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Learn the secrets to having that fashionable look every time you step out.

7 Stylish Ways to Rock a Midi Skirt

7 Stylish Ways to Rock a Midi Skirt

Skirt trends come and go but some have stayed long enough to become wardrobe staples. An example is the midi skirt. Whether you’re off to work or a party, midi skirts are versatile for any occasion. To encourage you to…

How to Dress With Style

When you see your favourite style influencers pull off killer looks, I know the first thing that hits your mind after admiring their outfits is how they manage to dress stylishly with so much ease. That’s because they have mastered…

How to Wear Sneakers with Suits

how to wear sneakers with suit

Some years back pairing suits with sneakers was considered absurd and a total fashion blunder. It was a fashion rule that was not to be broken; attributed to persons perceived to lack style and good dress sense. Well, times have…

Types of Underwear For Women

Types of Underwear For Women

Underwear are clothes worn next to the skin, underneath outer clothing. They are like the air we breathe —we just can’t do without them all the time. Women have different underwear that suit any outfit. Some are very much alluring…

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