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Plus-Size Fashion: 14 Ways to Dress Classy and Stylish as a Plus-Size Lady

There’s this style influencer on Instagram who gets me drooling on her page anytime I pay a visit. And that happens not only because she’s beautiful with glowing skin but also because she understands plus-size fashion and executes it effortlessly.

As a plus-sized lady, you should be proud of your unique body. You’re big, bold, and beautiful; something ladies on the slim side don’t have. Sure, you should also exercise regularly or pay frequent trips to the gym. But all these won’t matter if you don’t dress well enough to flatter your body size.

So, shall we take a look at how you can pull off plus-size fashion in effortless ways?

Let’s dive in.

What is Plus-Size Clothing?

plus-size lady

If you’re plus-sized, then you don’t wear ready-made clothes with standard measurements. You wear clothing specifically made for people with larger proportions. 

According to PLUS Model magazine:

“In the fashion industry, plus size is identified as sizes 18 and over, or sizes 1X-6X and extended size as 7X and up”.

In simple terms, plus-sized clothing are clothes with sizes larger than the standard sizes of ready-to-wear lines.

Not every fashion brand caters for the needs of plus-sized women. And that’s why, you don’t always find your exact size when you go shopping. Thankfully, many clothing lines are becoming size-inclusive. And now, you don’t have an excuse not to look stylish as you desire. 

If you use the style tips for plus-size fashion, you’ll be one step closer to dressing like a style icon.

Plus-Size Fashion Tips to Flatter Your Body Shape

You don’t have to wait to lose weight before you flex your style muscles. You can rock that dress right now even as your arms, thighs, and midsection are bigger than other women you know.

So, rather than shy away from dressing well, only wear things that accentuate your body shape.

Take advantage of the extra fat around your hips and bust and frame them properly.

Moreover, you’ll look better every time you dress up if you use these tips:

1. Accept Your Body and All its Flaws

plus-size lady wearing jean jacket over black gown

This is one piece of advice you should never forget. And it is the first step to dressing with confidence.

Your body is a part of you. You should always accept yourself for who you are. 

Whether your belly is flat or bulging, or your hips are straight or curvy, accept it. You can’t change anything about your body unless you choose to go under the knife or hit the gym.

Accept your body and all its flaws. That’s the first rule of plus-size fashion.

2. Don’t Cover Up Carelessly

lady wearing plus-size top and jeans

Some really thick women tend to cover up their body in loose clothing all the time.

Don’t do that. Avoid clothes with so much bulk. You’ll look bigger and shapeless in them.

Even though those clothes hide your layers of fat, they end up making you look like a sack. So, avoid them instead and go for flattering silhouettes.

For instance, if your belly fat is what you want to cover up, only wear outfits for ladies with big bellies.

They’ll cover your belly fat seamlessly for you and make you look more attractive.

3. Get Inspiration from Others

smiling lady wearing green maxi gown

There are many plus-size style influencers and bloggers on Instagram. For instance, there’s Ms Leon whose impeccable style has won her endorsements from top brands like Fashionnova.

Other plus-size fashion influencers include Ty Alexander, Kellie Brown, Grown and Curvy, Sierra Edoh, Makioba Olugbile, and many others.

Ensure you follow at least two of these plus-size influencers and get inspired by how they combine their clothing to achieve their outfits.

They’ll motivate you to be more deliberate about your looks.

4. Dress for Your Body Type

plus-size lady in multi-color jumpsuit

Your body type.

That’s the most important thing to think about when dressing up. But, unfortunately, many plus-size women don’t consider their body shapes.

Does what you have in mind to wear flatter your body type? If it doesn’t, take it off.

To do great at plus-size fashion, you should also know your body type and dress according to it.

You’ll do that perfectly if you read up our style guide on how to dress for your body type. It’ll help you define your body type and suggest clothing that’ll look good on you.

5. Work with a Good Tailor

lady wearing ankara for plus-size ladies

Your seamstress can break or make your outfit. And as such, you have to be sure you’re making a good choice when you settle for one.

