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Shoes for Rainy Season: How to Take Care of Your Shoes During Rainy Season

Rainy season comes not only with a change of weather but also with some alterations to your wardrobe. It isn’t just the time to feel cold and get warm. It’s also that time to grab on the outfits for cold weather and rock the shoes for rainy season.

The weather may be bad but that isn’t enough reason to look unfresh. But if you wear these shoes for rainy season, you’ll not only protect your feet from cold. You’ll also look as stylish as you intend to be.

What are the Best Shoes for Rainy Season?

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If you will be spending most of your rainy days outdoor, you need waterproof shoes. They are the best shoes for rainy season. They’ll keep your feet dry and warm even when the floor is wet.

What to Consider When Choosing Shoes for Rainy Season

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Before buying or wearing any of the shoes for rainy season, check for the following qualities:

1. Rubber

Waterproof shoes usually have thick rubber around the toes and heels. It is this rubber that restrains water from touching your feet.

2. Comfort

Your shoes for rainy season have to be very comfortable. Be sure to confirm this before buying. You can do so by trying on the shoes to know if they fit.

3. Thickness

Your shoes also have to be thick if they are water-resistant enough. To confirm if they are thick enough, use your fingers to run through the lining of your shoes. When you press the inside of the shoes and it feels like there’s extra cushioning, then it’s waterproof enough.

4. Seam of the Tongues

Another way to check for quality waterproof shoes is to look at the seam of the tongues. The tongues of waterproof shoes are usually sewn on either side of the shoe and at the edge of the bottom. This gives you extra protection when it rains.

How to Take Care of Your Shoes During Rainy Season

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Maintaining your shoes during rainy season can be quite stressful. But you can do it easily with these helpful tips:

1. Dry Your Shoes

Your shoes have to be dry in order to last long. Drying your shoes is also a way to get rid of stinky shoes. But since it’s rainy season, the sun may not always shine often. What then do you do if for instance, your shoes get wet?

It’s simple. You can use a hairdryer to dry out the shoes. If it’s really soaked, use a soft cloth or towel to get rid of extra moisture. And once the shoes are dry, put them in a ziploc bag and leave them in the freezer overnight. You can double the bag so water from the freezer doesn’t get into the shoes.

Freezing the shoes overnight will help to kill any bacteria that causes stinky shoes.

2.  Wear Waterproof Shoes

Shoes and sandals made of rubber come in handy here. They are the ideal shoes for rainy season. You don’t have to worry about looking less stylish with these shoes because they are fashionable. 

Furthermore, waterproof footwear also help to preserve the lives of your other shoes since you won’t wear them when it rains.

You can put your water-resistant shoes in your bag while you wear your main shoes. This way, if it rains while you’re out, you bring them out, take off your main shoes, slip on your waterproof shoes and get going.

3. Make Your Other Shoes Waterproof

Got no waterproof shoes? How about you make your leather shoes and others waterproof? You can do this by rubbing Vaseline on the shoes you want to make waterproof. After applying the Vaseline, use a blow dryer at medium heat on the shoes. It’ll help make the Vaseline stay and give your shoes more sheen.

4. Powder the Insides

Just as you take care of the outsides of your shoe, you should also take care of the insides. Failure to do this will shorten the lifespan of your shoes as the insides are prone to getting decayed.

To prevent this, sprinkle powder on the insides of your shoes for rainy season. The powder will absorb any moisture that can make your shoes smell or decay.

5. Scrape off Mud

If perchance you stepped into mud while walking, don’t let it remain on your shoes when you get home. Use a little flat object, brush or damp cloth to get the mud off. 

What about when you aren’t putting on your shoes for rainy season? You shouldn’t just dump your shoes anywhere when you don’t have them on. Take care of them still by keeping them in a cool, dry place always. This will prevent them from peeling or getting damaged. 

In the same vein, your bags also deserve some care. If you’ve got leather bags in your wardrobe, use these tips on how to prevent leather bags from peeling. They’ll ensure your bags stay longer.

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