How to Wear High-Waisted Shorts and Look Sexy

If you’ve got beautiful laps and you’d like to flaunt it the way you want, you should try out high-rise shorts. These types of clothing cinch your waist while showing off your laps. Not to even talk about how it accentuates your curves. However, if you don’t know how to wear high-waisted shorts, do read this article and learn

How to Wear High-Waisted Shorts

lady appearing casual formal in a black high-waisted shorts and black blazer

High-rise shorts are an admirable piece of clothing. However, their beauty can only be fully appreciated when perfectly combined.

To know how to wear high-waisted shorts, you must bear in mind its style which is usually high-rise. That is, it is designed to sit high above your hips and as such, it should not be covered.

 If you don’t know how to wear high-waisted shorts and pair them right, read further so you can learn and start flaunting your assets ASAP.

1. It’s Amazing When Worn With a Crop Top

lady wearing a high-waisted jean shorts with white crop top

 The crop top is a short top which reveals the lower part of the belly and in most cases, the belly button. The length of the crop top allows the waist of the shorts to be seen thereby promoting its style and giving you that sexy look.

2. It Can Be Paired With a Loose Shirt

lady rocking high-waisted jean shorts with white loose-blouse

Wearing a pair of high-rise shorts with a loose shirt stylishly tucked in will give you that boyish yet stylish appearance.

3. Oh yes! An Off-Shoulder Blouse

lady wearing a white high-waist shorts with white top

The off-shoulder blouse on its own has a way of creating elegance. When worn with a pair of high-waisted shorts, it can only get better, giving you a confident look.

4. Try Your High-Waisted Shorts With a Blazer

lady wearing a white high-waist shorts with white top and blazer

Ever wanted to look formal yet casual? It’s called smart casual. And a way of achieving this look is by trying high-rise shorts with an inner garment and a blazer.

This gives you an official look in a very stylish way. All you need do is ensure the colour combo is right.

5. High-Rise Shorts With a Turtleneck Blouse

lady wearing a high-waisted jean shorts with black turtle-neck top

Another tip on how to wear high-waisted shorts is to combine it with a turtleneck blouse well tucked in. The turtleneck has a way of promoting your figure so when worn with shorts like this, it gives you that curvy appearance, leaving on-lookers drooling at your entire outfit.

black lady wearing black high-waist shorts and black t-shirts

Don’t leave your high-waisted shorts hanging in your wardrobe for lack of a perfect combo idea. Grab one or more of these ideas and step out looking stunning and undeniably gorgeous.

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