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Differences Between Vietnamese Hair and Other Countries Hair

If you are in the hair business, then you must have heard of Vietnamese hair at least once. Vietnamese hair is known as the highest quality hair on the hair market today. Vietnamese hair is popular in many countries such as Europe, USA, Africa, especially in Nigeria,… thanks to its quality.

But the current hair market has a lot of hair types from different countries, so what is Vietnamese hair? Today, let’s learn about Vietnamese hair – a type of hair that is rated as the best quality today.

Is Vietnamese hair good quality?

Vietnamese hair is known for its texture such as shiny, silky, smooth, and thick. Although it’s thick, Vietnamese hair is not stiff but still thin and light does not make the head feel heavy when used.

Vietnamese hair is very diverse in length. Usually, Vietnamese hair length is from 8 inches to 32 inches, and sometimes it can be up to 40 inches, this helps customers have more choices.

Vietnamese hair is popularly known for its straightness. Straight hair will be easier to change into other styles such as wavy hair, deep wavy hair, curly hair and deep curly hair, even kinky hair. 

Vietnamese human hair

Normal hair color is naturally black, with this color, Vietnamese hair easily blends into the real hair of many women from many different countries. If you don’t like natural black, you can ask for other colors like red, blue, purple, orange, or brown,…


Naturally, Vietnamese hair is of high quality because most hair is collected from Vietnamese women in the ideal age range from 18-30 years old in mountainous areas. During this age, the hair contains a lot of keratin and good nutrients, so the hair is always strong and smooth.

Origin of Vietnamese human hair

Besides, with a healthy lifestyle, mountainous women often choose to eat healthy fruits, and they do not have the habit of using chemicals to dye or curl their hair. Thanks to these things, Vietnamese hair is never damaged and is always strong from root to tip.

The position of Raw Vietnamese hair in the hair market

Vietnamese hair has always been positioned as a luxury hair type in the market. The reason why Vietnamese hair becomes the leading hair type in the market is because Vietnamese hair is always collected from 100% real human hair and carefully classified, so the hair quality is uniform. The second reason is Vietnamese hair is diverse in length, thickness, style, and color, … ready to meet all customer needs. The last reason is Vietnamese hair has a reasonable price with quality, helping you improve business profits.


Hair TypeCharacteristicOriginTouchingDurabilityPrice
Vietnamese HairHigh quality, shiny, silky, smooth, thick, no tangle, no chemicalVietnamese mountainous women’s hairSilky, smooth, soft​​Up to 5 years or moreFrom 10$/bundle
Chinese HairShiny and bouncy. Use chemical for procedures, and gets tangled and shedding after a short time of usingImport from China, India, and Cambodia, not from 100% pure hair donorsSoft, smoothUp to 5 monthsFrom 5$/bundle
Indian HairThicker and coarser, which creates a feeling of fullness in the customersFrom two main sources: Temple hair and Hairballs.Difficult to run your fingers throughUp to 1 yearFrom 6$/bundle
Brazilian HairQuite thicker and heavier, bouncyImported from Vietnam, India, Peru, etc…Thick, toughUp to 1 yearFrom $10/bundle

Top 4 suggestions to choose the reliable Vietnamese Hair Vendors

Vietnamese human hair is popular among those in the fashion and beauty professions. Due to its luster, texture, and overall health, it has been considered as one of the best quality hairs. Let’s have a look at some of the options for finding a good hair vendor in Vietnamese.

1. Cyhair – Vietnam real hair factory

CyHair – Vietnam Human Hair Factory is a professional human hair products manufacturer, which combines research, development, design, production with sales and services. Located in Hair Village, Dong Bich, Dong Tho, Bac Ninh, Vietnam, the biggest hair trading center.

24 hours customer service will provide any in time reply to customers, 150 workers in the factory enable on-time finishing of any order from customers.

Cyhair without the use of chemicals, 100% natural hair is obtained from healthy and young Vietnamese women donors. It is known for its durability and natural silkiness, and can be styled in a variety of ways without causing harm.

Contact: Whatsapp: +84387751243

2. KF Hair – Top Vietnamese Hair Wholesale

Kfhair is one of the top companies in the human hair industry. Offer top notch quality hair, hair is not chemically treated. Currently, Kfhair employs over 1000 cooperators in the world

Kfhair provide wholesale for resellers, wholesalers, online store owners, salon owners and hair stylists from 1,5kg orders. Kfhair supply all types including bundles, tapes-in, tips in, clips, ponytails, halo, wigs, topper & toupee, and more made from raw Vietnam hair.

Kfhair’s curly hair from one donor is a premium and coveted hair type that promises unmatched beauty and consistency. The uniqueness of curly hair from one donor lies in its natural bounce, defined curls, and lustrous appearance, making it a top choice for those seeking a glamorous and effortless look. 

Bulk hair is a bundle of hair secured by elastic bands. Each bundle of bulk hair is very smooth, lustrous, soft, and simple to style, bleach, and dye since it is made of 100% real human hair that was collected from Vietnamese women.

Contact: Whatsapp: +84 36 767 2006


3. Unihair Factory – Top Vietnamese Hair Vendor

Unihair Factory is one of the top wholesale hair suppliers in Vietnam, is an internationally known brand with retail stores and distributors throughout the world, especially in Nigeria 

With many years of experience, we are receiving positive feedbacks from customers all over the world. Unihair’s slogan is “Pure product, Real price”. They alway give you an opportunity to experience top quality Vietnamese hair at affordable prices. 

Especially, they have return policy to ensure their quality products.You can return packs when you are not satisfied. 

Visit website Unihairvn.com to explore the wide range of human hair products available https://unihairvn.com/ or contact Whatsapp: +84 905 97 1188

4. 8hair – best Vietnam human hair

Join countless satisfied customers who have chosen 8Hair as their go-to supplier for top-notch wigs and hair extensions. They offer the most comprehensive premium human hair products at the most competitive prices. 

Visit website or contact them today to experience the quality of Vietnam’s leading supplier of wigs and hair extensions 

Contact: whatsapp: +84 978 730 335

The process of how to import hair from Vietnam to Nigeria

And that’s all the process of importing hair from Vietnam to Nigeria. In addition, if you have any questions about the process of importing hair from Vietnam, you can refer to this playlist to better understand the import process of each country.

Tips to check real Vietnamese hair

If you want to import Vietnamese hair to serve your hair business but do not know how to check if it is real Vietnamese hair or not. Don’t worry, we’ll give you some tips for checking your hair.

Cuticle Test

The first way is also the simplest way, you can try brushing your hair with your hands. For real hair, fingers will run down a lot easier and smoother than synthetic hair.

Burning Test

Real hair will be harder to catch fire than synthetic hair. After burning, the real hair is crunchy, but the synthetic hair melts and smells like plastic.


If you are a wholesaler, a supplier, or a hair salon looking for new sources of products, Vietnamese hair will definitely be a great choice for you.

We hope that the knowledge we bring to you today will be useful for your business journey. If you still have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the above vendors immediately to get the most accurate answer.

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