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16 Must-have Types of Dresses for Women

15 Must-have Types of Dresses for Women

Every season, fashion designers dole out trendy garments to sate your style needs. Among these garments are the different types of dresses for women. These dresses are functional wardrobe staples for every lady. They are differentiated by their style, length,…

A Peek Into Afro-Urban Fashion

A Peek Into Afro-Urban Fashion

As the African fashion industry continues to grow, people are left with no choice but to embrace it wholeheartedly through blending it with Western fashion or accepting it in its entirety. Basically, there are two major ways of creating this…

Types of Suits for Men

types of suits for men

What’s the best formal outfit for a man? Suits of course! If you’re thinking of the perfect look to that red carpet, dinner, prom or wedding, wear a suit. Suits make a man look classy, refined and sophisticated. They give… Protection Status