To be sure of this, check out her works. Apart from good finishing and styles, she has to know how to make the dress for the woman. This is because it is the woman who makes the dress beautiful and not the other way round. Hence, body fittings are a priority.

In addition, a tailor comes in handy when you buy plus-size clothes and find out that they don’t fit perfectly. So, rather than sulk over wasted money, a good tailor will make the necessary amendments for you.

6. Don’t Buy Just any Jeans

smiling lady wearing jean dress

You have to first know how to recognize original jeans before you head to the store. And when you do that, know the type of jeans you want.

You don’t wanna be in a pair of jeans that are too tight, loose, or unbefitting for your body. 

7. Recognize Your Personal Style and Dress for it

smiling plus size lady wearing red kimono on black gown

Your personal style is your individuality. Never forget that.

The influencers and bloggers you follow must all align with your personal style. And the dresses you choose to rock too must be in line with the stuff that make you you.

Whether you have an eccentric style or not, you don’t have to follow trends if they aren’t in line with your personality. Just be you and do you.

Always remember that.

8. Bend those Fashion Rules

plus-size lady rocking beachwear confidently

Who said you can’t wear a crop top because you’ve got more weight than other women?

Who said you can’t wear bikini? Tell such a person to pay a visit to Kellie Brown’s IG page and watch how she pulls off beach outfits.

Ignore those naysayers who discriminate body sizes. Go ahead and wear what you want, baby girl. 

Just make sure it suits your style and top it up with some badass self-confidence.

That’s how plus-size fashion rolls!

9. Grab on Your Heels

lady wearing top and palazzo with pink handbag

Don’t be afraid to wear a pair of heels. Whether you’re donning a dress, a pair of pants, or any type of skirts, wear heels.

They don’t have to be too high. Something moderate but height-lifting is fine. Apart from making you look taller, they give you a better carriage and make you look more confident when you take strides.

You just have to know how to walk comfortably in heels.

10. Know Your Body Measurements

plus size lady wearing red dinner gown

Nowadays, we buy clothes from faraway stores and vendors. And if you don’t wanna buy what you’d regret, you have to consult the brand’s size guide.

But checking their size guide would be useless if you don’t know your body measurements.

So, get a tape measure, or better still, head to a nearby tailor and get your measurements from them.

This will come in handy when you want to buy clothes online.

11. Wear More Colours

smiling lady in glasses wearing more colors

I know your body size is loud enough, but that doesn’t mean you should appear in dull colours all the time.

Sweetheart, don’t be afraid to wear more colours. You can do this with your accessories or by learning how to mix and match colours in your outfits.

12. Mix those Prints

lady wearing polka dot top with pleated skirt

Yes, busy prints are a good way to take the attention from your belly and other places you aren’t proud of.

So, don’t be afraid to mix prints when you dress up. Wear the floral and polka dots together. Or is it stripes and checkered fabrics?

Wear them with confidence.

13. Never Write off Any Fashion Item

lady wearing brown leather dress

You may see a particular plus-size fashion item and quickly conclude that it won’t look good on you.

Resist the urge to do that. Instead, try it on first to know if it’ll fit or suit you. It just may need a little sartorial adjustment.

You never can tell.

14. Wear a Belt to Define Your Waist

lady wearing black top with red pants

Remember, you’re plus size. And as such, you risk looking shapeless especially when you wear clothes that don’t define your waist.

To avoid that, always add a belt to your look. They help to cinch your waist and define it better. A belt also gives you the illusion of an hourglass figure. 

And you know what that means? You appear curvier and more attractive with a belt on. 

So, never forget to wear a belt. It’ll give you a proportioned body shape, emphasize your waist, and consequently, give you a slimming effect.

Plus-Sized Fashion Brands to Shop With

pretty lady wearing black plus-size dinner gown

With these plus-size fashion tips you’ve read, I bet you should be psyched about conquering the world with your style.

If that sounds like something on your bucket list and you’re looking for the right plus-size brands to shop from, check these ones out:

There you have it— the right tips to help you dress classy as a plus-size lady. Now go ahead and put them to use.

lady wearing white top with checked shorts

The world deserves to see how much of a fashionista you are.

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