alone. Stylish men also don jewelry be it a necklace, bracelet, wristwatch, or what have you. In fact, men have been wearing jewelry for as long as time. The only problem with this trend is that the jewelry mistakes men make when accessorizing can tarnish their looks.

And if you’ve been making any of them, keep reading. You’ll not only see the mistakes men make when wearing jewelry. You’ll also learn how to correct them.

Should Men Wear Jewelry?

chains on a man's neck

Of course, as I earlier established, jewelry isn’t for one gender alone. Whether it’s your cufflinks for your shirt sleeves, necklace, or bracelets, you deserve to adorn your body with jewelry as a man. 

They are accessories. And like every other accessory, they magnify your look.

Furthermore, when you add a couple of jewelry to your outfit, you look great and exude a dapper kind of class.

The only problem is when you’re guilty of the jewelry mistakes men make. But that won’t be a problem anymore since you’re about to see how to stop those mistakes too.

Let’s look at them together.

9 Mistakes Men Make When Wearing Jewelry

Here they are:

1. Not Dressing to Suit Their Environment

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There are some places in today’s world where wearing jewelry, as a man, is prohibited. And if you’re visiting any of those places, be it a religious gathering or a specific location, don’t wear your jewelry.

In the same vein,  there are rules to wearing jewels during funerals, work interviews, or at school. If you must wear them, keep them subtle and moderate.

 Your jewel shouldn’t be the first thing people notice about you on occasions like this.

Always remember to dress according to the specified dress code. It’ll let you know if you should keep your jewelry subtle or experiment as you like.

2. Not Matching With Your Skin Tone

multi-colored bracelet jewelry

Just as you match color with your skin tone, you should also match your jewelry with your skin tone.  The best way to know what suits you is to try different pieces. Or better still, go through our style guide on how to match colors with your skin tone.

We’ve already shown you there how to find your skin tone and what jewelry colors would suit you. 

3. Not Wearing Your Jewelry with Confidence

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Some guys don’t wear jewelry because they think it’s a woman’s thing. That’s understandable even though such thoughts should be abolished with immediate effect. Also, some others wear jewelry but lack the confidence to make a fashion statement with it.

If you’re one of them, wear your jewelry with style and comfort. Feel free to read our guide on how to blend comfort and style.

In addition, don’t be afraid to push your boundaries a bit. Once you do so, it’ll help to boost your self-confidence and position you as a suave man.

4. Over-Accessorizing Your Jewelry

rapper with too many gold chains

Keep it classy and simple. There’s no need to overstuff your wrists with multiple bracelets in the name of wearing jewelry.  

Also, you shouldn’t pair a heavy bling necklace with heavy bracelets. If you’re wearing a bling, try to keep other accessories minimal unless you’re about to perform on stage.

Even at that, comfort is paramount.

Perhaps, you should follow the old principle of making your accessory the last thing you wear. Also, before you step out, after dressing up, look in the mirror and take off one accessory. This tip comes in handy when you must have over-accessorized without knowing.

5. Not Balancing Your Jewelry

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Your jewelry should blend in with your outfit and not try to take all the attention. So, try to balance things out.

Don’t stack necklaces on your neck as a man. Doing that can take attention to your neck instead of your entire outfit. Similarly, don’t wear a small wristwatch on one wrist and wear big bracelets on the other.

That’s not balanced. Instead, try to keep things balanced by wearing the same type of metal. 

6. Not Wearing Jewelry that Suits Your Body

man wearing too big wrist watch

Your jewelry size should suit your body. Got a wide neck? Wear a longer necklace. If your wrists are big, big bracelets or a large watch would suit you.

And if your hands are small, don’t try to fit in bigger jewelry there. It’ll look disproportionate.

7. Wearing Jewelry that Don’t Suit Your Outfit

white man wearing shades and too much blings on a suit

Imagine wearing blings with a suit? Inappropriate, isn’t it? That goes without saying your jewelry must suit your clothes. In fact, before you pick a particular piece of jewelry, you should know the clothes you want to wear and ensure it suits it.

Keep the loud chains for casual attires. For formal, make it mute or subtle.

8. Not Using Tie Clips for Your Ties

man adjusting tie clip on a suit outfit
Young teen boy casually dressed fixes his tie needle

If you always wear formal office wear to work and you don’t want your tie dangling about, keep them in place with a tie clip.

This is one jewelry mistake men make. Tie clips come in different colors. They prevent your tie from flying about in the wind and also add more style to your look.

9. Thinking Every Jewelry is for Women

gold chains and silver ring for men

We’ve noted this before and I’m repeating it for emphasis because this is one common mistake men make about jewelry.

How do you think jewelry is for women alone when the Pope wears rings, Egyptians of old adorned themselves with jewelry, and even some companies gift their male employees wristwatches?

Just how?

If you don’t know, male bracelets date back to 3000 B.C. 

We agree, there are some types of jewelry for women alone, However, it doesn’t mean men shouldn’t wear jewelry.

Jewelry doesn’t in any way reduce your masculinity. If you love to wear stud earrings, wear them. Wear bracelets too. 

Rather than saying jewelry is for women, go for styles that accentuate your masculine finesse.

There you have it! Now, go correct these jewelry mistakes men make. And remember to consult our style guide to see how to care for your jewelry and make them last longer.

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