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Hair Color Ideas: 29 Brilliant Shades for Stylish Women

There comes a time in every lady’s life when she desires to change her look. So you decide to wear a new hairstyle since your hair is a huge indicator of a new look. Do you chop them off, lock them, or try new hair color ideas? 

The decision is yours to make. 

Side view of  lady rocking the purple color hair

But if you’ve decided to color your hair, you’ve come to the right place. This article sheds light on the many hair color ideas available these days. 

From bold colors like gray, caramel, auburn, and burgundy shade to soft balayage and ombre blends in natural hues of blonde, brown, and red to neon and pastel hair dye colors, there’s a hair color for every lady. The magic is to pick the one that suits your skin tone and see how you transform.

How to Get the Right Hair Color for You

Picture of a lady  wearing the gorgeous muilti-color curls

With so many gorgeous hair color options, deciding which shade will look best on you can be overwhelming. But with these few simple tips, your new hair color will perfectly complement your skin tone and features:

Consider Your Skin Undertone

The key to choosing a flattering hair color is determining whether you have a warm or cool skin undertone. People with a warm undertone (hints of yellow, peach, or golden tones) look amazing in warm hair colors like golden blonde, caramel, honey, auburn, or warm brown shades. 

But with a cool undertone (pink, olive, or reddish tones), you’ll look great in cool hair colors like platinum, ash browns, beige blondes, or icy pastels.

To know your undertone, ask a professional stylist to look at the veins inside your wrist under natural light. You can also do the test yourself. If the veins are blue or purple, your undertone is cool. But if they’re green or teal, your undertone is warm. And if you can’t tell the color of your veins, your undertone is most likely neutral.

Knowing your undertone helps you aim for shades that create a beautiful contrast against your skin rather than clashing with it.

Find a Shade Complementary to Your Eyes 

One of the best ways to choose a flattering hair color shade is to pick one that brings out and enhances the color of your eyes. Those with blue or green eyes look amazing with cooler hair tones like ash browns, beige blondes, or icy blondes. Green and hazel eyes also pop against warm, coppery reds and golden browns.

On the other hand, brown-eyed beauties can get away with just about any color. But rich, warm blondes, chestnuts, and deeper, cool browns will help make their eyes stand out. 

For more accuracy, show your stylist hair color ideas you love to be sure they’d complement your eye color.

Think About Upkeep

Consider your desired level of commitment and upkeep when choosing a new hair color. Bold shades like copper, bright red, or vivids require frequent root touch-ups. On the other hand, subtle looks like balayage, baby lights, or ombre highlights blend smoothly and stretch out the time between your salon visits.

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15 Amazing Hair Color Ideas You Should Try

Hair Color Ideas: Picture of a  lady  wearing the ginger hair color

Find below gorgeous hair color ideas that’ll make you wonder why you’ve been delaying to take the plunge:


Side view: Picture  of  a lady wearing the gorgeous cinammon hair color

Get that slay with a gorgeous cinnamon hair color. These warm reddish browns and auburn hues are making waves as people embrace richer tones. It’s just the perfect way to spice up your brunette locks.

Ginger Hair Color

Picture of a lady wearing the Ginger hair color

Thanks to its celebs and influencers rocking the hue, the gorgeous ginger hair color is all the rage now. Don’t wanna be left behind? Ask your stylist for this shade on your next visit to the salon.

Dirty Blonde Hair

Picture of a lady wearing the dirty blonde hair

The beauty of the blonde shade is it comes in different hues. So if you don’t want the lighter shade, go for the dirty blonde hair color, you’ll surely slay.

Silver Lavender 

Hair color ideas :  Picture of a lady wearing the silver lavender

The blend of purple and silver tones looks amazing on blondes or grays who want an on-trend, chic vibe. It has an ethereal, dreamy feel.

Ash Blonde Hair Color Ideas

Picture of a lady wearing the ash blonde  hair color

This hair color is gorgeous for dark-skinned women with cooler undertones. Also, if you’re from the light brown tone family of dark skin, you’ll slay with this hairstyle.

Rose Gold Highlights on Burgundy Hair Color

Side view of a lady rocking the rose gold with burgundy highlightss

Burgundy has its way of complementing any skin tone. Enhance the shade by adding rose gold highlights, and you’ll love your look.

Black and Blonde Hair

Picture of a lady wearing the black and blonde hair color

Who says you can’t mix and blonde together? No one. The black and blonde hair color is just as fire as any interesting color you have in mind. Plus, they make for a really eye-catching look.

Chocolate Mauve 

Picture of  a lady wearing the Chocolate Muave hairstyle

This multi-tonal chocolate brown hue has gorgeous mauve undertones that give brunettes a unique, sultry vibe. It’s an unexpected twist to the classic brown shade.

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Mushroom Blonde

Side view of a lady wearing the gorgeous mushroom blonde hairdo

Blondes looking to go edgier love the mushroom shade. It’s like a grown-out blonde with cool tones and pops of contrasting warmth. Mushroom blondes help beiges, taupes, and grays blend for a gorgeous, lived-in vibe with tons of dimension. It’s also incredibly low-maintenance as your roots grow out.

Money Piece

Hair color ideas: Picture of a lady wearing the gorgeous moneypiece color

Want to add an accent of color and brightness around your face without going full-on bleach blonde? Money piece highlights are the way to do it. Your stylists can add this hue around the hairline and face for a gorgeous multi-tonal face-framing look.

Milky White Hair Color Ideas

Picture of a lady wearing the gorgeous milky white braids

Many people like to play safe with colors. It’s better to play safe than to wear a color you don’t feel comfortable in, they say. But we encourage you to step out of your comfort zone occasionally by wearing colors you hardly wear. Milky white is one of those colors. It’s a softer hue of white that’s bold and, of course, pops you out of any crowd.

Inky Black Hair Color Ideas

Hair color ideas: Picture of a lady  wearing the inky black hairdo

Inky black hair never goes out of style. Give yours more accents by adding cool tones of midnight blue. This hair color is glossy and sleek. It’s a great way to revamp your natural hair color.

Ruby Red

Picture of a lady wearing the ruby red hairstyle

Red is that color. But if you’d like to wear red hair without the color flushing out your skin tones? Go for ruby red. It’s subtle. Also, the darker roots smoothly blend with the hue to highlight your features.

Rainbow Hair Color Ideas 

Picture of a lady wearing  the rainbow hair color pixie cut

Who says you can’t rock rainbow hair colors and slay? No one. Want something bold and gorgeous? Don’t hesitate to go for this hue. Whether as long or short hair, rainbow colors are an edgy way to transform your hair.

Toffee Brown

Hair color ideas: Picture of  a lady wearing the toffee brown hairdo

This hair color is particularly gorgeous and flattering on corkscrew curls. Bring the brown base to life with subtle touches of toffee and caramel. You’ll be glad you did as you stare at your reflection in awe.

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Hair Color Ideas are all about Enhancing Your Features

Picture of a lady wearing the peach hair color

No matter your hair color, the key is finding a shade that complements your skin’s undertones and makes you feel confident and beautiful. Work with an experienced stylist to achieve a customized hue that enhances your natural features. 

With so many gorgeous hair color options, from vibrant tones to multi-dimensional neutrals, you’ll surely find a fresh, flattering new look you’ll love. So, don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and experiment with any shade. The right hair color will completely transform your look. If you need more inspiration, check out the photos below:

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