Hairspirations From Peakmill For You

Worry no more about the right weave/wig hairstyles as Khadijat Sanni, popularly known as Peakmill, is the best source you can run to.


The make-up artist, hair connoisseur and exceptional wig maker is a beauty paragon for every swarthy woman.

With over 680k followers on Instagram, 822k+ subscribers and 72+milliom views on YouTube, Peakmill never fails to dole out beauty tips for women. Never for once has any hairstyle looked bad on her. The beautypreneur does her thing so well slaying in every look to the point where one begins to ask if she was born with the art.

The reason for her popularity can be said to be her undying passion for her craft coupled with the endless stream of tutorial videos she posts on her space so she, while showing her followers her beautiful handiworks, can also teach them how to recreate the weave styles.

Are you thinking about the right hairdo to rock just before the month ends? Here are 10 wig/weave hairstyles all by Peakmill to inspire you.

Photo credit: @peakmill

Victoria B. Willie

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