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Pink Converse Sneakers: How to Style Like a Fashion Icon

Sneakers are one footwear perfect for dressing down. But just because they’re casual kicks doesn’t mean you should only rock them in neutral colors only. You can go for a bold fit like a pair of pink Converse All Stars and draw attention to your look.

These kicks are stylish. They’re worn by celebrities and regulars alike. But the best part is despite its high clientele base, Converse still has affordable footwear with prices ranging from $60 upward. This means you have no reason not to own a pair of All stars kicks unless you just don’t like them.

a lady wearing a pair of jean and a tank top with a pair of pink converse

So if you just got a pair of pink Converse or plan to do so anytime soon, one quick question for you: how well can you style those kicks? 

Whatever your answer is, one thing is sure: you want to have more styling options. And since that’s our raison d être at Svelte Magazine, let’s get right into it. But first, a quick dive into the brand.

Sneak Peek into the Converse Brand

a guy taking a mirror selfie of his full outfit

Converse is a footwear brand that has gained global acclaim. Over the years, A-list stars like Beyonce, Rihanna, Emma Roberts, Madonna, Blake Lively, and even former first lady Michelle Obama, and other notable names have rocked a pair of Converse.

a chic lady rocking sneakers and roll-up jeans

The company was founded in 1908 by Marquis Mills Converse in Malden, Massachusetts. Initially, it was called the Converse Rubber Company. Back then, they were known for producing practical and functional footwear like gumshoes, tennis shoes, and leather duck-hunting boots. But Converse wasn’t just a shoe company. They also manufactured automobile tyres and anything rubber could make, as its original name suggested.

Colors that Go with Pink Converse Shoes

a lady wearing a white shirt dress with pink accessories

If you love to play it safe, pair your pink Converse All Stars with neutral colors such as black, white, beige, ash, grey, etc. In addition, you can go a step further by rocking brown clothes or pairing your kicks with different hues of pink.

a lady rocking a pair of green pants with a pink top and Converse sneakers

But if you aren’t scared of going bold with your fashion choices, pair them with bright colors such as yellow, blue, purple, green, etc.

10 Chic Pink Converse Outfit Ideas

a guy rocking jeans, pink denim jacket, and pink converse sneakers

These suggestions aren’t limited to the pink colors of Converse sneakers. You can apply them to any type of  Converse sneakers you have whether it’s a Chuck Taylor or not in pink, black, white, green, orange, etc.

a lady rocking a pair of pants with a white tee and a pair of kicks

You can also apply them to other kicks, including Chanel fashion sneakers, Nike, or any other brand you have.

Jeans and Top

a lady rocking her pink Converse with a pair of jean and a pink tee

What’s a casual fit without the classic pair of jeans and a T-shirt? Absolutely nothing. In fact, this should be your number one option. 

cute pink converse jeans outfit

So when in doubt about how to pair your kicks, just slip on a pair of jeans with your favorite T-shirt, polo, turtleneck, sweatshirt, etc., and get going. You’ll never go wrong with that combo. But if you don’t want a tee, you can pair your jeans with a tank top or shirt.


pink converse paired with black activewear

Your pink Converse will also look great when paired with your sweatpants, yoga pants, tracksuits, hoodies, biker shorts, cargo pants, leggings, etc.

a lady pairing her pink converse with black shorts and a crop top

These laidback streetwear outfits come in handy when it’s time to hit the gym or do anything relaxed.

Maxi Dress

a lady in a mustard yellow midi dress with a pair of pink converse sneakers

You can also pair your kicks with your maxi dresses. They could be solid colors, polka dots, floral prints, or anyone you want. 

a lady in a bodycon dress sitting on stairs

They can also be body-hugging or loose-fitting. Any style of maxi dress works with these sneakers.

Short or Midi Dress

a lady wearing a pink dress with sneakers

The same applies to your short and midi dresses.

a lady wearing a white dress with sneakers

These kicks are versatile for any type or length of dress. So, don’t be scared to explore new options.

Mini Skirt and Top

a white girl wearing a short black net skirt and a white top

Would you like to flaunt your thighs while wearing your kicks? Pair it with a mini skirt and any top. 

a girl wearing a short skirt and carrying a black bag

To add more spice, wear a pair of leggings or pantyhose underneath and you’ll double love your look.

Flared Skirt and Top

a lady rocking a short flared skirt with her pink Converse kicks

If you love your skirts free on your body and you think it won’t look great with a pair of pink All Stars sneakers, you’re wrong.

a lady rocking a short flared leopard-skin skirt with her pink Converse kicks

This is a fashion-forward combo that’ll come in handy no matter the length of your flared skirt.

Blazer & Other Outerwear

a lady pairing her sneakers outfit with a beige blazer

You can also rock your kicks when you feel like layering your outfits with a blazer, sweater, coat, or denim jacket.

a black guy sitting on a chair wearing a denim jacket with a pair of sneakers and black pants

Layering your outfit is one restyling fashion hack that never goes out of style.

Shorts and Pink Converse

a girl wearing bum shorts with pink sneakers

Of course, this list wouldn’t be complete without shorts. Just like pants, you can pair your shorts with anything including a pair of sneakers.

a guy rocking his pink Converse with a pair of denim shorts

But this depends on the occasion and look you want to achieve. Regardless, don’t forget this styling option. 

Formal Wear and Pink Converse Sneakers

a lady wearing suit and sneakers

Pairing your suits, tailored pants, button-downs, palazzo, and blouse with a pair of pink Converse sneakers is a fashion statement on its own.

a lady rocking formal outfits with her sneakers

Why? That’s because it’s unconventional. Most people would rather pair their formal fits with dress shoes. But look at you, switching from the norm. That’s something to drool over.

Accessorize Like Never Before

a lady pairing her pink kicks with black shorts and a black jacket

There’s something a pair of sunglasses, earrings, nose ring, wristwatch, bracelet, handbag, scarf, etc., does to your outfit.

a lady pairing her pink Converse with a black leather jacket

They punctuate your look and transform it from basic to killer. That’s the secret to looking like a fashion icon. Never forget that.

How to Tell the Difference Between Real and Fake Pink Converse?

 lady in a gingham dress and a pair of pink sneakers

Every day, more knock-offs are sent into the market. And if you don’t wanna pour money into a counterfeit thinking it’s the real thing, you have to know how to spot original products.

lavender purple and baby pink outfit

This involves checking the inner sole which has Converse printed on it, the packaging, logo, trademark, etc. Thankfully, we have a guide on how to spot fake designers. Now go ahead and read it as it’ll come in handy when you’re shopping for your pink Converse kicks.

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